Sunday, July 31, 2011

UK Column - Brian Gerrish - Media Standards Trust, Common Purpose and Phone Hacking

here's the latest news from Brian Gerrish's blog about the 'independent investigation into the hacking scandal'.

Actually, did you notice how the name's changed already? It's no longer just about a bit of 'phone hacking', but about HACKING on an industrial scale using any and every means to pry into your lives for PROFIT and SUBVERSION.

It's like how Global Warming became Climate Change became Carbon Footprint...
Following the tremendous On The Edge TV show 21 July 2011 where we exposed the Media Standards Trust, Common Purpose and David Cameron's scam appointment of Sir David Bell and Shami Chakrabati as 'independent' experts to look into phone hacking, the Daily Telegraph has also finally woken up.

In the Sunday Telegraph 24 July 2011 reporter Gilligan starts to unravel the truth behind the Common Purpose backed Media Standards Trust by exposing their links to Sovereign Strategy "Labour's favourite lobbyist." Gilligan should be praised for his exposure of Sovereign, Alan Donnelly the former Labour Leader in the European Parliament and current Chairman of David Miliband's constituency Labour party. Alan Donnelly is also linked to Lord 'Mandy' Mandelson.

The second part of Gilligan's article focuses on Sir David Bell and the hypocrisy of his appointment to investigate the wider press and media. The reason.............Bell is Chairman of Common Purpose Trustees - the same organisation that has broken data protection laws and invaded the privacy of those members of the public who are asking questions regarding Common Purpose funding. In a black list Common Purpose has unlawfully collected and retained personal names, addresses and phone numbers. Bell is also head man of the Media Standards Trust which is whipping up the phone hacking scandal via its "Hacked Off" campaign.

James Bamford on Boiling Frogs, "Yemen Cruise Missile attacks contained Cluster Bombs."

James Bamford on Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs podcast #50 (published Friday 15th July 2011) suggests that, "Drone attacks began in Yemen on December 19th 2009 and Cruise Missile attacks contained Cluster Bombs," now that's a nasty set of accusations, right there.

James Bamford on Boiling Frogs podcast.

So, why is this date of December 19th 2009 so 'important' suddenly? Well, it ties in perfectly with 'dolphin boy' Aaron McCollum's appearance on Project Camelot blathering about the a massive ship build-up around the Yemen Stargate.

Is STARGATE some kinky military term that McCollum 'stumbled upon' and is using in completely the wrong context, exposing major military action?

Puss in Boots - trailer

one of the best things about Shrek (apart from Donkey (and Rumple)) is Puss, in boots.

Now he gets his own movie. Yay!

Remember, the SECOND boot, Puss.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fair Game, the Valeria Plame story

Opening Caveat: okay, this film's about an American woman who offered her services to her government to SPY on other governments and private concerns, but all's I can say is WHAT UTTER UTTER FUCKING BACK-STABBING BASTARDS.

I've just watched the film version of the public exposure & disgracing of CIA-covert-operations-officer Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson, titled FAIR GAME. And here's my 'film review' ... ready?

How on earth can ALL THOSE FUCKING CORPORATE FREAKS involved in the lying scheming for-profit intelligence service live with themselves? You're supposed to protect us from tyranny.

How on earth can ALL THOSE SELF-SERVING MEMBER OF CONGRESS justify the burning of one of their own to save their massive global agenda? You're supposed to represent us.

And most importantly, WHO ARE THE REAL PLAYERS on this earth-sized chess board? Who are these ruthless fucking psychos that we call our leaders? We are seven billion people on a totally ruined planet, not pawns in a virtual chess game.

You should all be ashamed of your complicity.


wasn't it George HW Bush who liked to say, "Too little, too late," about Saddam Hussein's response to threats of Gulf War?

TULITL TULETA, put cotton wool in your cheeks and say it with like a fake Mafia accent.

My woeful attempt at caption writing is an attempt to highlight the situation where our Metropolitan Police Force is undergoing THREE, not one but three, investigations into accusations of corruption namely Operations Weeting, Elvedon and Tuleta run by Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Sue Akers (pictured).

Operation Weeting: deals with the N.O.T.W. phone hacking scandal.
Operation Elvedon: deals with payment received by Met from above.
Operation Tuleta: deals with accusations of computer crime in association with the phone hacking scandal.

So, weird... see, I thought we weren't living in Mexico. Maybe it's just me. I thought the boys in blue were supposed to be incorruptible in their 'protecting the public from crime' role. But once again, this is proving not to be true and it is we THE TAX-PAYING PUBLIC who pick up the tab for investigating their corruption via Weeting, Elvedon and Tuleta?

It's like when oil prices go up, notice how THE OIL COMPANIES always pass on the extra cost to YOU THE PEOPLE and never the saving from (say) the dramatic slump in the oil price that happened at the end of 2008. Profits always up when you have corporate license to shaft the punter. And the punter has no other option as all the companies are keeping up with each other in terms of pricing.

What to do?

Friday, July 29, 2011

animal aid - cigarettes stubbed out on pigs faces - defra refuse to prosecute

Animal Aid secretly installed four cameras inside Elmkirk (Cheale Meats) Ltd, an Essex slaughterhouse that claims to uphold high standards of animal welfare.

The footages shows pigs hit in the face with bats, incorrectly stunned and dragged by their ears to slaughter. WARNING: ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF IDIOTS BORED AT THEIR JOBS. Who is interviewing these psychopaths for these pre-death roles???

Footage shot at Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats) slaughterhouse (5 min version) from Animal Aid on Vimeo.

Defra refuse to prosecute in this case because of the way the footage was covertly gathered. Look, evidence is evidence. Anyway, back to legal hell for all those poor future pigs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Carbon Tax used (as a capless weapon) to control Global Opinion.

News from our Australian friends focussing on their NEW Carbon Tax.

Carbon Tax - An important alternative news source From Australia on the implications of a carbon tax in that country. The best description of a carbon tax would be comprehensive derivatives of 'mass financial destruction.' [source VID CALL]

If you're new to this Corporate Tyranny Game, you're probably poo-pooing this video presentation, and you can have that. Skepticism is good. Questions are healthy. But remember that ALL THE GAS/ELECTRIC PROVIDERS in this country have posted RECORD PROFITS this year and will still be raising their utility prices by 15% on average this Autumn. Yes, they want you penniless so they can wallow in greed. And that Winner Takes All philosophy will apply to this dreaded Carbon Tax, too - isn't it obvious?


THE MAN WHO FLIRTED WITH MOTHER NATURE was an eco-cide story POLLUTO MAGAZINE published in 2008. At the time, I shot this illustration of the human condition on Cornmarket Street, the retail centre of Oxford.

Nostalgicon, rose tainted grass-specks, receptomiosis.

Here's the (truncated) text in this video:

I used to think I, the non-theist, was the one who was awake. The one with open eyes staring blankly in the face of man’s theological folly. The one ruled by logic and reason, not blinkered by theology, not crippled by superstition.

Suddenly I realised that I had been trapped in a tumour of time and space like Sleeping Beauty locked in her castle of thorns. Would there be someone to awaken me with a kiss? I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d taken a breath. Was I still even alive?

The centre of town was so quiet; usually Cornmarket Street, or any of its sixteenth century arteries, was saturated with the sounds of shoe heals and baby screams and mindless chatter of scientific, political or merely domestic import. Today, all the learned inhabitants were lost in the most extreme expression of human existence and I was a scowling corpse propped up at the gory disco.

I found a bench and sat among the mayhem for I don’t know how long.

I checked my pulse to make sure I was still alive. I could have died and passed on to another realm, there was no ruling out such craziness. I mean how does one tell the difference between one reality and another? ‘If you prick us, do we not bleed?’ applied to either side of the great divide.

As if through a dissolving filter, I heard the field martens chirping high in the sky above their nests. The wind caressed the cherry blossom. Harmless insects alighted upon my thighs.

It was just another normal day for Mother Nature, right?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

the date of release of the first ever GAO (Government Accountability Office) audit of the Federal Reserve (it's about as federal as Federal Express) was July 21st 2011.

You might not have heard of this report as the Norway Massacre (starring young Anders Breivik, and some ammo) has been dominating global coverage; hmm....

What was revealed in the audit was startling: $16,000,000,000,000.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious — the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

The list of institutions that received the most money from the Federal Reserve can be found on page 131 of the GAO Audit and are as follows..

Citigroup: $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
Bank of America: $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
Bear Sterns: $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
Goldman Sachs: $814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
Royal Bank of Scotland (UK): $541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
Lehman Brothers: $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)
Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom): $181 billion ($181,000,000,000)
BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion ($175,000,000,000)
and many many more including banks in Belgium of all places

Sepember 2nd 2012 update: for some reason, some 'alternative news websites' are claiming this news item as current, contemporary or new! IT HAPPENED A YEAR AGO. What is the reason it's being discussed now? Election year, surely. And, yes, the bankers tell 'every new president' what they expect of him/her.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

shame contributes to Japan's soaring suicide rate

post-Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese refugees are being accused by their new neighbours of living in shame by not returning to their HIGH RADIATION home towns, therefore more nad more of them are committing suicide.

That's the shocking conclusion from this new report.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Anonymous - get that suit on, consumer - play that corporate game.

whether I agree/disagree with the method of digital anarchy Anonymous uses, their latest broadcast manifesto WHAT IS THE PLAN? seems to be a heart-felt clarion-cry to all on what may one day become a FREE PLANET.

Free Planet Caveat, the detail of this PLAN still appears to have humans working to produce stuff to buy and sell, there are still countries governed by parliaments, there's still a financial market to corrupt again and again, still prisons to run, still arbitrary laws to uphold, people are probably still slaves to the dollar... remember, this is a HIVE MIND production.

What I'm saying is, while on the surface it reads like a step in the right direction it sounds a lot like NEW GUY SAME AS THE OLD GUY and this makes me wary of the Anonymous motive as prescribed by this PLAN video - there isn't that much CHAAANGE in this manifesto. And you NEVER KNOW if any anonymous claim-of-responsibility is legitimate, infiltration is rife in the cellular NEED TO KNOW world in which the Anonymous model was birthed.

FREE PLANET is the only logical evolution of leaderless resistance; working together to PROTECT THE INNOCENT from corporate abstraction, cellular chess game and invented moral frameworks in the name of profit.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

US Military Police Officer Brandon Neely talks about his time at Guantanamo

US Military Police Officer Brandon Neely talks about how he used enhanced-interrogation techniques based on SERE training on detainees at Guantanamo, and other war crimes. Stunning testimony indeed. Not sure how long this'll be online.

German Guantanamo detainee Murat Kurnaz has publicly spoken about being subjected to electroshock torture, lethal beatings and humiliation during his years of unlawful detention.

"I was one of those who survived those kinds of torture. They used electroshocks on me because I would not sign papers."

In an exclusive interview with Russia Today news network on Monday, the former detainee said he was held at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp for five years before being released without charges.

Kurnaz went on to say that Americans have not apologized for his years of torment at the notorious detainment facility, and he doesn't think they would ever do so.
[ source Uruknet]

Network - Corporate Cosmology - you have meddled with the primal forces of nature

Valhalla, Mister Beale, please sit down.

What follows is the amazing and prescient "You have meddled with the Primal Forces of Nature" soliloquy from the 1976 masterpiece 'Network' by director Sidney Lumet. Arthur Jensen explains to Howard Beale how economy and business work and how this determines every corporate serf's pitiful life.

There are no countries, only corporations.

Later on in the same film, with Beale's popularity waning and Arthur Jensen keen to keep him on the screen, the board of directors coldly (and calmly) plot a corporate assassination of Beale which ultimately ends the movie. Great stuff, and I'm surprised more people haven't RISEN UP out of their seats at this great movie's revelations of the amoral financial world which is our mother and father and dreams and desires.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

No one shall bomb us to silence, no one shall shoot us to silence.

A defiant Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg went on national TV in Norway Friday night and said he had a message “to those who attacked us and those who were behind this.” He said it was a message “from all of Norway:”

“You will not destroy us,” the grim prime minister said. “You will not destroy our democracy, or our commitment to a better world.

“We are a small country nation, but a proud nation. No one shall bomb us to silence, no one shall shoot us to silence, no one shall scare us out of being Norway.”

So, the bomber/shooter worked alone, again?

Is NORWAY threatening to reveal the real-ugly-global face of The New World Order today? Will the VIKING spirit return, from Valhalla? Here's a shortlist of things that might have sparked off a 'hit' on Norway.

(1) Norway moving to recognize Palestinian state this week.
(2) Construction under building in recent days.
(3) Pulling out of Libya peace-bombing.
(4) Pulling out of Greece bailout.
(5) White al-CIAda warning from DHS this week.
(6) Norway and Russia just signed an agreement over the territorial border between the two countries in the Barents Sea where there is believed to be large deposits of oil.

I always remember the famous quote from UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who publicly claimed, "We do not do deals with terrorists," shortly before losing her prime ministerial role, and nearly her life (Brighton Bombing).

Interestingly, we're now seeing SKY NEWS suggesting that "leaderless resistance" is the new real enemy, that clearly implies YOU THE PEOPLE or anyone who goes against IngSoc.

More NWO news as it filters in...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Free Planet - protect the innocent

we all understand this phrase, "Protect the innocent," and its relation to babies in cribs and new-born lambs but it's not just about 'baa-baas and the waa waas'.

PROTECT THE INNOCENT should be a catch-all phrase that can be applied to not only those who have yet to learn the application of the world's evil but also the victims of any crime on this corporate planet.

Protect The Innocent can be applied to plants and animals, too. And that's the reason we (should) look after our environment, the plant life and the animals, protect them from the ravages of a world deluded by the GREAT BIG Corporate Lie.

But Protect The Innocent can also relate to the legions of Sheople, slaves to their corporate phones. A brain-washed congregation lost in the world of virtual riches.

As a writer who's delved into 'Conspiracy Theories' I realise that you can never PROVE or DISPROVE such, beyond-reasonable-doubt; optimistically circumstantial is the best you'll get. I also understand that if you probe too deeply into the amazing convolutions of the NEED TO KNOW three-letter-agency game for your view of reality, you soon find yourself tumbling into a pit of virtual vipers and nothing will be as it seems on your journey down. Very quickly you'll hit the slithering floor of out-there-ness supported by the likes of Alan Watt who, though his heart seems to be in the right place, his message seems just too New World Order Eugenics Warlords, too tin-foil-hatty, too indigestible for Joe Public sitting at home with a beer after work wondering if there's anything good on the goggle box tonight.

Literally, in recent decades, it appears that the most important quality this world has been drumming into its children is, "Make as much money as you can as fast as you can. Be ruthless. Take no prisoners." Our infantile society is saturated with this gormless advice to the detriment of regulatory common sense. Make more. Grow fast. Monopolise.

But this teaches our children, and the parents they become, to NOT ASK REAL QUESTIONS. This is what I mean by 'protect the innocent', it is time for YOU THE PEOPLE to start asking real questions. Questions relevant to Creativity, Passion and Kinship. Questions relevant to leaderless evolution, planetary custodianism and ethical local patent-free solutions to life. Questions relevant to how you might want YOUR WORLD to work.

And it is ONLY your world, never theirs.

artist - Lucien Freud r.i.p.

I mourned when the world lost Francis Bacon, now I mourn again as his contemporary LUCIEN FREUD, the grandson of psycho-analyst Sigmund Freud, has passed away at the age of 88.

Here's a visual homage to an artist whose rancid-butter-raw renditions of human mincemeat have inspired many of the more evocative artists of today.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ex Japanese Nuclear Regulator Blames Radioactive Animal Feed on Black Rain

it's been a while since I featured any of his update videos but Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds Associates is still reporting that the situation in Fukushima is still WORSE THAN THREE MILE ISLAND and CHERNOBYL combined! In fact, the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo itself is completely contaminated by 30X more radiation outside than inside the facility.

Ultimately, this is a report about BLACK RAIN... and lethally CONTAMINATED FOOD CHAIN for the next decade or more.

...but this is EXACTLY THE SAME ARGUMENT as the GMO-crop contamination of the countryside. The Authorities (as the media likes to call them) always seem to 'wish upon a star' that their guesstimates will hold water. It's like they're doing crossed-fingers research, hoping realitiy won't bite them in the ass. And Fukushima will surely bite the nuclear industry in the ass, as GMO will surely bite future grain production in the ass.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Legend of the Guardians, the owls of ga'hoole - film review

in the hands of visionary 300-director Zack Snyder, this over-cutesy tale of good 'n' bad owl clans is TRANSFORMED into a resplendent digital porn show of gratuitously-slow-motioned manga-style fight scenes, romantic flight lessons through all kinds of weather and loyalty, betrayal and bravery aplenty.

Sure, there's CPS-tastic institutionalised child-snatching, mainstream-TV-inspired 'moon blinking' and a dog-eat-dog mentality to success, power and Global Control.

I mean, look at her, the Queen of the Pure Ones, aren't you thinking of Whitley Strieber's trans-dimensional visitors, the GREYs? You know you are, you just don't 'see' it, yet. That's how clever, how subtle, the WAR ON YOU is.

What do you expect from a director whose forthcoming film 'Sucker Punch' is so steeped in Elitist Imagery inc that you're almost convinced, "THE ONLY WAY TO GET ESCAPE THE TYRANNY," is to stay a prisoner to the corporate thought machine and play violent video games all day in your high-rise prison cell in the name of 'progress'?

For the aficionados an exclusive imdb interview with Zack Snyder about Sucker Punch has just gone live.

Flux by Candaş Şişman - Plato Art Space - 3D animation delight.

The video installation Flux by young artist Candaş Şişman can be defined as a digital animation which is inspired from the structural features of some of İlhan Koman’s works like Pi, 3D Moebius, Whirlpool and To Infinity...

With the integration of the sounds of various materials – which Koman used in his sculptures – Flux turns into an impressive spatial experience. Flux, also exemplifies that Koman’s work can be re-interpreted by the analysis and manipulation of form in the digital medium.
[source FLUX]

F L U X from candas sisman on Vimeo.

This is exactly the non-profit-based sort of Creativity, Passion and Kinship FREE PLANET is all about.

is politics nothing more than a 'coat of many corporate colours'?

the more we read in the newspapers or watch on 24-hour TV of the scathing bi-partisan revelations of the Police, the Press and the Politicians, one has to wonder if we're watching nothing more than the ruthless in-fighting of CORPORATE (GLOBAL?) GOVERNANCE.

David Cameron was in a recalled Parliament this morning staunchly defending accusations about his employment of Andy Coulson in this fashion, "Let's allow the official public inquiry into Police, Press and Political collusion to go right back to Blair, Brown and Milliband." It is interesting that both Bush and Cameron have used the "Let us not be distracted by Conspiracy Theories," argument. And I have no idea why we should do that, in the sense that aren't conspiracy theories the basis of independent investigation into the Elected Government? Aren't 'conspiracy theories' the unspoken driving force behind abstracted mechanisms like THE STCOK EXCHANGE?

Very interesting points being made by Cameron about the STRANGLEHOLD ON THE BRITISH PSYCHE by the license-payer-funded British Broadcasting Corporation, a person who used to work for Carlton TV. Specifically in light of the BBC's early announcement of the collapse of Building 7 (the Saloman Brothers building) on 9/11.

What an insanely convoluted media circus is being woven.

Are we watching some form of bizarre and distracting Global Power Struggle from the new Obama/Cameron clan upon the old Bush/Blair clan? Are we about to witness 9/11 TRUTH and 7/7 TRUTH? Surely not, as that coup-tactic, that overthrow-manoeuvre, will blow THE GLOBAL (CORPORATE) INTELLIGENCE GAME out of the water.

I'm still aware that THERE ARE OTHER NEWSWORTHY ISSUES taking place in the big bad world today, and have to wonder what this saturated covering of the 'hacking scandal' is masking.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sun publish Tony Farrell, The Sun hacked by LulzSec, in the same day.

"image courtesy of The Guardian."
Media mogul's body discovered, that was what greeted readers of the Sun's newspaper yesterday in a classic (if childish) hacking effort from LulzSec.

"Childish, you say?" won't this upset LulzSec and make you a target?

Well, let me explain. Yesterday, I blog'd about ex-Chief Threat Assessment Analyst Tony Farrell about his 'submitted threat assessment report' that stated, "Government-sponsored terror is MORE OF A THREAT than Muslim terror." and I was about to add to that post (this morning) that I'd awoken from sleep SUDDENLY AWARE of what was going on wtih the phone hacking scandal, the police and the government.

Let's look for context to my cleverness.

Tony Farrell's accusation that the government is involved in 'the 7/7 false flag' as he put it was surely one of those 'alternative/conspiracy news' items that no readers of Free Planet would ever expect to be covered by THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. It wasn't a story likely to scroll across the BREAKING NEWS tickertapes of Fox News or Sky News or the BBC. It was too 'out there', too 'unbelievable'.

But wait a minute.

Currently, Rupert Murdoch is in a (Corporate War) WAR with the British Government over the phone hacking and Met-paying scandal. So, for a Rupert Murdoch newspaper THE SUN to break the (outrageous?) Tony Farrell 7/7 story into the mainstream is significant, surely? It's not an actual blackmail because The Sun (as is their wont) play the Farrell story for fake laughs, presenting hims as a bizarre cop and all that. After all, Farrell has a bald head and he looks like a mental patient in the image The Sun chose to use.

But that's just raggy editorialising ... or is it?

Rupert Murdoch had to close down the first ever newspaper of his global empire, the News of the World, because of a still-exploding hacking scandal. His daily newspaper The Sun then permits a drive-by editorial like 7/7 was a plot by the government to go mainstream.

On the day of the Farrell release, The Sun's website is hacked by LulzSec (an Anonymous-alike hacker group) who remain a mystery, as far as members and motive are concerned. This is on the day that Rupert Murdoch, his son James and Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade) are to appear in front of the Culture, Media and Sport committe about the hacking/Met scandal. This on the day AFTER chief witness against David Cameron's ex-spin doctor Andy Coulson, ex-celebrity journalist Sean Hoare, has been FOUND DEAD and his death is not being treated as suspicious by the Met (coincidentally July 18th is the date of Dr David Kelly's suicide). This on the day that David Cameron is being brought home early from his African visit to face continued questions from the opposition.

May we live in interesting times, indeed.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

DEMO SCENE quite - zeo-x-s

I used to work with a Greek coder who was into the DEMO SCENE. He'd travel all round the world (with his group of creatives) to these realtime coding conventions where data would generate lovely digital sequences like these. It was not done in the name of PROFIT where a barely-useful product is flogged to the dumbed-down masses, it was done for Creativity, Passion and Kinship. It was like they were creating for a Free Planet.

Quite - zeo-x-s is an amazing REALTIME demo, no offline rendering involved.

quite - zeo-x-s from unc on Vimeo.

dream - 2 a.m. - light razor

it was a very subtle dream, this one. You know when you notice an eye-pressure scintillation? Say, after you've sneezed? It's like a little bright wiggling worm that soon dissipates, right?

In this dream at 2 a.m. this one didn't quite dissipate. It landed on a window ledge. I kept my eye on it, then 'tried to look around it'. How can I explain this? It was a one-dimensional scintillation, yet when I 'looked around it'(?) I saw that it was in fact two-dimensional. I picked up, very carefully by the blunter ends, mind, a Light Razor.

I knew that this super-fine glowing razor blade made of light could cut through any material in the world, maybe through the dimensions themselves. A doorway to other worlds. Then I realised I'd read this idea years ago in Philip Pullman's THE SUBTLE KNIFE and how I wished they'd made that second film of the "Golden Compass". That would have been the better film than the choppy introductory tale that garnered few friends and even fewer theatrical sales.

Where was I? Oh, yes holding that Light Razor in my fingertips, hoping it wouldn't fall through. Wondering at its potential.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tired light... HC Unit theory... Big Bang bunkum.

think about it... what if LIGHT GETS TIRED i.e. what if the structure of light 'wanders' towards the red as it travels for millenia through space?

What if RED SHIFT has nothing to do with the universe moving away from itself at near-to light speeds (for relatively distant viewers) because of some BIG BANG 'explosion' causing all hydrogen and helium ever to exist?

What if RED SHIFT has everything to do with the distance the light has travelled, over which light just gets 'tired'. I mean, as much as Corporate Science is out there promoting their Creationist Moment...


I concocted a 'fundamental universal particle' in 1985-6 for a fake-science article in Dementia13 magazine (Pam Creais ed) that I called the Hertzan Chimera Unit or HC Unit, hence the fiction-writing pseudonym I used for a number of years "Hertzan Chimera".

The universe is composed of these spinning HC Units and we only ever see the excess from their interactions. A 'spinning turbulence focus' between two areas of the universe, is the best way to put it. Inherent to this construct are 'linked lines of HC Units make atoms' and 'electromagnetic radiation' is the universe settling a debt at c towards the source via Universal Equilibrium - wave-particle 'photons' don't (need to) exist.

If light (i.e. U.E.) does 'get tired' as it travels through space, this shows a) the speed of light is the 'speed of elasticity of the universe' and b) the fabric of the universe is not stable over long periods of time. The ENTIRE STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE might actually BE radioactive in the microwave energy region where Big Bang-ists like to find the 'echo of their Creationist Moment'.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Julian Assange to come clean about 9-11 and Israel?

we are all aware that Julian Assange has been the mastermind behind the release of the 9-11 pager messages, the shocking Collateral Murder video, the Afghan and Iraq war diaries and CABLEGATE. And still Assange has tried to distance himself from the 9-11 (conspiracy) question and the Israel/USA collusion question, to the point where he even edited such information from the CableGate memoes before bringing it to the public via Der Spiegel, The Guardian and the New York Times.

Well, that might all be about to change.

If internet rumour is to be believed, a delegation of Assange's old WIKILEAKS colleagues will today interview him about these two so-far-sidestepped or so-far-redacted issues, 9-11 and Israel.

Assange has always claimed that he was unhappy about the way the New York Times skirted over the Task Force 373 story, an undisclosed U.S. Special Forces assassination squad working its way down a list of some 2,000 people to assassinate or imprison them. Der Spiegel made it their cover story.

Assange has constructive views about GOVERNMENT SECRECY, "The government doesn't have a right to secrets. Governments give rights to the people. The government through police enforces rights for people. In a good system, courts are the mediators in that. Now, the government -- parts of the government -- can argue a case that in particular circumstances, they need to keep things secret. And I would agree with that, that there are many cases, operational cases, say, during the police investigation into a murder when information needs to be kept secret," but then you've got to be careful how you define 'police investigation', especially as it refers to a so-called Corporate War Game and eventually Global Governance.

So, there's the rub - will Julian Assange come clean TODAY about his self-regulated opinions and his (one imagines) wealth of self-redacted evidence about the 9-11 event (and the 7-7 event?) and the role of Israel in the workings of the USA (and UK?) Empire?

Because of the mischief of the NEED TO KNOW game, this entire post could be its own false flag. Time will tell.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CAPTION TEST - Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery

"Picture a house of cards." [source]

"To grasp what Gareth Williams saw in the 'terror' emails and how he perceived what he saw," said Sherlock Holmes, "we should try to put ourselves into his shoes, so to speak."

"Yes, of course," I said.

"And to the extent it may be possible," the detective continued, "we should re-trace the sequence of events chronologically, as they would have appeared to him."

"Understood," I nodded.

"We can start," he went on, "with what we know about the young man who went to work at GCHQ. He was a brilliant mathematician, with an enormous gift for logic, a capable memory, and pattern-recognition skills far in advance of his peers."

"Everyone seems to agree on these points," I added.

"If we combine these characteristics," continued Holmes, "we can see, perhaps, how or why he could do mental arithmetic so quickly and accurately that his friends didn't need a calculator when he was around.

"He was also exceptionally brave and ambitious, as his racing career shows. You won't find any lazy cowards speeding up and down the mountains on their bicycles! He was good-hearted if socially awkward, honest, perhaps to a fault, and very naive, if we are to believe what we've been told -- and we've no reason not to do so."

"I am with you so far," I said. Holmes shifted in his seat and re-lit his pipe.

"Gareth left a relatively free-thinking environment in academia and joined the more constrained world of secret government service in 1999," Holmes continued. "He was well-established at GCHQ by 2001, when the events of September 11 occurred in the United States. As I read it, he was surrounded at work by people who accepted the American government's story about those events, even though the tale rings false, and since he kept to himself otherwise -- except while racing -- he was isolated from the few people who were asking difficult questions about those events at the time.

"And so the Global War On Terror was launched, with information collection and analysis highlighted as never before. The USA attacked and invaded, first Afghanistan and then Iraq, with the British alongside at every step. Gareth Williams became an asset in two wars -- or The War, depending on your point of view. And I am confident that he was comfortable in his role."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"With a mind like his," Holmes replied, "a young man could get another job in a heartbeat, and on a much higher pay scale than Gareth was earning in Cheltenham. He wouldn't have stayed at GCHQ for ten years unless he was happy there."

"I see," I said.
[source SHATASM]

Winter Patriot also runs the The Spy Who Knew Too Much blog from whence all the news reports used in the Sherlock' SHATASM material are archived. Updated regularly.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cablegate - Julian Assange "didn't want to expose Israel"

a new book INSIDE JULIAN ASSANGE'S WAR ON SECRECY written by David Leigh and Luke Harding (who helped Assange drip-feed the Iraq War Cables to the mainstream media) appears to suggest that damning embassy memos exposing both Israel and America were held back from the initial phase of Cablegate releases.

And you thought WIKILEAKS was all about "Truth and nothing but the (unexpurgated) truth," but it turns out this Chess Game may me a little more subtle than that, a little more PERSONAL. Asasange didn't want WIKILEAKS to be obsessed with the USA. He didn't want WIKILEAKS to be obsessed with Israel. In this initial phase of cable releases. Why?

It's an interesting editorial tack BUT it lends complicity to the idea that ISRAEL shouldn't be exposed, America shouldn't be exposed, yet. Why not? What's Israel got to do with the Great Big Global exposure of the machinations of Corporate Global Government? And will it all end up being tied into News Corporation (and the other five major mainstream media conglomerates) and the DELIBERATELY TAKING HOSTAGE of truth, liberty and justice in the name of Corporate Ego?

Did THE CORPORATION GAME suddenly become more important than life itself? Did you all forget that FINANCE is an invention of the mind, a mere numbers game with ridiculous arbitrary rules?

"Garbage In, Garbage Out," being the finance game's driving narrative, as expertly illustrated by FannyMay and FreddieMac, as expertly illustrated by a TWO HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLAR derivatives black hole?

And it's not just AIPAC - let's not forget the prominence of the Israel Lobby in UK Politics, while we're here. "Too big to fail," still?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

James Wolfensohn, former president of The World - Bank Big Shift Coming

James Wolfensohn, former president of The World Bank and CEO of Wolfensohn and Co., addressed Stanford Graduate School of Business students with details about his work at the World Bank during its transition years and how the equation between developed and developing countries is changing. Wolfensohn claimed that in the next 40 years, a global power shift will see today's leading economic countries drop from having 80% of the world's income to 35%.

Remember, this is the guy who said: David Cameron Is Wrong, Gordon Brown Should Be Next IMF Director after Strauss-Kahn's scalping and is on the advisory board of China Investment Corporation, managing the country’s $200 billion sovereign wealth fund.

One has to wonder if (as exampled by the Middle East twitter revolutions) THE INTERNET is the Neo-Casino Propaganda Machine in terms of Human Manipulation for PROFIT from institutions like the World Bank. Are people just TOO EASILY INFLUENCED by undercurrents of supposed journalistic integrity? Have we all been MK Ultra'd (by media events like 9-11 and 7-7) to believe any old shit that comes out of Mainstream Media?

Remember that China got where it is today ONLY by instigating a Fascist Corporate Regime whereby the billion slave workers are kept in ABJECT POVERTY to achieve the financial growth for mostly-western corporations it has exhibited in recent decades. And, as we all know, all profit grows on the back of human misery.

Remember also that, in the mafia-control of gambling, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS or it's not worth their while engaging in such 'business'. Here's the full version of the above Stanford Lecture, for those who like their morning coffee black, no sugar.

As for my personal FREE PLANET context, this speech (given in January 2010) shows that the Corporate War Game against You The People in the name of profit is PROJECTED to continue through 2050. There's no obvious nod (or wink) in the direction of WORLD WAR (yet) to solve the soaring population figures in this speech. Wolfensohn seems resigned to the fact that by 2050, there'll be NINE BILLION of us. He translates the wealth shift as one billion middle-class Chinese. That does actually sound like THE WEST WILL BECOME A WASTELAND.

All by corporate design? Wow, what ruthless fucks, eh?

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Free Planet - Militaristically Incentivised to Overthrow

those of you who've read my 2008 novel BUKKAKEWORLD I'm really not a fan of the dog-eat-dog mentality as extolled (politically worshipped) by tedious media events like THE APPRENTICE. In truth, I'm as equally un-enthusiastic about the practise of using My Charitable License Fee payment to make humiliating TV like Eastenders and Weakest Link, too.

I mean, "What sort of moral compass are we ab-using these days?"

Have we forgotten what our parents tried to teach us when we were little more than demanding children? SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE.

How is it that this simple rule has been usurped by an education system where we are (literally) Military Incentivised to Overthrown our Enemies; lop of the weak limb, snap the weak link from the chain?

"You want something, you gotta fight for it." things like that have crippled our empathic capacity in the name of stupid PROFIT.

Capitalising on our resources.
Eradicating the competition.
Cornering the market.

Though these may seem (within the boundaries of the ABSTRACT GAME called Capitalism) to be virtuous tactics in the Corporate War for World Domination, they're really not.

Share and share alike, what would that look like today? What would a Native American POTLATCH system look like today?

Mankind thinks he has a right to own, a right to defend, a right to rule. But this is just a SIMPLE LIE he's been taught, by successive generations of Empire thinking, is the truth. Just stop. For one minute, stop. And think about a world where an individual doesn't OWN anything but we all SHARE everything.

Dominique Strauss Kahn, JP Morgan Chase, the Knights of Malta and the Worshipful Livery Companies

this "scurrilous disinformation video", from someone who sounds like he's from Solihull in the West Midlands, blatantly and publicly attacks the likes of Dominique Strauss Kahn's global controllers, JP Morgan Chase, the Knights of Malta and the Worshipful Livery Companies in a fashion that's as explosive as the work of Abel Danger.

Anybody else notice that the gold design on the wooden door @ 50 seconds represents the double helix of human D.N.A.?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hugh Grant claims that FIVE SUCCESSIVE Prime Ministers were in the pocket of News International.

that's what I heard, this afternoon, while Hugh Grant was on BBC TV being interviewed outside Parliament in a debate with Mr McMullen, a former features editor at the News of the World, about the PHONE HACKING FIASCO that's been brewing-in-silence since 2002.

Timeline of the day's events:

At Prime Minister's questions time, the phone-hacking issue appears to have been played down and "public enquiry after legal resolution" was announced by PM, David Cameron.

This afternoon, amazing revelations and accusations by Tom Watson and other members of parliament debating the COLLUSION and CORRUPTION of the Metropolitan Police and News International. Adrian Sanders cheekily used the phrase "fishnet condom" and "IPCC" (independent police complaints commission) in the same sentence, during the live debate.

• Margaret Thatcher 1979-90 Conservative
• John Major 1990-97 Conservative
• Tony Blair 1997-2007 Labour
• Gordon Brown 2007-2010 Labour (non-elected)
• David Cameron 2010-present (whose press secretary Andy Coulson was sacked from News International over the phone hacking scandal in 2006)

Hugh Grant later commented to BBC NEWS, to my utter astonishment, "Margaret Thatcher was the first, and her 'undignified sycophancy' to Rupert Murdoch has continued up through successive prime ministers to the present one." UNQUOTE - I mean, WOW.

Here's a link to the exact BBC NEWS clip - GRANT ACCCUSES FIVE SUCCESSIVE PM's

Day later update: News of the World to CLOSE DOWN this Sunday, with 200 job losses expected and the Sun going 7-day.
Tom Watson, a Labour MP who rallied against the paper told Sky News: "Let's be clear it was not Rupert Murdoch who closed the News of the World, it was good honest people up and down the country. Good riddance'. [source Yahoo News]

Pot calls kettle black: I love the way the Opposition (i.e. Milliband & Harman) are publicly pillorying Cameron about this GREASY INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP between Corporate Government PLC and Corporate Media PLC. This insidious complicity is being shown to be a BI-PARTISAN issue, that's why we voted HUNG PARLIAMENT in 2010.

Zone SF - my review of THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU - now online

this morning, I submitted a review of the Matt Damon/George Nolfi DVD, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, to Zone SF ... and it's online, scored 4/5. Now, that's technological advancement.
Remember, or rather let's not forget, that the phones were down on both 9-11 New York and 7-7 London. And I've always wondered about the real reason behind the 'premature announcement' of the 'collapse' of World Trade Centre building 7 twenty minutes early on the BBC World Service. Am I suggesting these Adjustment Agents had a hand in that? Am I suggesting that both 9-11 and 7-7 were occassions when benevolent beings used TERROR to expose the corruption the Big Bad Corporate World? Who cares what I think, who cares that I think, I'm just a reviewer of entertianments.
Mike Philbin reviews THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU on Zone SF.

Stuxnet – The Anatomy Of A Computer Virus

very informative, if inconclusive, 3D graphics video into the STUXNET story, thus far...

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

Free Planet - trade relations after the death of MONEY.

back in 1987, Octavia E Butler's first novel in the XENOGENESIS trilogy "Dawn" was published, followed eventually by "Adulthood Rites" and "Imago".

I was literally struck dumb by these novels, as a growing species of THINKER, as someone genetically unaware of the role MONEY would play in my thought patterns, the foundation upon which my present view of the world would rest.

It's very strange how, as a race, we act separately to envision the world from our own perspective. We're all seeing the world, not as it is, but how we want it to be. Yet it still works, sort of. The gears might be grindy or rusty or melty or worn but our simulation of 'that daily reality' is still valid enough for us all to trundle along with it, the way the loyal mutt runs alongside his master; tail wagging, tongue lolling, contented to just be.

But we can't be that faithful animal anymore, because we've learned over recent years what a horrendous PLAGUE has been foisted upon mankind in the name or EMPIRE, namely PROFIT. What poison has infested the alien (or amoral (or financially abstracted) corporatised) way his mind works.

The whole point of starting the Free Planet blog was to AWAKEN AS MANY OF YOU THE PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to the lie your Consumerist life has become, the things you're taught to believe in from an early age, the way your 'preception of earth' has been manipulated for SOMEONE ELSE'S GAIN.

This first of Octavia Butler's XENOGENESIS books "Dawn" was basically an allegory for the slave ships of The Old Colonies, bringing the genetic material to a new world, to work the land. That's how I saw it, back then. But re-reading the trilogy now in the re-issued form LILITH'S BROOD, it could also be an allegory for how LONG DEAD HUMAN Creativity, Passion and Kinship are being awakened by normal people like me, by simple blogs like Free Planet. It's like we're all out there (united in thought) in the void of non-compliance within the Consumerist universe we're told we inhabit, looking in, hoping for TRADE.

Trade - that's how we can power our Free Planet once money is dead, and it will die. Money is just a mechanism for hierarchic control of the masses, and by the masses I mean you and your families. But money (and payment) has had its day. People will see the sense of everything mankind can INVENT being supplied by mankind, ethically-planet-friendly, FOR FREE.

Do right by Free Planet is the one AND ONLY rule.

But, Mike, what's the going rate? Equal trade. Each partner (or partnership) sets the going rate. You might even have a different rate for the same trade with the same person on different days. It's up to you, individually what you get from it. Value is assigned on a per-issue basis, person-by-person, trade by trade.

It's what the alien lifeforms of Lilith's Blood do, in fact for them there's nothing BUT trade - at the genetic/historic level - trade literally is their flesh and blood. Every waking moment revolves around THE JOY OF FAIR TRADE and the connection between lifeforms from across the spectrum that allows for such.

Entities who take pride in making the best of their world, that's what Free Planet is hoping to encourage from its readers. That they will love to share each other with each other and learn and be taught by the trade.

Learn a new thing each day.
Teach a new thing each day.

While others in the alternative media (Alex Jones and Max Keiser among them) are constraining you to a life guarding hard currency (e.g. gold, silver, other asset-based funds) with guns and ammo (a profliferation of the Corporate War into constant Civil Wars) FREE PLANET is offering your not only a life liberated from the money-making money-protecting money-dependent racket but also a series of practical steps to achieve this in our lifetime. Well, before I die - that's my aim.

Free Planet will be seen as my personal trade with all of You The People.

Your beliefs are not legitimate. Your faith is misplaced.

you might think there's justification in God or Organised Religion or any other major belief system, BUDDHISM for example.


It's now a CRIME to question or belittle someone's FAITH. Can you imagine the idiocy of that? But not everyone's faith is of the Global Religious-indoctrinated flavour. Not everyone is banging the same ethical/psychological/ brain-washed drum. Some might believe that pixies make the world move by their mischivous actions. Some might see gremlins as to blame. Some might see magic electrons redrawing the universe frame-by-frame. Others might see a creation on the back of a turtle, supported by Dali-elephant pedestals. Others might see millions of light years of godless space.

These BELIEFS (any and all of them) need de-prioritising by our governments, because we DON'T REALLY KNOW anything. We're like children afraid of the shadow on his wall, or the cavement terrified by lightning. There's clearly TOO MUCH MONEY being made from Religious Concerns and Lobby Groups within our parliaments across the globe.

There really is absolutely no proof that the thus-preached INVENTOR OF SPACE AND TIME(sic) exists, I guess that's what FAITH's about. But mankind should not be made to suffer under such a kosh. Don't spit your arbitrary 'beliefs' in all our faces and don't try to imprison HUMANITY under your Corporate War Banner of "Even Jesus/Allah cheers us on against our common enemy," it just doesn't wash and exposes the utter immaturity of your participation in the game. There is no common enemy among us.

And forget GOD for a bit, however you see the spiritual realm; be it Christian, Muslim, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism, or any other creed or 'ritual' for example Satanism or Paganism or even Atheism. Put GOD (and even the though of God) to one side. He won't mind. Seriously, he's 'bigger than that'. You won't offend THE ALMIGHTY. It's time to get back to living within your communities, your chosen Diversities, as people who know and love each other and can TRADE on the personal level, people who can work through problems like we used to and strive to share this homeworld with all the races, flora and fauna.

Let's re-wild this beautiful planet of ours.

HC Unit - squaring the circle - cubi-crystalline sub-atomic structure

for years, modern physics has talked about atoms as a central arrangement of proton/nucleus surrounded by clouds of eletrons in various energy configurations. The electron shells of these atoms link in various pree-configured ways to make molecules.


HC Unit theory states that, unlike this hierarchic CENTRALISED model of the atom, the truth is more, roundabout, more CIRCULAR. Hence the squared-circle assertion in the title of this post.

I've done one or two of these "what my HC Unit atom looks like" videos and never really felt truly comfortable with the results, it's a work in progress after all. But, I believe, the reality of the cyclic nature of atomic structure will be well within comprehensive grasp, in my life time.

NOTE: I started putting together this squared-circle atomic demo yesterday in 3DS Max, I got a bit stuck after Helium which is HC12. Last night I dreamt of an island that had 'secret islands' around it, revealed by the shifting tide. In the dream, I couldn't find the islands (in fact, it felt like I spent all night running around this place looking for prominences in the sea) because I was looking in the wrong place. The HC Sea is not always planar.

This morning I understand the HC-version of the carbon and diamond as a planar-to-cubic emulation of the structure of Neon.

You still with me?

was ICSPA ushered in by Cyber False Flags?

ICSPA (International Cyber Security Protection Alliance) is a new corporate (or should that be Conglomerate) global alliance against Cyber Crime... now, call me a cynical fuck but weren't the anti-human-rights legislations the American Patriot Act and the British Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act ushered into existence ONLY WEEKS AFTER the 9-11 'reverse coup d'etat' false flag cyber event against a major US/Canada joint military exercise called Global Guardian?

The Patriot Act was 365 pages (some say it was close to 1,000 pages at some point). All that written in less than forty days? Reviewed thoroughly by Congress for legal inconsistencies and potential human rights abuses? Then voted (unanimously) into Law with no coercion? Er, like it wasn't already written awaiting the right Pearl Harbour Moment to find its way under the unsuspecting nose of Congress?

And, look at this almost perfect picture - all this wikileaksing and anonymous cyber attack terrorism just prior to the global changeover to IPV6 and then the appearance of ICSPA?

War will never change but it's always foggy, or at least mostly overcast with a chance of drizzle.

The Juice Media - Rap News - Robert Foster - Justice was served.

I suspect the truth may (or may not) be embedded within the polar-opposite viewpoints portrayed in this latest Rap News 'triumvirate' from Robert Foster of Juice Media.

So, don't worry. Confusion still reigns. Ordo ad Chao. Back to sleeple, sheople.

Custodianism, the 'lingua franca' of Free Planet.

think about being on the phone with someone. Three things happen; you empathise totally like brothers and sisters, you 'understand' each other but it's painful like reading a complex manual, you slam the phone down in rage, disgust, confusion.

The second and third options generally tend to happen with off-shore Call Centres. Sure, English might not be their first language, nor should it be. The employees are reading from a pre-arranged script. You might as well be talking to a machine, and in many ways you are.

Real Empathy only tends to happen with people who 'you might have grown up with' or at least share a VAST AMOUNT of cultural similarities; interests, life experiences, ways of living.

Now, this is not a treatise on Cellular Localism per se but I'll explain more about that later in this post.

Last night I watched THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (based on a Philip K Dick story) that some have said refers to the Annunaki or some elite clan of world-controlling do-gooders. But it won't EVER work. Mankind can not be controlled like this, he will always REBEL.

And the film's cynical suggestion that The Roman Empire was a good thing and the First and Second World Wars weren't caused by the global bankers ... made me laugh my rocks off. We're still paying, daily, for the cities the Roman Empire gave us, paying for our own enslavement to the Empire. Every war since 1800 has been DIRECTLY FINANCED by these shadowy game players for PROFIT and ACQUISITION, and it's still happening.

There is only ONE rule for free planet, "Do right by Free Planet and free planet will do right by you." Why am I repeating this legend now? Well, I was about to unleash some sort of Adjustment Bureau-style parental dictat upon you, something about 'quitting rutting' or something that should just be 'common sense' but I see that you're all still stuck in the Consumerist GROWTH model of planetary ruin.

You The People, all seven billion of you need to STOP. Stop your worthless lives. Stop your ridicuous profiteering. Stop your financial ambition. You have to stop all this and listen to the planet, listen to its sobbing torture at the hands of over-population. You have to realise, for yourselves, that this homeworld could (within fifty years) be returned to the Re-wilded Wonderland of its former glory. It's yours if you all decide you want it.

Last night, I personally made a pact with the STAR PEOPLE that I would help in the fight to protect this delicate homeworld from the ravages of Global Governance and Contemporary Quasi-Empirism. I made a pact that local solutions to food, water, housing and waste will be offered to all who support Free Planet with their Creativity, their Passion and their Kinship. I let them know that as an expression of 'cellular localism' the human race would a) retain its communal identity and b) protect this world from the abstract concept of MONEY. And they will have heard, all the stars of the system will have heard the words of my pact.

We are not alone in the universe.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Black Sheep Galleries, Oxford - Paul James - duck, urban jungle

Paul James' duck caught my eye this lunch time. Another worthy front window exhibit in Black Sheep Galleries on the High Street in central Oxford.

Self-taught (aren't all the best artists?) Paul James shares his vision of 'urban jungle' - at least he's got a sense of humour.

I like Paul's work, a lot.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Scene 360 - John Niven's "The Second Coming" - book review

My review of John Niven's latest, and excellent, book THE SECOND COMING has just gone live over at Scene 360, an award-winning online film and arts magazine, run by Adriana De Barros out of Portugal.

God’s been on a fishing trip up in the mountains. He caught some killer rainbow trout. Brought three of those perfectly speckled beauties. When God left it was the year 1609, the height of the Renaissance. Things were looking up for mankind. Now, back in the office four hundred years later, he’s perusing nuclear war, ethnic cleansing, deforestation, fluoride in drinking water and something called Christians. And boy is God pissed.

When I first started reading read John Niven’s new novel “The Second Coming,” the fury exploded in me. Not because of the subject matter but because of the channeled messenger.

I had blazing-car-crash flashbacks of Denis Leary ripping off the master of dark comedy, his cigarette-smoking nemesis in the entertainment stakes, Bill Hicks. This book actually opens with a Bill Hicks quote, you know the one about the Jackie Onasis sniper rifle pendant, “Just thinkin’ o’ John, Jackie!” unleashes three rounds from a bolt-action Carcano rifle.

And John Niven sure has certainly listened to the many and varied authorised and bootlegged versions of Bill Hicks’ stand-up career. Credit where credit’s due, Niven hasn’t just ripped off the sardonic master, he extrapolated (riffed [jazzed along with]) the classic Hicks routines in a manner and style that “Melvin” would surely have approved of.

[read the rest of this book review at Scene 360]

Free Planet - forests to plant, oceans to clean, grain deserts to divide, planet to rewild.

there's an advert on the TV right now that LITERALLY MAKES ME PUKE, and no it's not that annoyingly-excellent series of adverts for what-used-to-be Global Beef Burger Franchises.

It's an advert for ASIA PULP & PAPER. There's some smarmy corporate dronette simpering to the Consumer how they're aiming to "support actions for economic, social and environment sustainability," whatever that means.

Look, this is bullshit. Everybody knows Consumerism and the rape of this delicately balanced planet go hand in hand. You want more paper, you're going to have to accept industrially planted 'tree deserts' supporting NO DIVERSITY OF LIFE. Just sterilised stripped swathes of land that's been 'deloused of infestation' and chemically treated for optimum production and then planted with these zombie trees that will be torn down and pulped for scribbling on or printing on in the not too distant future long before they can provide life-enhancing oxygen or support for the multitude of lifeforms that could live in a real forest variety.

The extinction of tree function, that's the APP message.

If we don't need to keep records, we certainly don't need paper to compile reports upon. So, it's time to start thinking about THE PRISONERS. Mike, what are we going to do when we close all the prisons?

It's time to give these released citizens something to live for since the mechanism for their crime, profit, has been eradicated. And what better action than the tearing down of the Empire Infrastructure corporate and public sector slaves are paying for with their tax burden; day in, day out. Give the freed prisoners a mission to strip the horrendously poisonous stain of Empire from our once-beautiful planet. Let them demolish and dig up all trace of the Corporate War Machine, the shit housing estates, the useless crumbling sewers, the prisons and factories, the concrete overlay, the dreadful industry of PROFIT-making and ASSET-stripping in the name of human greed. And when I say prisoners, I mean ALL OF YOU.

Let's liberate these 'criminals' from their human need to simply make money - and don't think I'm just talking about 'prisoners' in jail, I'm talking about ANY REPRESSED INDIVIDUALS in all walks of life, all slaves to industry, all serfs of the Empire.

Let's encourage these powerful and organised individuals to help scrub the term Slave Nation from the dictionary.

Let's allow all borders to be broken and let humanity re-wild and diversify his planet to his own personal contentment.

There really is more to life than zombie-working 9-5, or more commonly now 24-7, for some fat controller who reaps all the reward in your name. That's just a game, and in that game you're nothing more than a Pawn on a Chess board. You're expendable, you're rank and file, you're a sacrifice if need be, collateral damage in the Empire's continued consumption of the world's limited resources.

As the title suggests, there's plenty of protecting of this planet to do; forests to plant, oceans to clean, grain deserts to divide, planet to rewild. Let's get on with it then.