Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Heidi Klum - stripped...

...of her skin.

Rantorial content would go something like this, "Anyone have a bucket of salt," no I don't have garden snails to eradicate.


a dead artist must always rest on his laurels...

they say you're only as good as your last creative effort... well, in terms of psycho-erotic paintings, the artist known as Mike Philbin hasn't done anything since the mid-nineties.

In terms of Visual Art, I'm a dead artist for the last decade and more. Here are three albums each containing ten paintings/drawings by 'this dead artist', click either image to go to their respective folder.

gouache on paper series, 1993
ink on paper series, 1990
oil on hardboard series, 1987

So, technically, I don't even need to TRY to better the art I did back then. In all honesty, the 'broken' person who did those artworks died a long time ago, and the demons he was trying to exorcise had already shrivelled back to the parallel infancy from whence they sprung.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Merkel Challenges Obama to Join “World Order”.

Reported back in 2009 by INFOWARS and relevant today in light of the on-going Greek gameplay:

Greeks angry at the fate of the euro are comparing the German government with the Nazis who occupied the country in the Second World War.

Newspaper cartoons have presented modern-day German officials dressed in Nazi uniform, and a street poster depicts Chancellor Angela Merkel dressed as an officer in Hitler’s regime accompanied with the words: ‘Public nuisance.’

She wears a swastika armband bearing the EU stars logo on the outside.

“We Europeans are used to this,” she said. “We have voluntarily given up many of our powers to Brussels and to the European Union. But our American partners find it much more difficult to hand over powers to the International Monetary Fund or to any other international organisation.”

“This world will only be a peaceful and good world if we have more of a world order and more multilateral co-operation,” she said.

And remember, EVERYTHING ON THIS BLOG IS UTTER DISINFORMATION, i.e. keep your eyes and your mind open to embed'd nasty insidious 'need to know' corporate war games on You, The People.

Everything you say is suspect - corporate fucking shills - Bill Hicks & Abandon Affluence

with a real catchy soundtrack from AbandonAffluence, here's the opening stanza or three from Bill Hicks musical (to be produced by Mel Brooks?) professing his abject bliss at global corporate sponsorship for all:

in a world where there's now a Hollywood Army of these corporate fucking Obama shills ready and willing to back-hand your tax dollars into their sleazy pockets for the Neue Weltordnung this isn't even funny - except that it is. Long live Bill Hicks, a true comic genius. Death to societal mediocrity and corporate blandness, on every part of Free Planet.

And with supposed anti-establishment 'rebels' such as Iggy Pop advertising Swift Car Insurance and Johnny Rotten advertising Country Life Butter in the waning years of their creative lives here in UK I gotta ask, "Is there anyone here in Advertising or Marketing?"


Friday, October 28, 2011

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 - redemption single player trailer

I've already expressed my UTTER DISGUST about this cynical commercial mind-numbing of the general game-playing populace towards an ACTUAL THIRD WORLD WAR AGENDA in my May 2011 post "heinous reveal" but here's the latest trailer to add salt to the open wound of my scorn...


And don't talk to me about, "It's a 17+ title, Philbin, the kiddy wids'll be okay," because we all know the three million people who've viewed that official trailer are probably the same 'kiddy wids' who'll be exercising their amazing powers of persuasion on the Bank of Mummy & Daddy come Christmas time.

Aren't you sick of the Corporate War Media Moguls who market these fucking games ruining your children's minds yet?

Release date shocker: for the numerologists out there. You just can't make this stuff up, any more. It's all just too damned blatant, too insidious. Prep'd? Prime'd? Lock & loaded?

Hot on the heals of yesterday's  Abel Danger Counter Intelligence Report of a planned False Flag operation for the numerically significant 9th of November 2011 aka 9/11/11 or 11/9/11 depending on your territory, Modern Warfare 3 is to be released on the far more numerically significant (in terms of addition) 8/11/11.

8/11/11 if you add up the digits = 12
9/11/01 if you add up the digits = 12

Maybe this is the real reason why...

Veterans Today - Susan Lindauer - New York Times and Emperor George latest

the tardiness of this update is all my fault.

I was obsessively checking back on the Veterans Today website for the latest Susan Lindauer revelations, then I got distracted by other news and she's had TWO updates since: click the title of each (below) to read the whole articles on Veterans Today website.

New York Times Complicit in 9/11?

By Susan Lindauer, 9/11 Whistleblower and Former U.S. Asset covering Iraq and Libya

9/11 denialists like to swear smugly that the official 9/11 story must be true, because the government could never keep such an important secret without getting caught. Somebody would spill the beans, right? In fact, a number of us tried. Media watchers should savvy up, as the air waves get blitzed this weekend with 9/11 memorials. If the corporate media had done its job as a watch dog, the world would have got an earful reliable intelligence sources debunking the official 9/11 story.

Unhappily, the corporate media has been a co-conspirator in the 9/11 Cover Up from day one. They have actively abetted the government with its dirty work. Say a truth teller got arrested on the Patriot Act—like me— and locked in prison on a military base, while the public debate raged over 9/11 and Iraq without access to knowledgeable sources.

The government could rely on corporate media to squash the story, while the Justice Department fought my demands for a trial, playing every dirty trick in the book to stop a New York jury from hearing testimony about 9/11 and Iraq.....

Emperor George and the Lost War in Iraq

By Susan Lindauer, former U.S. back channel to Iraq and the second non-Arab American arrested on the Patriot Act

Once upon a time there was a President named George who wanted to be Emperor. (Not a bad idea. He was a lousy President. He really needed a different job.)

President George had traveled to Mexico—once. So he figured the whole world was pretty much like Texas. He thought about it for, oh, five minutes. What he needed was a country far, far away to invade. Surely those foreigners would be charmed by his folksy swagger (being more primitive and all). They’d appreciate him more than those Gosh Darn Americans, who had awfully high expectations of a President. Why, he imagined these foreigners would bow and scrape and wow over his every golf shot.
So he pulled out a map. And he saw Iraq— with a “Q.” And he asked one of his ministers what he’d heard about this place. The minister’s eyes got bright: “Ohhh,” he said. “Iraq’s got oil and pipelines. We could make some serious profits if we grabbed Baghdad, and tossed its rulers in the trash can of history.”

Well, if there was one thing President George understood, it was oil profits. That’s what paid for those Black Helicopters ferrying rich folks to private parties in Houston. Absolutely everybody who was anybody had a helo-pad on their ranch. So when George heard about Iraq’s oil, he saw his destiny. He would be Emperor of the World from Texas to Baghdad......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Official Statement from Occupy Wall Street

As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.

As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.
[continues here...]

So there you have it straight from Horse Olbermann's mouth via the Occupy Movement's website.

As the writer/director of the Free Planet blog, I'd suggest there are a few little technicalities (certain vague and fluffy phrases) that are worth considering before moving on ... that our system must protect our rights ... democratic government derives its just power ... self-interest over justice.

There's a real chance to make a difference here, but if all the Occupy Movement is going to do is just regurgitate the SLAVE JOBS for SLAVE WAGES ethos of the Corporate War Machine's major gameplan, that you are nothing more than chattel or cattle or some cog in the chain.

You have to stand up for THE RIGHT REASONS.
You have to stand up for YOUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN.
You have to stand up for THE REAL EARTH STRIPPED OF OPPRESSION, a Free Planet.

Free Planet - why do YOU THE PEOPLE go on living?

Little people, little serfs, little corporate chattel - you, down there in your choking industrial towns, in your rat-infested financial cities, in your slums, your shanty towns, your cess pits - what on earth are you doing, day in, day out?


I really can't understand why You The People put up with your insidious Corporate War Machine prison-sentence lives, quoting your contradictory Bibles and your out-of-date Korans at each other like you believe it means something. Thinking that financial growth is relevant to a peaceful life under an umbrella of Corporate Espionage. Thinking that chronic obesity and insane over-population are acceptable ways to manage a planet's limited resources.

What JOY, what REAL VALUE are you getting from your Consumerist existence?  How are you 'contributing' to the world? How will you be remembered, by history? Will they write songs of your collective realisation that 'there's a better way for all'?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ripperland Socialism and the Occupy Freakshow

flaunting 1888, let's make and and key phrases in the war against Ripperland Socialism.

as we've honourably Guild Navigated back to the prostitute-infested Toynbee Hall, in East One:

when is gonna move next door and from hereonin to be known as because of its main business of gutting?

Day Later Update: and while we're entertaining the gory subject of 'backstreet butchery' and 'financial slaughter' reports are coming in that UK UNCUT have joined the OccupyLSX protest.

Gravity and Acceleration are just the same thing...

The following animation displays the Earth's gravitational anomolies. The colors and heights represent the strength of gravity at the locality. Blue is weaker, red is stronger.

 Notice, in the gravitational animation above, that the stronger gravitational fields are generated along 'geomechanical fault lines' suggesting that there's a direct correlation between volcanic or tectonic activity and gravitational strength.

But that's a diversion to the main point of this post which is to 'prove' that Gravity and Acceleration are the same thing using a Kinky Kaveat (sp) mind experiment as intellectual lingerie.


You're floating out in deep space, enjoying the freedom to move around in any direction. Suddenly, you find yourself in a chair, in a sealed room.

You feel quite heavy, like you suddenly have bodily mass. But... you can't work out if your sealed room is spinning round in a CENTRIFUGE or if your sealed room sits still on the surface of a PLANET.

In the 'fake gravity' scenario, you're in a CENTRIFUGE and you're being pushed down into the chair with a constant force of 1g.

In the 'real gravity' scenario, you're sat on a chair on a PLANET and you're being pushed down into the chair with a constant force of 1g.

You really have no way of knowing which is true.

You unstrap your wristwatch from your wrist, hold it out and let it go - it falls to the floor and smashes into its more-robust component pieces.

So, what's the difference?

NONE, it's all about acceleration. In fact, it's all about localised structural resistance to acceleration. And it involves the MOVEMENT OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE in the opposite direction to the flow of measured 'gravity'. More detail later...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

everything on this blog is probably utter disinformation

you all realise this, right?

It's just blobs of play-d'oh that I inadvertently pick up during e-grazing and extrude through my "there's no god, faeries, ghosts, spirit world, parallel worlds, afterlife, soul-sucking satan incubuses," shape maker. And it's probably utter disinformation.

Let me attempt an explanation of this rather pessimistic summary.

Much of what you're reading is going to be a reflection (or a refraction (a distortion at best (a total misrepresention at worst))) of the necessarily complex and insanely compartmentalised NEED TO KNOW game that's being played by Corporate Global Governments right now.

Right now.

For example: one two occassions today, on BBC and SkyNews (which I've always suspected were in total collusion as their style and content is IDENTICAL) on different occassions, representatives from Chatham House have sprung up like mushrooms that have grown overnight in damp conditions. First to talk about the LIBYAN EXPERIMENT, I shit thee not. And secondly to gloat about 'how we managed the Argentinian collapse' with minimal collateral damage. What on earth are those sorts of strategists really cooking up with this sort of intrusion into the so-called news of the day. Makes me wanna regurgitate Aaron McCollum's 'stargate' statement that 300 naval vessels from all nations are massing off the coast of Yemen.

Talk of ludicrous STARGATE makes it all look more like a game, doesn't it?

Despite the nugget of truth in every cover story, I actually have no idea if ANYTHING that's written on this blog is intentionally disinformation so let's assume for the safety of argument that it's ALL DISINFORMATION; due to lack of available corroborative evidence on grounds of National Security.

That's the safest option, n'est-ce pas?

The (floating) Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship - The World Tour?

I've never started or run or financed a charity before but I'm very seriously considering starting up

The Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship

so that the message of personal liberty and collective responsibility can start to flourish on this corporate-prison planet. From birth to death, seven billion humans give permission for themselves to be enslaved by the corporate mechanisms of debt and profit.

The privilege of incorporation was granted selectively to enable activities that benefited the public, such as construction of roads or canals. Corporations were forbidden from attempting to influence elections, public policy, and other realms of civic society. [source RECLAIM DEMOCRACY]

The real problem with this is (of course) Corporate Personhood, that now entraps individuals within their born state or country, while the corporation itself is a global spiderweb that spans all borders, completely free to trade as it wishes, exploiting the ruined nations' people to trim its bottom line and boost PROFIT for its greedy shareholders. It's a system that's riddled with industrial espionage and just generally very earth negative and malevolent.

So, I guess this is a public call for help. To get it off the ground (pun intended),

The Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship

needs to attract people who've run charitable institutions before, who know how to fund-raise and are willing to get in volved in the day-to-day management of a venture that educates the general public about their rights as free humans, survival techniques and mankind's responsibility to the planet upon which he/she lives.

"Do right by free planet," is the institute's motto.

The formation and running of this institute should most likely involve the design and creation (as in the image above) of an iconic architectural centre that will bring together all the patent-freed planet-friendly alternative engineering, materials and energy creation techniques that will eventually bring this planet from the brink of slow, corporate murder and allow free exchange between the seven billion people of all Free Planet Diversities.

So, any ideas?


CNBC is reporting that The Vatican are calling for the United Nations to take control of The Corporate War Machine so that a more benevolent hand guides economic growth across the globe.

"The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence," it said.


there is no gain in Profit, because the Corporate War machine destroys all in the name of bottom line and investor dividend.

The Vatican isn't even making a political statement, here, it's business as usual in the sense that the concept of GROWTH that underpins all rampant Consumerism on this super-sized planet is being grossly ignored by such groupy-like global-rule flag-waving.

To get us off to a flying start, and so that you don't think my head is buried in the contemporary, let's re-examine the Slaughter of the Roman Empire and its amphitheatre where gladiatorial games were played out. First, it sets up the "us and them", the victors and the vanquished, the rulers* and the slaves. This allows amoral acts like the Roman Amphitheatres, most famous of which is the Coliseum.

It seems the idea of the Roman Amphitheatre was to relive or reenact specific moments of the Empire, like major battles or animal hunts or acts of nature (were starving animals bear down upon weakened 'criminals') a living history book (ironically). Dio Cassius recounts that over 9,000 wild animals were killed during the inaugural games of the amphitheatre.

It is, of course, all about appeasing the masses, because every Corporate Government knows it's You The People who really control things.

If only You The People understood this, actually understood your power.

The real crime here is the fishing stock. No, I'm taking the piss, there are no fish in the Roman Amphitheatre, unless there were ponds of piranha. But there 'used to be' COD in our oceans, there used to be tuna and sardines and eels in abundance. Extinction Economics ensures that that abundant resource would be priced out of the sensible market, aiding financial growth in certain investment sectors. Same with all the lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, tigers, panthers, gorillas, bears etc that were SLAUGHTERED FOR MANKIND'S ENTERTAINMENT in the Roman Amphitheaters.

Makes the spectacle all the more alluring, watching a species routed to annihilation, what fun.

And where do you think all these riches of the planet come from? How do you think these valuable resources are replenished? Well, it's like the Amazon Rain Forest. You chop that down and you lose that resource for up to one hundred years. All that life-giving oxygen and organic matter and diversity. No amount of Toilet Paper Manufacture companies petty replanting programmes are going to do enough to reestablish the balance of that particular debt.

Or ponder this most basic of truths, the global conglomerate business model views this entire planet as a company. Restructuring, we all know what that means, right? It means job losses. It means redundancies. In this context, it means Surplus Countries Ruined. Is this what we're seeing all over the world as a war gone rampant, a mere re-distribution of assets?

Here's a simple fact for all you worshippers of the Corporate Empire out there: most of you reading this blogpost are dead in fifty years or less. You're dead, you're dead, you're dead, you're dead!

Think about that before you once again reach into your pocket for loose change to throw into the cynical Money Tray of World Domination.
Renounce the Corporate War Machine.
Proclaim this a Free Planet based on Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Do you really want to live in a future world of twenty billion consumers where RECYCLED HUMAN PROTEIN (full of hormones and poisons) is the only meat? Where RECYCLED HUMAN PISS (full of hormones and poisons) is the only form of clean water? I mean, aren't you even a little bit disgusted by the Obesity Issue? The 'families with just too many kids' issue? Not one single hand goes up?

*You The People are not yet the rulers, only the slaves. Fodder for slaughter. Pawns in a Global Chess Game.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Roland Emmerich - Anonymous - October 28th 2011

no, it's not a film about some geeks in bedrooms hacking corporate organisations... nor is it about the end of the world or alien invasion, for that matter.

This is a Roland Emmerich film about 'William Shakespeare'...  yeah, that's what I thought, too.

Anonymous is an upcoming thriller directed by Roland Emmerich. It stars Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave. It will be released theatrically in the United States on 28 October 2011. It is produced by Centropolis Entertainment and Studio Babelsberg, and distributed by Columbia Pictures.

In Elizabethan England, political intrigue abounds between the Tudors and the Cecils for the succession of Queen Elizabeth I (Vanessa Redgrave), as the Essex Rebellion moves against her. The film follows the involvement of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (Rhys Ifans), as not only the incestuous lover of Queen Elizabeth, but also the true author of the works of William Shakespeare.

Hero Comparison - Wikileaks vs Facebook - Assange vs Zuckerberg

I like this so-called 'Hero Comparison' quite a lot - Wikileaks vs Facebook - Assange vs Zuckerberg.

Wonder how truthful it is?

I mean, you'all realise this is a CORPORATE WAR against YOU THE PEOPLE for PROFIT and ASSET, right?

And it's a multi-layered cake of complexity and cellular compartmentalisation between the warring clans at the top of the pyramid, to befuddle and confuse YOU the People.

You get this right? 

I think (hope) you do get it, but I can't work out why (if you do get it) you'd continue to go along with it, why you'd continue to support a criminally corrupt system? Is it really better the Devil You Know? Why do you not DEMAND that your supposedly-elected 'world' governments release all Black Project files on everything that You The People think a right and free world should know.

I suspect, even if you grow a pair and drum up the courage to confront government, you'll quickly discover that all corporate/government collusion is IMPOSSIBLE TO RELEASE, and you know (fear) what that means to the 'democratic' process, right?


Libya - We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

‘High-class terrorists running US, UK and France’

“We are seeing how Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State expressed it very clearly: ‘We came, we saw, he died,’ and then started laughing. This is a message to the world of how this new world order model actually works,” (Argentinian economist Adrian Salbuchi)  stated.

“When they decide to change the regime, they do so with the utmost violence, and it is a whole model. First they target a country by calling it a rogue state; then they support local terrorists and call them freedom fighters; then they bring death and destruction upon civilians and they call it UN sanctions. Then they spread lies and call it the International Community’s opinion expressed by the Western media. Then they invade and control the country and call it liberation and finally they steal appetizing oil and call it foreign investment and reconstruction,” Salbuchi explained, having lived through the late-2001 Argentinian bank run and financial collapse.

Proof positive that all congressional business is run like a cheap Hollywood movie.

"We came, we saw, we kicked its ass," is what Dr Peter Venkman uttered in Ghostbusters, once Zool was sent back to whichever parallel plane that spawned it. Here's that devil-spawn in the flesh, describing her glee at a crime well executed.

Am I right in thinking ALL THESE WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, all these sovereign invasions by foreign NATO forces, were cynical attempts to HIDE THE EVIDENCE OF CORPORATE COLLUSION in activities such as 9-11, 7-7, Lockerbie, Cuba, the IRA and Arms Sales To Tyrants For Oil or Mineral Assets and you know, Lord of War-like shenanigins the world over?

Are the violent decades following September 11th 2001 going to be known as THE CLEAN-UP YEARS?

Friday, October 21, 2011

THE ASSASSIN - Derren Brown sponsored by Sirhan Sirhan's defense team?

carefully select the most gullible (or accommodatingly suggestible) person from a studio audience of a hundred or so people and train THAT PERSON to be a bullseye assassin and kill Stephen Fry, on command.

"Couldn't happen," so say the US government.

Erm, just watched DERREN BROWN: THE EXPERIMENTS, 1 and unless everything this mind-manipulator does is TV-fakery, Sirhan Sirhan should be skipping his fifteenth parole hearing and slipping on his slippers as he drinks Budweiser and watches American Gladiator with his fellow "Free Americans" from the comfort of his family home, come Sunday.

Now, imagine a country-wide search through 200,000,000 Americans for 'the most gullible or accommodatingly suggestible person' and the resources of a Military Industrial Complex to train their Manchurian Candidate...

Derren Brown's a faker, right; a charlatan? He didn't just ACHIEVE that experiment, did he? Seriously?

Examiner - Anonymous exposes pedophile ring - hacks Lolita City

Operation Darknet
Tuesday, after hacking into Lolita City, a darknet website used by pedophiles to trade in child pornography, Anonymous released usernames and other information of 1,589 pedophiles trading in kiddie porn.

A darknet website is a closed private network of computers used for file sharing, sometimes referred to as a hidden wiki. Darknet websites are part of the Invisible Web, sometimes called the Deep Web, containing content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines.
[source EXAMINER]

In Jaunary of this year, SIGN OF THE TIMES reported about the 5,200 Pentagon employees who PAID FOR child pornography.

One sick fucking corporate-war nation, imho.

Free Planet - NEO-ECOISM - living within our means

Free Planet is not necessarily about inventing new words like NEO-ECOISM, but it is about LIVING WITHIN OUR MEANS.

Government debt shows us that we cannot live within our means.
Financial derivative debt shows us that we cannot live within our means.
Outsourcing (the destruction of one economy for future plundering) shows us that we cannot live within our means.

One thing that the industrial/financial theorists of this planet always forget to do is take into account what we are and where we are; I'll spell it out for you if you don't get this bit.


That's it.

That's all we are.

Take a look at the gormless journalist and strategist Rachel Marsden in this morning's episode of Cross Talk, look at her solution to the Occupy The World movement, "They should all forget Wall Street. They should all just go home and get a job."

Is she living in cloud cuckoo land? Job scarcity is BUILT INTO the growth model of industrial finance. An economist said it on TV the other day, wish I'd have caught his name, he said,"When there's a dip in one part of a global economy, it means there's a peak in another part."  it never truly flat-lines, it just gets shifted.

That's because of our FINITE SIZE.

Economist aren't thick, they're just juggling a finite series of values and alloting them out where they see fit for the local situation; be it Corporate War Machine, be it Leaderless Existence.

It's time all seven billion of us started protecting our LIMITED RESOURCE, our Free Planet, from those who would use it for their own egotistical/political/financial gain, and share it with ALL THE OTHER LIFEFORMS on this planet of supposed Diversity.

This planet we all live on isn't just some paid-for bullet in the barrel of a gun, it's not just for us to shoot off whenever we want. This planet is ours, and by that I mean it's HOME for every living, thinking feeling thing. Every form of life. That's how we get to Heaven. Once we realise that, we can have Heaven On Earth.

Why don't you'all see that?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

artist Rebecca Campbell - 2011 update

I did a piece about 'neo-photorealist' artist Rebecca Campbell back in 2008, sourcing an image from her 2006 series which told a story of an artist in full control of her photorealist medium.

Looking at more recent paintings on her website, there appears to be a storm brewing in her artistic vision, as aptly demonstrated by the sweeping background in her paintings Favourite Things (2007)

and She Made the Sky (2009)

that appear to have moved STAUNCHLY into the foreground with her Embracing The Apocalypse (2011)

and very nicely done, too.


yeah, I know, it's called a plant, but there's no reason why this unique chemical process can't be applied to TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICES like smartphones and floating modular homes and enormous surface projection etc so that we can ditch wasteful and polluting and disgustingly-commercial electrical and gas utilities that are being used to hold our race to ransom in the name of PROFIT.

The process (below) appears to create both Oxygen and Sugar as by-products - lol.

Photosynthetic Process--Part 1

  • Light energy called photons strike the individual chlorophyll pigments of the cells making up the plant's leaves. These photons are part of the housing body of the chlorophyll called chloroplasts. These chloroplasts are in turn a structure within each cell of the plant called organelles. They are completely unique to photoautotrophic plants and are where the photosynthesis occurs.

Photosynthetic Process--Part 2

  • Once light energy has excited a sufficient amount of chlorophyll, the light energy is brought to a singular part of the chloroplast. Carbon dioxide molecules, water molecules and a natural chemical called adenosine diphosphate are combined using light energy as a catalyst for the chemical reaction. This reaction produces pure oxygen, which is given off as an unwanted byproduct, and a new chemical called adenosine triphosphate or ATP.

Photosynthetic Process--Part 3

  • The ATP molecules are transferred to the cells of the plant that are in need of chemical energy. They are then brought to another part of the chloroplasts within the plant cells called the stroma. The stroma are considered the powerhouses of the plant cell and are the sites where the Calvin cycle takes place. This process is not entirely understood and still under debate, but essentially it produces glucose-6-phosphate, otherwise known as glucose. This is a sugar that the cell can use for immediate metabolic function, completing the photosynthetic process.
Does anyone have any insider information about research groups who are looking into using this process to drive a new breed of non-electrical surface-morphing technology?

Libya - Colonel Gadaffi's convenient death - by NATO airstrike?

Gaddafi, 69, was reportedly found hiding in a drain outside Sirte, where he and others had taken shelter after their convoy was hit by a Nato airstrike as it attempted to escape.


Gaddafi's convoy was hit by a Nato airstrike as it attempted to escape.

Sorry,  I don't see how (under the auspices of UN Security Council Resolution 1973) this is a) protecting civilian lives or b) policing an no-fly zone.

This can only be described as a direct regime-changing NATO hit-job on Libya's Passed On Leader, Libya's No More Leader, Libya's Ceased To Be Leader, Libya's Expired and Gone to Meet 'is Maker Leader, Libya's Bereft of Life Leader, Libya's Dead Leader, Ex Leader, No Longer Leader.

Nato issued a statement after the attack saying: "At approximately 08.30 local time today, Nato aircraft struck two pro-Gaddafi forces military vehicles which were part of a larger group manoeuvring in the vicinity of Sirte."

Okay, it sounds like a good thing that there's one less ruthless dictator on the planet, but that's all that's happened here due to this Potential War Crime ... as Gaddafi can't stand trial from the grave,  we'll never really know who killed WPC Yvonne Fletcher, we'll never know who really did (or was complicit in) the LOCKERBIE disaster and we'll never really know what was the Mi6/Libya connection with David Cameron's IRA Semtex claim earlier today outside #10.

Day Later Updates:

1) as Dr Liam Fox is no longer in office to explain away the events surrounding the Gaddafi hit job, it's up to (Attack is the new) Defense Secretary Philip Hammond to put the case for the legality of NATO's action.

2) Hillary  Clinton mentioned (yesterday) that SHE HEARD ABOUT THIS EVENT  when she was last in Libya. How was that? How did she hear about this, back then?

3) take a moment to look into the career of Sir Mark Allen who appears to have been pivotal in the Gaddafi/MI6/BP role in Megrahi's release back to Libya.

4) if you have any spine Military Industrial Congressional Complex, show us the Osama Bin Laden corporate assassination footage and show us what really hit the Pentagon on 9-11. Man up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Planet - Refuse to PLAY THE GAME - new law

Missionaries 'convert' tribesmen to foundationless dogmas.

Doctors and nurses are in 'war zones' that should never have existed.

Troops root out 'terrorists' they've created by invading a foreign land.

This sad planet's just all ass-backwards...

This is NOT a planet of Military Chess with the oligarchical corporations as the cheer-leading sponsors.

This is (technically, and according to GOD) a planet of life and living - a Free Planet.

When will the seven billion people of this planet understand that? What is cost? What is value? What is ownership? Nothing should cost anything. Economy is only ever specific to a perceived value of corporate interest i.e. that which is currently marketable.

All that this planet offers is offered for free.

All landlords are by-passed. All bosses are by-passed. All charitable subsidy means nothing. It's just all there, to be used sensibly by the inhabitants. I've gotta start to spread this message to the billions of people in slumber. It's not even about being a Sheeple. It's about being a patron of this planet. It's yours already. Not theirs. Yours, to have fun in. To be creative. To be scientific. To be spritual. To be alive, not in the service of controllers and tyrants, not killing ourselves or panicking over the loss of some arbitrary job.

There should be NO PRIVATE OWNERSHIP - we are all planet Earth, the global collective.

I'm currently looking into this reply when questioned, "I am not the corporate chattle licensed as MIKE PHILBIN, I am the free man called Mike Philbin." Look up DENIAL OF CORPORATE EXISTENCE, maritime slaves.

Free yourself.

Dale Farm Eviction - a riot shield smashing into a human face forever

Now you see it!

Now you see the truth of this Bailif Led Operation to evict the illegal travellers from the Dale Farm site in Essex. The Police are here as a monitoring service, right ... the Press will believe any old tactical lie.

THE POLICE HAVE ATTACKED the Dale Farm site from the blind side!  There was one gorgeous moment, during the siege, where the woman in the picture (above) faced off the line of riot shields, asking the Police not to kill anyone, and step back, maybe sit down.

BOOM, riot shield in her face as the Police Line moves forward, because these policemen and women are squad-trained to obey orders, it's a lot like watching the Roman Army rout Boudica's ragtag band of invasion-protesters at Cuttle Mill in AD 61.

This just in, TASERS have been used on two resisters, several arrested.

Summary:  actually, this brings up the real problem of Squatter's Rights. If you have REAL Ownership of Property, why do you also have Squatter's Rights? Surely it's either/or? Either total Corporate Ownership OR Free Planet ... I know which side I'm on. You?


...look at the simpering smirk of subservient smugness on the face of Rep. Buck McKeon chairing the House Armed Services Commission on Military Spending.

I particularly love the Demonic Glare McKeon gives to pointless emotionalism from wage-slave after wage-slave who offer an alternative to the official story of Global Profit Globally Managed, "You are murdering people!"

And the looks on the faces of the assembled Military Generals and their snearing entourage is like, "Good God, get these amateurs out of our meeting."

Like, as if the military don't understand what the Corporate War Machine actually means. Are these military accountants and managers really that far removed from the act of war; the displacement, the slaughter, the murdering?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

four institutional manager corporations control the world

According to a new article in PRAVDA, the eight largest U.S. financial companies (JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon and Morgan Stanley) are 100% controlled by ten shareholders and four companies are always present in all decisions: 1) BlackRock, 2) State Street, 3) Vanguard and 4) Fidelity.

These 'big four' institutional manager corporations have controlling influence in, wait for it, wait for it ...

Alcoa Inc.
Altria Group Inc.
American International Group Inc.
AT&T Inc.
Boeing Co.
Caterpillar Inc.
Coca-Cola Co.
DuPont & Co.
Exxon Mobil Corp.
General Electric Co.
General Motors Corporation.
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Home Depot Inc.
Honeywell International Inc.
Intel Corp.
International Business Machines Corp.
Johnson & Johnson.
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
McDonald's Corp.
Merck & Co. Inc.
Microsoft Corp.
3M Co.
Pfizer Inc.
Procter & Gamble Co.
United Technologies Corp.
Verizon Communications Inc.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Time Warner.
Walt Disney.
Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.
CBS Corporation.
NBC Universal.

Free Market Competition, eh?

Keiser Report - JP MORGAN vs JP MORGAN

This week on KEISER REPORT, Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert talk about how JP Morgan bet against itself (and raised billions in revenue, ed) likening the process to the arson scam (or 9-11 terror attack scam) of Building Insurance. Plus the horrendous revelation that Congressmen can trade on Wall Street using INSIDER INFORMATION. What?

In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Saifedean Ammous about Mubarak’s odious debts and about whether or not Occupy Wall Street is an Arab Spring for the West.

"Beware of being co-opted into the political process," that's Saif's conclusion for those wishing to get involved in the Occupy Movement around the world. He also recommends a splitting of the State and the Corporations. Wise words indeed, Saif.

BBC 2 - Origins of Us - anatomist Alice Roberts

Very interesting return to quality programming from BBC 2 last night in the form of the Origins of Us documentary that speculated (via skeletal evidence) how we became the tall strong distance runners of today from the low-slung tree clamberers of our ancestors.

It was a bit slow to get going, with anatomist host Alice Roberts spending far too much time in the undergrowth of the Kibale forest in Uganda cuddling chimpanzees, even though they're not a direct ancestor of Homo Sapiens. Eventually the rhyme behind the rambling reason was revealed ... the contraction of the forests and the revelation of the Savanna. The major problem for these tree-dwelling monkeys then being their exposure to predatory wild animals on the open plains.

The star of the show, for me, was long-legged Nariokotome Boy aka Homo Ergaster; a strange blip in the genetic timeline. We've all maybe heard of  Homos Erectus or even Homo Habilis, but I'd never heard of this long-legged, long-torso'd, big-buttocked aberration of human randomicity before. And it really got me thinking about an enhancement to our 'survival' running on the open Savanna avoiding all the wild animals.


Well, in the early years, not necessarily pets, but canine companions. Could it be that early man ran alongside those other pack animals he now calls "man's best friend", namely DOGS. Was the key to man's early survival the packs of dogs, wolves, hyenas he learned how to jog alongside, down-wind of, to mop up the spoils of predatory kills? Using his sticks and spears, the tools of his hunter-gatherer existence, to fend off the pack while his mobile clan fed?

This, of course, brings us to the ONE REAL SYNTACTIC ERROR of the show, and it happens in all shows of this sort where Evolution is talked about. It was a description of our super-strong thumb and I quote, "Our use of tools caused our thumb to grow larger."

What utter nonsense.

As with a skull that grows a spine directly below it...
As with a spine that supports a long, twisting torso...
As with a thigh and buttock that allows us to run...

The larger thumb CAME BEFORE the ability to use it to exert immense pressure on the flint cutting tool to slice meat from bone. That's why these things take centuries or millennia for the maturing DNA to achieve. You gotta have it before you can use it. Never forget that, producers, when talking about the passive act "Evolution".

Monday, October 17, 2011

Free'd Planet - global growth game doesn't work - moneyless Earth

This morning's post originates in a Comment from Eric V Encina of the Philippines in yesterday's Occupy World Street post. Eric posted a list of twenty-two benefits of debt-free money and unconditional financial dividend for every person on planet Earth.

But, remember, this is Free Planet where money (i.e. people's effort towards PROFIT) is a mindless scam and job (i.e. people's effort towards PROFIT) is a mindless scam and five or six children per family (on a planet with seven billion humans already) is a mindless scam; so let me try to resample this list for Free Planet purposes.


1. Everybody has shelter
2. Everybody has food
3. Everybody has water
4. Everybody has waste treatment/fertiliser conversion
5. Ethical use of technology - no more production and operational poisons or toxins
6. No more prisons for strong, creative humans
7. No more factories for strong, creative humans
8. No more private patents or ownership of sections of the Earth
9. No more countries, no more cities and everybody can go where they want, when they want.

Let's see what happens THIS MORNING when the bankers and the traders return to the City of London and the London Stock Exchange to earn more profit and achieve more 'growth' for their global landlords and slavemasters.

Imagine if the 2,500,000 UK unemployed people turned up at the London Stock Exchange today to show how BROKEN the ridiculous Global Growth Game is.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Police violence at Occupy World Street

look,  it's real simple, You The People are quickly finding out that YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PROTEST on Corporate/Private land like that trespassed on by the Occupy Movement.

The Authorities only allow you to move into and out of their Financial Premises like Wall Street and City of London or any Private Retail Malls in order to earn money for them; you are a Consumerist slave. That's how the Law sees you; a number in a financial game.

Not only that, you'll not hear about the heavy-handed way these Private Landlords coerce Government Forces to police their business grounds. The Press are made of Civilians, too. And the Gulf War has shown us how cynical that manipulation of the Press can/will be. Prepare for the worst on all propaganda fronts as Occupy London Stock Exchange's MONDAY arrives.

And if you're suddenly using a FOLLOW THE MONEY policy to find out why we're experiencing such global turmoil at the moment, you have to look back TEN YEARS to (finally) find out who funded the Cynical Cyber Crime called 9-11.

Follow The Money will teach you who paid who to do what in the snearing Corporate War Game for PROFIT and ASSET.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15 October - Occupy City of London - Occupy London Stock Exchange

According to THE GUARDIAN

After four weeks of focus on Wall Street, the campaign against the global banking industry is coming to the UK this weekend, with the biggest event aiming to "occupy" the London Stock Exchange.

The protests have been organised on Facebook and Twitter pages that between them have picked up more than 15,000 followers. Campaigners are to gather outside St Paul's Cathedral at midday on Saturday before marching the short distance to Paternoster Square, home of the Stock Exchange, as well as the London head office of investment bank Goldman Sachs.

It is one of a series of events planned around the UK as part of a global day of action, with 800-plus protests promised so far worldwide.

So, which is it to be, on this 15 OCTOBER? Occupy City of London or Occupy London Stock Exchange?

Remember, Occupiers, though it seems tempting to get back into productive employment, you're NOT demonstrating for your JOBS - why?

JOBS ARE SLAVERY to the Corporate War Game-players -- protesting for your jobs is a distraction from the major thrust of the Occupy Movement. You're protesting to get that fat-cat banker off your back. You're protesting to get that slave-driver boss of your back. You're protesting to get some DIRECTION back into your dead-end Consumerist life.

Don't allow the OCCUPY movement to be hi-jacked by the Soros-funded Rothschild-funded Rockefeller-funded flash-mob psy-op agenda-controllers who've been behind the scenes of All Our Misery since the 9-11 Event.

Remember, also, that they can't pull the Private Land trespass law on free people, only serfs and underlings should adhere to those archaic arbitrary rulesets. Right to be human and go anywhere in the world, that should be the aim of Occupy. Free Occupation of a Free'd Planet.

Whichever way you look at it, and despite mankind appearing to be trapped in the Second Age (farming), our eyes still point forward harking back to our First Age (hunter/gatherers) ensuring that the Third Age of Man (Custodians) will one day come to fruition.

Seven billion unique individuals can protect and help rewild their ruined homeworld from the destructive game of GLOBAL FINANCE using only one rule, "Do right by Free'd Planet."

Afternoon update: the GUARDIAN now has a live feed of news concerning today's OCCUPY LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE protests.

As of 2:00 p.m., Police reinforcements have arrived and they're changing into Full Riot Gear ... even though there's no riot. Anyone wearing a face mask are being plucked out of the demonstration using force.

Mark Townsend tweets, "St Paul's completely kettled. First arrests. Legal observers cannot access to 'prevent breach of peace'. Rapid mood change."

CLOSING THOUGHTS: aren't there some football games on today in Greater London? The Occupy Movement will really take off when 'rival' football fans put their (engineered) mutual hatred to one side and decide to take part in these Global anti-corporate-war Protests.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ofgem - Energy Firms' Profit Margins Up 700%

Sky News is reporting that recent price rises have helped energy suppliers increase their profit margins more than seven-fold, according to estimates by the energy watchdog, Ofgem, who has calculated that annual profit margins per customer have risen to £125, from just £15 in June.

Following inflation-busting bill increases over the summer, the regulator estimates the average dual-fuel bill now stands at £1,345.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne welcomed the review, adding: "Both the Government and Ofgem are working to boost transparency in billing and increase competition in the energy market to help keep prices down."

Doesn't sound like it's working.

ah-hahahaha! the UK Government a) doesn't give a damn or b) can't do a damn thing about the CONTINUED RAPE OF YOUR FINANCES BY THE VAMPIRIC ENERGY COMPANIES. It's your responsibility to Checking, Switching and Insulating. So says Chris Huhne, about how you lower your bills this winter. This winter. You can trawl through the potentially-300 tarifs with the six major energy companies, you can choose one of the price-comparing six big energy companies and then you can insulate your home, all before the snow falls at the end of October as is being forecast.


Sibel Edmonds claims the Three Branches of Government are in collusion.


In 1787 leaders of the states gathered to write the Constitution -- a set of principles that told how the new nation would be governed.

The leaders of the states wanted a strong and fair national government. But they also wanted to protect individual freedoms and prevent the government from abusing its power. They believed they could do this by having three separate branches of government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. [source FACT MONSTER]

Let's listen to FBI whistleblowing legend Sibel Edmonds' latest interview about the exact magnitude of her evidence against Corporate Global Government and how these three essential branches of Government are in fact in collusion (across the bi-partisan spectrum) with N.W.O. corporate-war interests.

Sibel Edmonds new audio interview with James Corbett.

Military Geo-engineering - Climate Change is an important National Security Issue


"Climate Change is an important National Security Issue."  -- how the fuck do THEY come to THAT conclusion?

4.1. Airplanes
Existing small jet fighter planes, like the F-15C Eagle (Figure 2a), are capable of flying into the lower stratosphere in the tropics, while in the Arctic, larger planes, such as the KC-135 Stratotanker or KC-10 Extender (Figure 2b), are capable of reaching the required altitude. Specialized research aircraft such as the American Lockheed ER-2 and the Russian M55 Geophysica, both based on Cold War spy planes, can also reach 20 km, but neither has a very large payload or could be operated continuously to deliver gases to the stratosphere. The - 9 - Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk can reach 20 km without a pilot but costs twice as much as an F-15C. Current designs have a payload of 1-1.5 tons. Clearly it is possible to design an autonomous specialized aircraft to loft sulfuric acid precursors into the lower stratosphere, but the current analysis focuses on existing aircraft.

Options for dispersing gases from planes include the addition of sulfur to the fuel, which would release the aerosol through the exhaust system of the plane, or the attachment of a nozzle to release the sulfur from its own tank within the plane, which would be the better option. Putting sulfur in the fuel would have the problem that if the sulfur concentration were too high in the fuel, it would be corrosive and affect combustion. Also, it would be necessary to have separate fuel tanks for use in the stratosphere and in the troposphere to avoid sulfate aerosol pollution in the troposphere.

The military has already manufactured more planes than would be required for this geoengineering scenario, potentially reducing the costs of this method.

Since climate change is an important national security issue [Schwartz and Randall, 2003], the military could be directed to carry out this mission with existing aircraft at minimal additional cost. Furthermore, the KC-135 fleet will be retired in the next few decades as a new generation of aerial tankers replaces it, even if the military continues to need the in-flight refueling capability for other missions. [source RUTGERS UNIVERSITY PAPER]

GRTV - Dr David Halpin on the death of Dr David Kelly - mired in mendacity

"The country (U.K.) is mired in mendacity and the only way you can deal with the mendacity is to challenge it and expose it," -- Dr David Halpin.

On July 18, 2003, British biowarfare expert and UN weapons inspector David Kelly was found dead on Harrowdown Hill, near his home in Oxfordshire. Ruled a suicide by the official judicial inquiry chaired by Lord Hutton, now a group of British doctors is challenging the Attorney General's decision not to hold a coroner's inquest into the death, citing the overlooked, suppressed and modified evidence suggesting Dr. Kelly was murdered. [source GRTV]

And of course let's not forget the strangely-murdered GCHQ hacker Gareth Williams in a 'safe house' and the brutally-assassinated Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Tube.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mike Bayne - oil paintings on wood panel - four inches by six inches

there are a couple of pretty evident themes running through the PHOTO REALIST artworks of Toronto-based artist Mike Bayne:

1) suburbia
2) four inches by six inches
3) oil on wood panel

ready to go, "Wow"?

click image for 2008 series

click image for 2009 series

click image for 2010 series

rapper Immortal Technique talks Occupy Wall Street

"The young revolutionary movement Occupy Wall Street needs to be pushed forward to evolve into a working force that can influence US domestic affairs," believes Immortal Technique, a hip-hop star who has backed the group from the start.

As the demonstrations against the Wall Street corporations enter their fourth week in New York, elsewhere they have grown into a nationwide protest with 45 states and nearly 200 cities now involved in the rally. "The recent movement is the biggest expression of democracy in the past few decades here in America," states Immortal Technique, who has become one of the spokespersons for the movement.

What started out as a peaceful movement has now been plagued by unrest in the Big Apple, where confrontations between demonstrators and police are only becoming tenser. Police brutality has become a tripping point for the escalation of people's anger, the rapper believes. When the pictures hit the internet, they went viral.

"We saw a bunch of defenseless people simply expressing their freedom -- and they were penned off, they were sprayed down, being obviously not in danger of harming any police officers. And 'white shirts' did not seem to be held responsible for it, as if they were almost above the law," the artist explains.

The reaction from the city authorities is biased and aimed at intensifying the protests, so they can portray them in a dishonest manner in the media, argues Immortal Technique. [source RT]

is THE AFTERLIFE a surrogate for Genetic Ignorance or Satanic invention?

An Iron Age Woman is taken by her Man in a twilight fit of consensual crotch-grindin'. Man is then killed in some tribal skirmish with similarly ruttish neighbours. Nine months later, out pops Baby Man who 'looks just like his father'.

originating somewhere between the twelfth and sixth century BC, this insane concept (that our spirit continues on after our physical body dies) has been propagated by most eastern and western religions.

In fairly recent history, it has allowed the lion-slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Roman Coliseum during Italy's amoral Global Empire, sure in the knowledge that their deaths will be looked upon favourably by their 'Lord', in the life after the one they've just opted out of.

Now, don't get me wrong; I don't believe in Satan.

Satan is silly.

I do believe that this is our only life to make a difference.
I don't believe there's a (benevolent or wrathful) God out there in space somewhere waiting to 'Judge' us for our deeds in this life.

I suspect that the original root of The Afterlife tree was either as innocent as the one depicted in the opening line, i.e. a woman attributed here son's likeness to a dead man to be more about spiritual reincarnation from an after-life than genetic intertwining of male and female gametes....


It was a Satanic or Pagan invention, to absolve the generally mischievous of their innate desire to fuck around and be generally amoral and egotistical. Yeah, I did say, "The afterlife absolves psychopaths, criminals and ne'er do wells of the need to check their activities while in this life."

But how does that work?

MAKE THE STORY BIGGER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE, invent Hell. As long as Hell is not an honourable place, like Valhalla was for the Vikings, then it's a great deterent for those who care about their C.V. in the next life or their ability to re-constitute their 'soul' around more living meat in 'another life'. And we have had the afterlife concept drilled into us for centuries.

But for the criminal, (practising) satanist or amoral inventor of said concept of everlasting guilt, who cares?

A potential-criminals invention of AFTERLIFE, the way cynical marketers do it with flashy graphics and clever slogans these days, would have been a truly perfect scam. And who'd have imagined the sheople would have gone along with it for so many decades, so many centuries of 'enlightenment'.

Here's how it works, for those who don't give a fuck:

1) scare the underlings with stories of Godly wrath then threaten them that their actions will affect their judgement in THE AFTERLIFE.

2) do whatever the fuck you want (as the inventors of or subscribers to such a plane of existence) safe in the knowledge that this is the only life that really matters and all deeds will go unpunished once your already rotting body stops pumping blood around it.

I suspect this latter (cynical) ploy was invented to a) control you and your idiot believer pack and b) allow all sorts of elite crimes to go unresolved in this only life that matters.

You were all CONNED by the Afterlife Scam LLC - you were played like cheap instruments from a pawn shop, you were taken to the cleaners like old ladies pensions were robbed by NY fund managers, you were screwed and beaten up like Chinese prostitutes trying to scrape together a sordid existence in their pit of poverty and abuse. You lie on your back and piss on your collective stomachs.

That's what AFTERLIFE did to you, all of you.

Double your pleasure, double your fun - tougher custodial sentences will not stop austerity demonstrations

So, the prisons are FULL and the Judges are giving LONGER THAN USUAL custodial sentences to Londoners who looted during the riots in August?

Criminals who burgle shops or homes during any future riots will face longer behind bars under new sentencing guidelines.

For the first time, general public disorder has been added as an aggravating factor to the notes handed out to judges by the Sentencing Council.
It comes after judges were criticised for the tough punishments handed out following the August riots , with some claiming they were acting outside the established guidelines.
From next year the guideline sentence for aggravated burglary with a firearm or other weapon will rise from four years to nine years in jail, if it is connected to a riot.
Those guilty of domestic burglaries, usually attracting sentences of up to 26 weeks in jail, would face up to two years, and the top sentence for non-domestic burglaries would increase from 18 to 51 weeks in jail.
 [source YAHOONEWS]

Sounds like The Authorities have no idea how to deal with the REAL SOCIAL ISSUES that make people want to riot, as the Invading NATO Armies have no idea how to deal with the REAL SOCIAL ISSUES that make people become terrorists in their own (and foreign) countries.

Ya know?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Madoff-whistleblower Harry Markopolos says BANKS STEAL $10B from PENSIONS & MORE

In this King World News exclusive interview, Harry Markopolos the Whistleblower who brought down Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme reached out to KWN with the latest fraud he and his team have uncovered. Markopolos stated, “The Bank of New York is going to go down, Eric. Between Bank of New York Mellon and State Street, these two institutions have stolen between $6 to $10 billion from tens of millions of Americans retirement savings accounts. It’s been a hell of a crime spree for the bank, but now they are being brought to justice.”

Markopolos also told KWN, “The New York Attorney General filed suit on Tuesday (against Bank of New York Mellon) for stealing money from pension funds on currency transactions. This theft has been from tens of millions of Americans, policemen, firemen, librarians, municipal workers, judges and the list goes on and on and they’ve been doing it for decades.

Click the KING WORLD NEWS image or the link to go listen to the exact way that Bank Of New York Mellon, one of the oldest American banks with $25 TRILLION dollars of managed assets, are skimming off money from EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION (for their own financial benefit or PROFIT) in the way a 'banker reviled' Tobin Tax would achieve the same skimming but to lessen the tax burden for You The People.

It's all very sickening, and Markopolis states, "If Al Qaeda were to engage in this sort of 'terrorism', Seal Team 6 would be sent in to assassinate their ass," which is all fine but weren't Seal Team 6 themselves annihilated in a 'helicopter accident' some days after killing 'Osama bin Laden'?


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Alan Watt 2007 - DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036

in case you haven't heard of it, read it or heard Alan Watt blurb about it, here's the UK DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE DOCUMENT titled "DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036".

(DCDC) stands for Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre

This is the DOD Document Alan has spoken about many times in his blurbs and as a guest host. Also, linked below, is the original blurb where Alan does an in-depth talk on pertinent portions of the text.

Download the PDF File (6.11 mb)


I love the way this document is already talking about (i) FLASHMOBS (London riots, Occupy Wall Street), (ii) ARAB SPRING (Egypt, Tunisia) long before both happened, (iii) UAVs or remote-piloted Drones that'll disperse biologicals and missiles, (iv) NEUTRON BOMBS which 'might make an excellent weapon of choice for extreme ethnic cleansing in a more populated world'. Middle classes are the potentially-united enemy now protecting the under-class from the Corporate Overlords, according to this DOD document. You gotta wonder what FUKUSHIMA was with this global game playing afoot, eh?

We should really take note of everything in this Corporate War Play Book, if we don't want to suffer their heinous (illegal) future.

"Don't let Predictive Programming ruin your day," Alan Watt's closing comment on that BLURB -- poignant.

James Cameron - Avatar 2 - the empire strikes back

humiliated by the Na'Vi in the first film of the James Cameron's Avatar trilogy, and with reports from Jake Sully actor Sam Worthington that Cameron's script for Avatar 2 is MONUMENTAL, Corporate War Planet 'Earth' will set up a lovely false flag 'alien invasion' scenario to open their second film. In fact, I've written about this type of second-film opening gambit before, namely in March of this year...

I suspect the early speculation that Avatar2 will be about the Pandoran Undersea people is a tactical diversion. And while I don't necessarily believe there's an ophan planet NIBIRU on its way back into our Solar System in 2012, Avatar2 will most likely be about this symbolic RETURN OF THE ANNUNAKI to the dead (corporate) earth. It'll show how the remaining 'humans' on Pandora negotiated 'unobtainium' refinement and 'tree of souls' crystalline glimmering poperties in the name of a pre-emptive strike on a poisoned earth and a broken humanity, led by Jake Sully's Cain & Abel offspring. Imagine Tree of Souls SPACESHIPS flown by the spiritual elders and powered by hearts of purified 'unobtainium'.

I can picture the opening scenes now, a blue foot steps lightly off a glowing Federation of Light Ship. Pan up to Jake Sully junior, his full tribal regalia lifting in the anti-grav field, towering over the assembled corporate heads of what has become a City Planet like Star Wars' Coruscant ready to beg for their lives. And all the gullible Project Bluebeam idiots will suck it up like puppies at the teat, the weakness of humanity used against itself. People will LITERALLY try to worship these Blue Magicians sent back from times gone by to fix the Earth and liberate its people from Corporate Indenture.
[source FREE'd PLANET]

But I don't suspect this is how it'll go - I suspect MASSIVE NUCLEAR FALSE FLAG attack from the pre-rigged descending Scully-clone/prodigal son decoy, taking out 1/5 of the human race and enraging the remaining 4/5s to go into Austerity Measures to fund a new War Of Terror across the galaxy to avenge their (unbeknown to them) slaughtered minions aka queenside pawns. In this second film, we're sure to witness the savage busting of plenty of Blue Monkey Ass leading to a(n Empire Strikes Back-like) scorched-earth-policoed routing nee annihilation of Pandora, the scattering of her people to neighbouring moons in the Polyphemus system and a proper good hyper-dramatic cliff-hanger setup for the concluding Avatar film.

Place your bets, I know where my money is.

John Pilger - Flying the flag, faking the news

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger traces the history of propaganda to Edward Bernays, the American nephew of Sigmund Freud, who invented the term "public relations". Bernays believed in "engineering public consent" and creating "false realties" as news.

Edward Bernays, the American nephew of Sigmund Freud, is said to have invented modern propaganda. During the first world war, he was one of a group of influential liberals who mounted a secret government campaign to persuade reluctant Americans to send an army to the bloodbath in Europe. In his book, Propaganda, published in 1928, Bernays wrote that the “intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses was an important element in democratic society” and that the manipulators “constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country”. Instead of propaganda, he coined the euphemism “public relations”.

The American tobacco industry hired Bernays to convince women they should smoke in public. By associating smoking with women’s liberation, he made cigarettes “torches of freedom”. In 1954, he conjured a communist menace in Guatemala as an excuse for overthrowing the democratically-elected government, whose social reforms were threatening the United Fruit company’s monopoly of the banana trade. He called it a “liberation”.

Bernays was no rabid right-winger. He was an elitist liberal who believed that “engineering public consent” was for the greater good. This was achieved by the creation of “false realities” which then became “news events”.

False reality The last US combat troops have left Iraq “as promised, on schedule”, according to President Barack Obama. TV screens have filled with cinematic images of the “last US soldiers” silhouetted against the dawn light, crossing the border into Kuwait.

Fact They are still there. At least 50,000 troops will continue to operate from 94 bases. American air assaults are unchanged, as are special forces’ assassinations. The number of “military contractors” is currently 100,000 and rising. Most Iraqi oil is now under direct foreign control.

False reality BBC presenters and reporters have described the departing US troops as a “sort of victorious army” that has achieved “a remarkable change in [Iraq’s] fortunes”. Their commander, General David Petraeus, is a “celebrity”, “charming”, “savvy” and “remarkable”.

Fact There is no victory of any sort. There is a catastrophic disaster; and attempts to present it as otherwise are a model of Bernays’ campaign to “re-brand” the slaughter of the first world war as “necessary” and “noble”. In 1980, Ronald Reagan, running for president, re-branded the invasion of Vietnam, in which up to three million people died, as a “noble cause”, a theme taken up enthusiastically by Hollywood. Today’s Iraq war movies have a similar purging theme: the invader as both idealist and victim.

False reality The British economy has a deficit of billions which must be reduced with cuts in public services and regressive taxation, in a spirit of “we’re all in this together”.

Fact We are not in this together. What is remarkable about this public relations triumph is that only 18 months ago the diametric opposite filled TV screens and front pages. Then, in a state of shock, truth was unavoidable, if briefly. The Wall Street and City of London financiers’ trough was on full view for the first time, along with the venality of once celebrated snouts. Billions in public money went to inept and crooked organisations known as banks, which were spared debt liability by their Labour government sponsors.

Within a year, record profits and personal bonuses were posted, and state and media propaganda had recovered its equilibrium. Suddenly, the “black hole” was no longer the responsibility of the banks, whose debt is to be paid by those not in any way responsible: YOU THE PEOPLE (ed). The received media wisdom of this “necessity” is now a chorus, from the BBC to the Sun. A masterstroke, Bernays would surely say.
[read the rest of it HERE]

Sounds to me like YOU THE PEOPLE really need to be told the truth about the Private Interests and Government Collusion in the Corporate War Chess Game you've been the unwitting opponent of since before, during and after World War Two.

Angry yet?

art feature - Peter Gric

seeming to be derived from 3D digital imagery and covering ground that H.R. Giger has covered since the 1960's and Salvador Dali covered long before that and The Matrix covered more recently than both of them BUT..... interesting oil paintings none-the-less.

Peter Gric's art is quite astonishing in both scale, concept and technique.

Home James - silent 'peanut' taxis - silent modular housing

I'm sensing some resistance to the FULLY AUTOMATED silent peanut taxi service I wrote about in 2010.

"We like our freedom, Philbin, we like to drive our cars - they are our liberation," so say the gullible masses.

No you don't, you mind-controlled Consumers, you Interminable Pocket Dippers (IPD)!

Your car isn't your Freedom.
Your car isn't your Liberation.

Think of the commercial airlines ... I mean, this is probably the ONLY reason why 'chemtrails' exist, to be frank, think of the number of commercial airlines who are confined to the same lines of airspace over what is TECHNICALLY military airspace. You've never thought of chemtrails like that have you? Like a path that is carved through a virgin snowfield by constant footfall. That might be why our skies seem fuller and fuller with these (supposed) chemtrails. The skylanes are just too localised for the traffic they carry, too conjested along prescribed paths. You even forgot that I stated that ALL AIRSPACE is military airspace, and it has been since World War 2, with no repeal apparent. And boy is airfare expensive, and cramped, and quite radioactive...

I didn't digress, I'm getting to the point.

So, it's the same, in a way with your cherished car. You like your freedom to spend $20,000 of yourhard-earned slave-coinage on a private car every three years - that's your definition of freedom? You like to drive along the same congested highway as the rest of your IPD buddies - while acres of decent 'airspace' go untouched?

Now, wait right here, I'm not saying off-roading will be mankind's salvation, even though it might be fun - might be, if a little tedious should you want to just get somewhere fast. But (without roads) you'd still have to drive your 4x4 across open countryside with the distinct possibility of bumbing into an oncoming off-road bus or delivery truck or wildebeest herd... And then there are the onciming ruts in the fields made by tonnes of traffic each day and soon you'll find it's better to follow in the already laid out ruts of other off-roaders then you're back on prescribed roads, only this time without their smoothish surface ride.

But again, let's not get lost in the real of privacy. We all know patents are the real MONOPOLY on this planet - who the hell thought patenting 'an idea' or 'trademarking a phrase' was a viable answer. I'm sure both of these inventions are technically illegal. So, we should ban them. No more Patents. No more Trademarks. No more Registered Trade Names. They're all about keeping you a slave and quashing your creative ability.

Now, to the piece-de-resistance, the silent floating ex-military peanut driverless homing vehicle.

Remember your telephone calls. You used to have a HUMAN OPERATOR patch your call through for you. That doesn't happen any more. And it's the same with the internet, you very rarely get sent to the wrong adress - that's what computers are like, once they have the data, it's there forever. Realise this the next time you post to Facebook or Twitter. The internet will never lose your contribution, it will never forget what you said.

Remember your train journeys. You used to have some guy sat there all day pressing the GO lever forward and back ward. Now, there are MANY train systems around the world that are completely automatic. In fact, you used to have some guy there sweating his arse off shovelling coal into a fire to make steam to drive the wheels, that doesn't happen anymore either.

Remember the car industry ... roboticised, made more efficient. But we're not really on a Time & Motion study, so let's get back on topic. Things get automated, and eventually you don't care. You take this advancement for granted. You welcome the help.

And it will be the same (given time) with the alien-to-you-now "silent 'peanut' taxis and silent modular housing". You wait until this shit's been shoved dowon your IPD throat by repetitive hours of clever marketing. You'll grow to love it just like that song on that radio that's absolutely awful but grows on yhou the more the dj plays it, day after day. You can tell I'm not in marketing, right?

Thanks to the re-purposed military satellite surveillance programme you will be chauffered from A to B in total security. You'll be able to hail a 'peanut taxi' and it'll take you wherever you want to go, automatically. It's almost TRANSPARENT looking out from the inside so you can see all around you, it'll be just like flying around in a dream. While from the outside these peanut taxis are totally opaque - you can't see into them, you could ride them in the nude!

Now, onto the modular housing also featured in this 2010 post, it's in the conceptual phase (obviously) and there are no specific technological suggestions as to how it'll work but let's say we opt for a TWO WEEK PITCH with a two mile clear off after that? This way we can live whereever we want around the world (for two weeks) then move off to another place, either as a single family-flight unit, a connected ring, or a compound Diversity of interlinked modular housing units, a minimum of two miles away. There'll be no military lanes to drive in, the airspace will be truly free at all altitudes and you will always arrive safely at your destination. This way we prevent the beautiful ground of our free'd planet becoming ground in and rutted and free of human stain, in the most part.

Lots more to come on this in future episodes of FREE'd PLANET - have you noticed the new FREE'd PLANET logo?