Saturday, March 31, 2012

something is going on here - David Wilcock and 'whistleblower' Drake

we are now so ready to accept ANY STORY in conjunction with 9/11. Here, David Wilcock talks to new whistleblower "Drake" about supposed MASS ARRESTS of Elite Bankers, Financiers and Global Game Players in business, espionage and propaganda.

Well, I've already mentioned, a COUP of this nature is NO FUCKING GOOD if the profit-scraping structure that fuelled the last T.H.E.Y. (or The Hierarchy Enslaving You), if nothing really changes apart from a 'few guys at the top' then it doesn't benefit mankind or the animals or the planet at all. I've also talked at length on the subject of RETRIBUTION.

With this caveat firmly established, find three hours, strap in and listen to this shit.

So, when the borders are closed down and martial law appears to be in force and swathes of corporate arrests start happening, don't worry, they're not coming for YOU, they're coming for THEM. This sounds A LOT LIKE they're going to systematically lock down specific countries and route the demons from the bushes. Country by country cleaning up of the mess, and the people who built the NEED TO KNOW game-for-profit.

"Out of the frying pan, into the fire," is the way this is potentially going to go, if we're not careful, it being a Military Action - but chaange needs to happen, that's for sure. It's just the form of the chaaange that's PARAMOUNT.

BEWARE, all such game-playering psy-operations only lead to INCREASED PROFIT (or CONTINUED SLAVERY) unless this is a Free Planet movement or agenda at its source.

Is this Free Planet's prophecied 2012 CUSTODIANISM with an Institute of Creativity, Passion and Kinship for all the world to be a part of?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Chuck Wade - Roswell NM - July 4th 1947

for years, I've been ADAMANT that a) alien craft or UFOs are just military test flights and b) alien abductions are just military tests of clever drugs/gases and rendition techniques to PUT INFO IN.

Maybe I should have 'stuck to my guns' but (despite all the UFO crap I've heard here and there over the years) this Project Camelot video from 2011 is just like a determined fox terrier that won't let go; I have to share it on Free Planet - just in case.

I hate that I've actually posted this, but it does (appear to) lend CREDENCE to 'all the technological advances' we see today: namely, fibre optics, computer chips, materials tech, nanotech. I'm almost in tears, wondering when You The People are just gonna raid those NEED TO KNOW archives and finish this debate once and for all.

not only is interviewee Chuck Wade suggesting that RADAR CAN DOWN UFOS but (imho) the 'small craft' in which live aliens were found, somewhat down range of the crash site, MIGHT HAVE BEEN AN ESCAPE POD.

There's something very enticing about the TRIANGULAR HEART discussed in the above video; a heart with FIVE chambered heart?

Oh, oh, oh, and here are the RESULTS OF SCIENTIFIC TESTS done on the pieces of Roswell metal:


1) These samples contain very unusual alloying elements which were not present in aluminum alloys in 1947. If these samples are from an aircraft which crashed in that year, they are very unusual on that basis.

2) The coatings on the samples are also unusual because conformal coatings of this type, which are blended with the metal, and rich in silica, titania, magnesia, sulfate, phosphate, and chloride, were almost certainly not available in 1947. The coatings on the samples are also somewhat similar to coatings on implants removed from people claiming alien contact.

3) The carbon nanotube indications observed in the Raman spectra of the samples indicates the possibility that the samples may be “smart metal” materials, which contain carbon nanotubes as electronic components, or to strengthen the materials. Since the mechanical strength of these samples was not unusual, they should be tested for unusual electrical characteristics.

4) The isotopic ratios of three elements in sample W-1 (antimony, copper, and nickel) were extremely skewed, with respect to the terrestrial ratios for these elements, and there is therefore a high probability that the samples came from an extraterrestrial source. These extremely skewed isotopic results are again reminiscent of those obtained from alleged alien implants, and from an alleged piece of the Roswell crash debris which was analyzed by the late Dr. Russell VernonClark (see appendix).

5) The results of the pendulum test indicate that samples W-1 and W-6 may still be emitting gravitational, or magnetic energy, which greatly increases the probability these samples are nanotechnological “smart metals” and of probable alien origin as well.

and if you're still here, if you still have patience for further obfuscation, there's a wonderfully-convoluted theory for the Roswell crash from D.O.D. (Department of Defense) Research Librarian, Douglas Dietrich, involving Japan's atomic bomb or Japan's bioweapons division or Japan's enormous blimps... properly convoluted.

STOP THE GAME, it's gone too far.

There are a taste of the flavours of THE GAME

THE (conspiracy) GAME we're all playing to keep the Corporate War afloat, to keep the bloodshed going. Do you know how much of your hard-earned wages goes on just fomenting wars in the name of PROFIT?

THE (paranoia) GAME we're all watching where one nation tries so hard to fuck another nation so hard it's embarrassing to the whole human legacy. These people might become members of your future families.

THE (fear) GAME where we're all complicit in each others ridiculously bigotted gookisation, the way we're all divided by race, creed and colour. They way we're all such intellectual pushovers, such brain-washed jerks, such cunts.

I can't really believe that ANY OF YOU want a world that is so fucking broken, so fatalistically cynical, so heartless.

Is a RISK'D TO DEATH WORLD in the name of some abstract immoral unlogical née stupid GAME that some 'players' say we should be playing really worth it?

Can you seriously look at your kids
when you come home from your jobs in the military
from your jobs in finance
from your jobs in churches and missionaries
when you come home from ruining some foreign business or country as part of your everyday mundane desk job
when you've assassinated some assigned target you didn't really know
when you've robbed a poor man of all his earnings via taxes and rent and rates
and say, "You know, boy. You know, girl. When you grow up, you'll follow your parents into The Human Torture Industry. You know, boy. You know, girl. They call us Humans an evolved species because, when we go to Heaven, God's waiting there to forgive us our sins. We're all forgiven, gratis, from day one. We can be as fucking evil and inconsiderate as we want in our chosen RISK role."

It's just a GAME, and we're pawns on the table. Remember that, son, daughter. Learn from my legacy.

Total Recall 2012 - Colin Farrell - OFFICIAL TRAILER

Oh, my Lordy, this looks like it's gonna be super-fun!

That was the full trailer for Total Recall (a remake of the Arnie/Verhoeven 1990 film) starring Colin Farrell; it's looking a 'bit' Bourne but that's a good thing. Did you eagle-eyed conspiracy nuts all notice that Rekall had been decked out like an East India Company opium den? Is Corporatism the new global drug? You better believe it.

Here's the so-called plot for the re-envisioned film (an August 2012 release) courtesy of evergreen do-it-yourself potentially-disinfo infosite WIKIPEDIA:

Euroamerica (formerly United States) and New Shanghai (formerly China) fight for political power in the far Fascist future. A simple factory worker suffering from violent nightmares (Farrell) begins to suspect that he's a spy whose memory and personality were erased and replaced -- though he is unaware which side of the fight he's on and how important his lost memories will be in its outcome. What matters to him the most is that he must team up with a young female freedom fighter (Biel) in order for both of them to change the political system in their own country, Euroamerica, which is currently controlled by Euroamerican President Vilos Cohaagen (Cranston) and his corrupt government.

Gosh, this makes me REALLY want to see the cinematic version of FLOW MY TEARS, THE POLICEMAN SAID, another PKD book.

Here's the TOTAL RECALL team (where this sneak peek trailer came from) at Comic Con in San Diego in August 2011, in case you missed the very interesting panel.

Notice they're using NWO red-flag terms like NEW WORLD, ffs.

Tech Radar - PS4 latest news - PS4 'Orbis'

yes, I'm sure this PS4 leaked concept is FAKE

Sony is yet to confirm the existence of the PS4 games console, but it exists out there somewhere - you can be sure of that.

The latest rumours suggest that Sony is calling the PS4 'Orbis'. This comes from a source speaking to Kotaku "who is not authorised to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information" with them before.

Assuming the Orbis name is accurate, it's still unclear whether the name is a codename like Durango or whether the console will literally be called the Sony PlayStation Orbis instead of the Sony PS4.

The name does make some kind of sense if you combine it with the word 'Vitae' (or Vita). Orbis Vitae translates from Latin as 'circle of life' and hints at some serious synergy between the PS4 and the PS Vita.

It could be a red herring, of course, but with the Vita already communicating fairly competently with the PS3, it seems highly likely that this will be the case. So what can we expect from the PlayStation 4?

and do you know what the real crime here is?

MOST OF THE GAMES WILL STILL BE SHIT, roundied up versions of that same old broken.a.i. cloth-less sex-less life-less dead-eyed stilted-scripted ridiculously biased and militaristically coercive Corporate War formula.

Enlist now, you fucking TERMINATOR-slaves.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

CIA/Bush Drug Ties, Weather Wars & Sonny Bono's Murder with Author Bob Fletcher

Woah, and woah.

Alex Jones is turning up some amazing whistleblowers (caveat needs reinforcing) of late: this most recent one is a film-maker called Bob Fletcher who used to own a TOY FACTORY that was used as a CIA Front Company for real nefarious nastiness involving drugs and war in the Bush era.

I love the way he talks about 'the same few people' being called up as assets for different covert jobs; the cosy little clique. And I understand how this can work, it's the exact same 'compartmentalised specialists cottage industry' that is the Games Industry or Hollywood.

this whole GCW or Global Corporate War is just crazy-mad and confirms my belief that only a NO MORE SECRETS approach to FPR or Free Planet Reality will help mankind shake this vampiric monkey of heinous inflationism off its back.

Someone suggested the the film TOYS (1992) was relevant to all this, and (it's so excessive, surreal and around the right date) I'd love to believe that.

Chakras are our gateway to the Stars?

We've all heard that Chakras are:

...believed to be a number of wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, exist in the surface of the subtle body of living beings. The chakras are said to be "force centers" or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation. Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.
Well, I'm going to connect the extra-dimensional 'wheel like vortices' of my Hertzan Chimera Units into the galactic mix.

Not only that, I'm going to expand that 'particle physics' idea out to:


And I mean by that, "As all our atoms were born of the sun, we should 'all' still have an intimate connection to our parent star, via our HC Units or Chakras."

And by this, I mean, "We should all be able to 'talk with the stars' at the relevant frequencies of our respective Chakras."

We should all be able to TALK TO THE STARS in other galaxies, other dimensions. Maybe this is what DREAMS are.

Speculation, open to the floor.

Free Planet novel - FIRST DRAFT complete

Three years in the preparation and just about six months in the writing, the Free Planet novel is at the stage where I'm happy to call it a FIRST DRAFT; currently at 72,000 words after culling some superfluous/clichéd alternative endings but confidently 77,000 words by the time I've rewritten, rejigged and reinforced certain chapters to my satisfaction.

Yes, the Free Planet novel's been through many iterations, many false starts, many narrative calamities and structural reworkings, but that's because THIS IS NOT AN EASY SUBJECT to deal with as either a writer or one of the seven billion sovereign individuals who are the Custodians of Free Planet.

You, me, all of us; it's our world and we have to protect it from PROFIT, from ASSET STRIPPING, from financial/intellectual ~ISMS or game playing RISK aka terror.

We have to explore REAL LOCAL SOLUTIONs to everyday problems on a global scale - we have to chaaange like no race has ever been asked to change.

Our first step to the stars.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Planet - NO MORE SECRETS - I just want some truth

fox games, what fun, right?
"Children play soldier, grown men die." anon

PROFIT is the root of all evil.
NEED TO KNOW intelligence agencies protect profits.
EVERYONE is a slave to this game.

For example, and you'll undoubtedly find evidence to counter this: "Special Liaison Officers" Group Captain F. W. Winterbotham in his 1974 book THE ULTRA SECRET claims Sir Winston Churchill (the second world war prime minister) SACRIFICED Coventry (potentially endangering the lives of 238,000 people) to Nazi bombing raids so that the Germans wouldn't know that UK had broken the Enigma code.

See, you're all just (treated as) pawns in a game, it's not right.

The only way I (personally) see this world encouraging the profit-makers, the global strategists, the petty asset-grabbing war-mongers to play a more Free Planet-friendly (Custodian) game is by taking their weapons away from them. And by this, I don't mean their pistols, their rifles, their missiles, their battleships and bombers; I mean their INTEL.

You'd imagine the seven billion inhabitants of Free Planet i.e. You The People, those who vote in your parliaments and congresses, those who allow lawyers to make laws for society to survive, those who protect their families and hope to build a future for their children's children, wanna, "Stop killing people to make profits," surely?

"Just how much of what we consider everyday/profit-crime on our streets is just chess pieces on the global NEED TO KNOW chess board gone a.w.o.l. or being effectively 'eliminated from the on-going game' for whatever arbitrary middle-management reason?"

Is it time to demand, for the protection of You The People, a Total Disclosure of all the files held by all government (or private) agencies: NO MORE SECRETS?

How about some of that TRUTH to give birth to a Free Planet?

Alex Jones - deep secrets of THE HUNGER GAMES exposed.

Alex Jones reviews THE HUNGER GAMES film based on the teen novels by Suzanne Collins, "It is 100% Agenda 21. And is our actual future. This is called Predictive Programming. Mega Cities and Gladiatorial Combat."

It's a Global Institutionalised version of the Japanese film Battle Royale. Remember the only-very-recent mainstream marketing of 'no holds barred' CAGE FIGHTING.

Alex mentions Re-Wilding, a basic tennet of my Free Planet novel to return the planet to a beautiful state. But, fear not, dear reader of Free Planet, mine is a MUCH BETTER and MUCH FAIRER terrible future world. Everyone gets to contribute, everybody has to embrace everyone. No one remains Elite, no government, no prisons, no cities, no need for 'countries', no need to pay to live. DO RIGHT BY still allows for Creativity, Passion and Kinship on a surviving planet.

And (as grim as the Free Planet novel becomes, as subversive the narrative twists and turns) I think you'll like my narrative resolution.

If Alex gets Suzanne Collins on the show, I'll update this blogpost with THAT video.  :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


BSoD or Blue Screen of Death
"Is there a 'mischievous ghost creator' in the GIG or Global Intelligence Game?"

On a security level, COMPARTMENTALISATION seems like a really good idea. This way T.H.E.Y. or The Hierarchy Controlling You can not only control who knows what about The Game but they can also limit the damage done by the opeartives in the game.

But it's a Garbage In, Garbage Out gameworld ... and what if there really is no T.H.E.Y.?

What, are you insane, Mike?

Everybody knows there are Fat Controllers, hefty businessmen and investors and money lenders who tell the world's leaders what to do and when to do it. They're the Cabal, the Elite, the Royals, call them what you will. The RISK Strategists. The CHESS Masters. The GAME Players. The Castle Dwellers, playing You The People for every tax dollar they can squeeze out of you. Total Global Domination of the planet the goal and the odds are stacked in their favour.

Or are they?

The classic Blue Screen of Death happens in a (computer) system when The Programming tries to deal with an error, divide by zero etc. In coding terms, until the error is fixed, it's likely to keep BSoDing on you when you least expect it. This is why the majority of a coder's time is taken up fixing his own code. We call these BSoD events 'non-shippable bugs', and no decent commercial product should ship with too many of them.

We all know that striving for Corporate Profit in a Capitalist/Consumerist/Communist environment of us vs them ensures that Secrecy in Private/Government affairs is paramount, hence COMPARTMENTALISATION.

We all realise NEED TO KNOW is an essential part of the Intelligence Game, "State your clearance, sonny?" and all that.

But what if The Global Intelligence Game (and it is just a game) is crucially flawed, every time it makes a critical decision to subvert or snuff out. These self-generated divide-by-zero BSoDs are then analysed as terrorist threats, or financial concerns, or political trends? What if the GAME these dedicated workers in the three-letter agencies, these proud mothers and fathers, these loyal sons and daughters, these protective patriots, is full of non-shippable bugs? And I'm not talking about foreign-agency infiltration or double agents, none of that James Bond nonsense.

I'm not even talking about False Flag Gladio-style terror operations here where war is waged against You The People to maintain a political status quo or contain/inflame a pontential uprise. I'm talking about the basic functionality of the GIG or Global Intelligence Game, whose sole purpose is to 'protect Private Interests from espionage by their ever-stalking rivals'.

Could we be witnessing the attribution of ENEMY STATUS to totally innocent parties in the CWC or Chinese Whisper Cells of the Global Intelligence Game? Could The For National/Corporate Profit Global Intelligence Game itself be the cause of all the 'crime' and all the unnecessary 'wars' in the world? I've expressed this before in the HAYWIRE post, but it's worth re-iterating here, again.

But it got me thinking, "Just how much of what we consider everyday/profit-crime on our streets is just chess pieces on the global NEED TO KNOW chess board gone a.w.o.l. or being effectively 'eliminated from the on-going game' for whatever arbitrary middle-management reason?"

Does the paranoid schizophrenic mecahanism of the NEED TO KNOW game actually invent its own worst enemies?

9/11 - the critical SEVENTEEN SECONDS delay

"Operation Mocking Bird, the CIA begins recruiting Mainstream Media to broadcast propaganda. On 9/11, the world sees the second aiplane strike the WTC, live, the Fox Helicopter footage," thus begins this youtube video from The Spaceman who hosts the 640 Toronto show A VIEW FROM SPACE.

And this connects to my resurrection as a NO PLANER. Ready? I didn't realise there was a seventeen-second disrepancy between the seismically-recorded impact time and the live-broadcast impact time of the second tower hit, when the digital plane pops out of the other side of the building.

SEVENTEEN SECONDS is the exact time-delay put on the live footage on that terrible day...

so, they're now gonna CHEMTRAIL space, too!

not happy with chemtrailing our lower atmosphere, NASA are starting a pilot scheme to chemtrails the upper reaches of the atmosphere to calculate the 'higher jetstream''s trajectory. Imagine if more Privatised Companies start offering their 'map the upper jetstream' services, it could lead to a FLOOD or should that be a FOGGING of all levels of our atmosphere with this aluminium powder.

To me, this is just 'more technological garbage littering space' and 'more toxic crap to fall back to earth'.

Clark C McClelland - S.C.O. Space Shuttle Fleet

Clark C McClelland (S.C.O. on Space Shuttle Fleet) wants to let you know about 8-9 foot 'entity', a UFO flying behind the space shuttle, and having to live on benefits.

Seems like this ex-NASA employee GOT SHAFTED and no longer has a pension to live on. Well, that's what you get when you come out with 'these stories' that try to 'debunk' what NASA is keeping secret from You The People.

Go figure.


In this archived Project Camelot interview from 2008, John Lear talks about many different things; the Living Moon, MJ12, Nibiru, 2012, UFO's  and Aliens, etc.. The interview starts off talking about when John was banned from ATS (Above Top Secret -forum) which he suggests is a CIA Clearing House. John also makes a convincing case against the 'official story' of REAL airplanes being used during the false flag of 9/11.

Part two, part three, part four.

The reason I haven't featured John Lear on Free Planet before is because of HIS MORE OUTLANDISH CLAIMS and HIS ONLINE REPUTATION, and he's not only a 'no planer' but also a HOLOGRAM PLANEs nut and we all know that's 'total bullshit', right? Don't we? Are we really sure? It's only recently that I've discovered (myself) how the Kill The Messenger game works, or at least Discredit The Messenger so that he looks like a fucking loon. Hence, here's all John (says he) knows about THE WHOLE GREAT CHESS GAME.

SPM or Strategic Perception Management ... it's connected to the hologram issue, and it harks back to the Stew Webb interview where he talks about Michael Riconosuito 'being able to bend light' to get PRO.m.i.s. software to upload/download database relevance. If you can 'bend light' than you can MAKE LIGHT APPEAR TO COME FROM ANY RANDOM TOPOLOGICAL SURFACE. You can make 'the most solid hologram, ever' and you can do it with sound, too. And even scent, why not?

Lear reveals himself to be a (space beam) Molecular Disassociationist, which is fine (even though it contradicts Mditri Khalezov's 150 kt deep underground vertical-pressure nuked WTC) because it still gets to the 80 microns steel dust, that's foot-deep dust composed of WTC steel, all 200,000 tonnes of it.

Make up your own minds, people. Ask more questions of EVERYTHING, EVERYONE.

if, after the last 4 or 5 hours of John Lear's Project Camelot testimony, you can't get enough of this of this crap already, why not sit there for another hour and a half and put yourself through this 'never before seen' group meeting where Lear and Bob Lazar talked about Groom Lake, his work there and the UFOs' technical aspect.

Anyone else thinking MK Ultra, or otherwise 'directed' narrative -  I like the way Lazar keeps forgetting the SECOND PART of the question. Like, once he has a request, he downloads but blanks the irrelevant (second) part like it's too much to store both parts.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mike Philbin talking Free Planet novel on Truth Frequency Radio.

it's been a year or two since I was last invited onto Chris & Sheree's TRUTH FREQUENCY radio show out of Texas, USA.

The subject of Monday 26th March's Truth Frequency LIVE SHOW, my hour and a half segment, was "Free Planet" - both the blog (I've been blogging since 2005), and the novel (I'm 75,000 words into it, and approaching a searing climax).

Last night's show was another great opportunity to remind the waking populace of this delicate near-Corporate War-ruined homeworld that, if you want it (a Free Planet) it'll be more likely to exist. But it was also a great time to realise, this is not My Free Planet, this is a Free Planet that belongs to all of us, all seven billion sovereign individuals. The Custodians, The People.

"Do right by Free Planet," is all you need to keep in mind.

If we start to SEE OUR WORLD as if it already is a Free Planet. If we run the Free Planet simulation in our heads. If we explore the ideas of Creativity, Passion and Kinship. We'll come to the conclusion that it's really something we want. Keep saying it, "Free Planet, free planet," and it will come.

Here's a direct-listen link of the podcast of Mike Philbin talking Free Planet novel on Truth Frequency Radio.

BBC - Timewatch - Operation Gladio - Dmitri Khalezov Week.

Here's Alex Jones rattling on about the defunkt-in-1990 Operation Gladio that ran riot across Europe since the late 1940's, performing mind-altering 'strategy of tension' events where You The People are ruthlessly targeted by 'clandestine terror cells' until you demand a 'fascist police state' response from your 'elected goverments'.

It could never work, right?

Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, Operation Gladio reveals Gladio, the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe.  
This BBC series is about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups.  
Known as stay-behinds these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion.  
Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies.

There are some internet conspiracists out there who suggest that anti-Communist-inspired Gladio-style false flag terrorist operations did not end in 1990. Some have attributed the Beirut bombing, the Bali bombing, London 7/7, Madrid 11/3, New York 9/11 to these 'stay behind' groups. Who really knows, this is a War Against You The People, you don't think T.H.E.Y.'re going to come out and admit it, yet, do you?

I'm mentioning Gladio here as it ties in with Dmitri Khalezov Week on Free Planet. Dmitri claims the Freemasons, and the P2 Lodge specifically, are the ones who put together 9/11. He even promised to name the MASTERMIND behind 9/11, but Dmitri hasn't been heard of since Spring of 2011. An update suggests he's in hiding, safe.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm just collating content for a STORY. A sick, insane, vomit-inducing story.

it's gonna lead to fucking deaths

Wow, this guy calmly parked his car on the side of the road and LET RIP on camera about the BIG FUCKING MONEY SCHEME he calls "Government".

And thank goodness he painted with a BROAD BRUSH, and I mean by that this doesn't appear to be some Party Political Broadcast for either the Red Team or the Blue Team in the GREAT CHESS GAME of Corporate War against You The People.

And while I've got your attention, consider this GANG RAPE message from the same concerned citizen. Beautiful, fella. Beautiful.

"First you have to get angry," NETWORK  1976.

Nuked WTC's Dmitri Khalezov was on the NO PLANES band-wagon early.

I hadn't realised (or maybe I was BLANKING IT because I'd yet to become an official 9/11 No Planer) when I first did my 9/11 investigations, that '150 kt underground nuked WTC-proponent' Dmitri Khalezov had NO PLANES as a central core issue in his earliest expression of the Ground Zero event/redefinition piece ... whatever 9/11 eventually turns out to be.

Below is part two of twenty-six about the nuked WTC but I specifically want to draw your attention to Dmitri's technical claim that, "A sub-sonic aluminium plane CAN NOT penetrate 2-inch-thick steel," and this is whether you believe the WTC designer Frank A. DeMartini who says the WTC can accept multiple hits from jet liners, acting like a 'mosquito net for a pencil'.

"It does nothing to the screen netting" UNQUOTE... i.e. the exterior columns WON'T be sliced through by an aluminium plane, i.e. the section steel-columnar design of the WTC would act like a CHEESE GRATER on anything so soft as a commercial airliner.

The WTC designer's words are still valid, it's just that a sub-sonic cylindrical aluminium projectile will not penetrate even tank armour at one inch thickness of steel. And the velocity of the armour-piercing projectile needs to be THREE or FOUR times the speed of sound. So, something should have melted off, or fallen off, the outside of the building.

Here's a link to my Feb 2011 piece on Dmitri Khalezov that has the full 26-part PLAYLIST.

Also, if we remember the phone call from Kevin Michael Kosgrove on the 106th floor of the WTC as it comes down, if he's ABOVE the 100th floor, then he wouldn't be CRUSHED by the rising pressure wave from the 'alleged' 150 kt deep underground nuclear explosion Dmitri Khalezov says brought down WTC 1, and 2, and 7. What's that 'strange interference' boiling sound for a few seconds before the building collapses??? Man, this is 'reliving the nightmare' all over again. And I'll do it, until the culprits are caught. Until there are NO MORE SECRETS.

There's a 'very interesting' consequence of the GRANIT missile hitting the Pentagon in the THE ONLY PLACE THEY CAN SOURCE IT is the sunken Kursk submarine, upon which were 21 other Granit missiles. Which means there are 21 other 500 kt NUCLEAR WARHEADS hanging around in the world. And funny that part 18 of 26 mentions a "nuclear explosion taking place in LONDON" certainly with this being 2012 i.e. Olympics Games London year.

PS: Dmitri Khalezov seems to have 'fallen off the face of the planet' somewhere in Spring of 2011.

Mr Wifi Stalker - Dream about 'Southport Zoo'.

this morning, for no apparent reason, I had a dream about Southport Zoo (closed in 2005, I've just discovered).

The best way I can describe this is to say, "Congratulations, guys. I got your projected message about 'Southport Zoo'. It was was vivid and memorable. And the sign SOUTHPORT ZOO stood out real nice in the projected message."

Tonight, I'd like a dream about a Free Planet where your Corporate War Game has come to an end and it's not essential to 'bug people with wifi technology' all the time to reinforce your Consumerist/Capitalist Agenda.

I'd like a dream about seven billion people sharing the same dream about a profit-stripped world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship, night after night, until they GET IT. Until they understand that war is just a consequence of PROFIT, that crime is just a consequence of PROFIT. Please, Mr Wifi Stalker can you project THIS UPLIFTING DREAM out to your subscribed audience and give them hope that they're not just wage slaves, rent slaves, debt slaves. Could you?

Appreciated. Thanks.

terraforming Mars with trees, plants and veggies?

you hear (from Science Fiction novels/films) of planets being terraformed, this means readying a planet's atmosphere and a planet's biosphere for HUMAN INVASION/OCCUPATION.

Sorry to put it in such blunt terms.

I'm not even going to go into all the clever engineering processes and global warming (ironically) solutions that have been suggested for how to terraform Mars.

I'm just going to say, "Mars' eleven-mile-high atmosphere consists of 95% CO2 and trees, plants and veggies LOOOOOOVE CO2."


Sunday, March 25, 2012

DutchSinse - HAARP rings/Scalar Squares, Volcanic Plumes, Man made earthquakes - Stanford vindicated

DutchSinse, if you haven't heard about him, has been hammering away at his HAARP rings/Scalar Squares, Volcanic Plumes, Man made earthquakes youtube vids for years, mostly in (dogged) isolation, often having his youtube account DELETED with no notice. He appears to have happened across major vindication of his concern in the form of a published paper from Stanford University that deals with 'just this subject'.

Here's a link to the PDF version of the Stanford paper, from 2008.

Page 2, section 2, subsection 11 clearly states the types of geometric patterns that are projected into the sky from the ground based HF (high frequency) station heater.... used to HEAT the lower ionosphere .. producing the typical patterns we have been seeing on RADAR which induce severe weather ... (his) Scalar Squares = (their) Square Wave, stairstep pattern = sawtooth pattern , and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep.

CONTAINS MAJOR REVELATIONS: about the March 20th 7.9 mag Mexico earthquake, aka pre-advertised DRILL.

ASIDE: I'm just thinking out loud (and have no care to provide an evidential basis for my claim) here because most of what seems to MAKE THIS WORLD GO ROUND has deep connection to the PIS or "Property Insurance Scam", and wouldn't the ability to control (or redirect) 'natural storms' that destroy peoples property thus adding to their premiums post-settlement be a great way to make more money, per year, every year? And by PIS, I'm thinking about World Trade Centre double indemnity settlement, Dead Peasant Insurance and the sunken Titanic. What a sick fucking world.

Additional material:
here's his UBER FAMOUS haarp-redirected storm video from August 2011.


when something looks "too good to be true" it normally is. When did you forget that, and what am I talking about?


This could be the most wonderful, most convoluted and most complex of the barage of Contemporary Psy-ops against You The People.

And (a conspiracy nut like me) why do I say this?

Well, I mentioned this (in anger) in ADDENDUM 3: of yesterday's (severely cracked mirror of) Project Camelot's "Stew Webb interview" post. And there might even be 'some truth' buried within the (I'm sure genuine) testimony of many of the revealed 'whistleblowers', all of them. But one thing sticks out in all their testimony, they all seem to go mental.


And by this I mean, they let themselves and their blown whistle down. They have personal preferences, and these are reflected in the EXTRA INFORMATION they share along with the sound of their blown whistle. They plump for ESOTERIC EMBELLISHMENTS to their dirty-hands revelations. You hear terms like UFOs or GATES TO MARS or UNIFIED SPIRITUAL CONNECTEDNESS or simple stuff like BENDING A BEAM OF LIGHT or TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND CHINESE SOLDIER ROBOTS AWAITING DEBOXING IN USA TO EFFECT MARTIAL LAW spilling from their blabbering mouths, in all earnestness.

They say little things too, or reveal 'tantalising heresay' that should be SENDING UP RED FLAGS for You The Believer, You The Misdirected, You The Corporate Slave. Whistleblowers can't seem to help themselves, can't seem to STAY ON POINT; the lure of self-ridicule seems too delicious.

"Look over here!" spits the whistleblower to his own reflection, a self-distraction technique that's as old as MAGICAL DECEPTION itself, the professional mind thief pulls the coin from behind his own ear; steals his own wrist watch. It's all in the aikido/origami-like tactical sleight of hand where the enemy is distracted or off-balanced so that you can do your best to fall into the trap.

There's an implicit FISHED-IN-NESS to the whole schtick of the Whistleblower Operative, and it might be (un)intentional on most of their parts, and their handlers KNOW THIS. Whistleblowers are just people, are just PATTERN FINDERS, and mostly AMATEURS at the level of deception they appear to be revealing. In espionage terms, I bet whistleblowers are known as a SAFE BET - and if they're not, eliminate. Your common-or-garden whistleblower, though his intention may be nothing but benevolent, seems to have had this 'internal dialogue' prior to blowing the whistle, or even during subsequent whistleblowing sessions, to try to justify or otherwise convince themselves that their sacrifice is WORTHY, that  the revelations they are sharing from their cropped-off-closet in the compartmentalised NEED TO KNOW game have BASIS.

But NO ONE REALLY KNOWS. No one really has BASIS. This is the clear & present danger of even LEGITIMATE whistleblowers, they don't really know.

By comparison, those PSYCHOPATHS who've been interviewed for senior posts in the GCG or Global Control Grid (those who actually know what's going on at that level) are far too compromised or fat too brutally ruthlessly insanely perfect for their jobs they will NEVER spill their guts. Okay, they might even be just Loyal to their Company and would Never Dare Risk ruining their own lives by shooting their mouths off on a 'technicality', a glitch of the System. Why should they spill their guts, kill their own CASH COW?  That would be even more insane.

Believe me, I'm a fiction writer; I know how the narrative mind game works.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breitbart - LifetimeTV Sexualizes 'Topless' 8 Year Old Girls

SICK, SICK, SICK.....   

with news that there's a paedo-ring being investigated here in Oxford, is it any surprise with LIFETIME's "Dance Moms" pulling a "Topless Showgirls For Minors" stunt like this? Or to put it another way, quoting the first comment there on the Breitbart page that hosted this story:

Today, it's Lifetime
Then they graduate to Girls Gone Wild
then it's poledancicng
then it's meth
then they become Democrat voters

"You can't have me, you can't afford me ... it's crotch, boobs," struts dance teacher and serial chocolate chomper Abby Lee Miller.

Anonymous - William Shake-Speare - Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

it's not necessarily a 'film analysis' post, but, in passing, and having watched, last night, the Roland Emmerich adaptation of the 'authorship question' concerning one William Shake-Speare, namely the film ANONYMOUS.

I mean, we're talking about the German film writer/director who brought us Stargate (which totally rewrote Ancient Egyptian History for consumerist mass market entertainment purposes) and Independence Day (which, five years prior to 9/11, showed a TOP DOWN (space beam) demolition of a New York skyscraper).

So, it was with a certain modicum of trepidation at the historical-butchery-about-to-ensue that I watched ANONYMOUS, last night. And it was only after I'd watched the Extras that I realised this is a much BIGGER subject than we hear about here in UK. Appears there's quite an American Oxfordian movement to have the 17th Earl of Oxford re-instated or attributed/identified as The Bard, you know rather than the Stratfordians or the Baconians or the Marlowethians.

Oxfordian movement and political playwright reminds this blogger of the 2nd Earl of Rochester, aka The Libertine, but that's another story.

Emmerich's film ANONYMOUS is basically based on a 1920's-released book SHAKESPEARE IDENTIFIED by an English schoolteacher J Thomas Looney claiming such; it was convincing but not well filmed, stilted; accented somehow.

Here's a playlist of a very interesting and in-depth speech from 1995 by a 'devout Oxfordian' i.e. one of those who are convinced that 'William Shake-Speare' had to have been 'nobility' not 'some actor from Stratford upon Avon', on the Edward de Vere subject.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Driven to drink - beer and gin - cynical duty.

it's not like it's a NEW PHENOMENON, the UK are a nation of Drunkards.

We've always loved a good drink, in UK.

And governments have known this for centuries: if you put a nation under enough stress, it'll turn to drink. It's like with broadband internet, it becomes just another lovely way to enhance Consumerism.

Another new gadget: so, alcoholism (and Marlboro Man tobacco-ism) seriously damages the human body and is addictive, SO FUCKING WHAT?

It's not like any government cares what you do with your body, you're free to do with it what you will, it just cares about getting its Duty; it's slice of your life, healthy or broken.

Now, you might think this is a cynical remark, and it is - we're supposedly living in a Democracy that encourages  a supposed Free Market where demand 'should' drive down price. I mean, THAT'S THE FUCKING IDEA of Free Market. If more people wanna buy an item/service, the price drops. That's why we have a Monopolis and Mergers Commission, so that one Corporate Entity doesn't fix the price for any item/service.

Govt Moves On Minimum Price For Alcohol is a version of a cynical monopoly, in the same way that VAT is a cynical monopoly, in the same way that Corporations Complicitly Price Fixing is a monopoly. It's just about getting taxes/benefit from You The Consumers who are buying 'things they don't really need'. Yeah, right, they 'don't really need' these items but there's a massive advertising campaign for these 'things you don't need' and eventually, you'll think you need them.

Look at the personal-surveillance tool, the Mobile Phone. Soon, everyone will need one, by law. It'll be your direct link with Global Gov - but you can't see that. That's too 1984, right?  We're already there. The point of this is, Humanity is Broken when it Turns To Drink. Minimum price will never curb drinking, as increased price of cigarettes never curbed smoking.

If there's a burgeoning market for any item/service, Free Market forces suggest the price should be going down, not going up!

LIVER DISEASE UP 25%?  Obesity up? Heart attacks up? Cancer up? What's really causing all that? Eh?


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creation Press - Red Hedz, 1989 - fraud accusations and class action lawsuit website

in 1989, I had my first novel RED HEDZ (out of print) published by James Williamson aka Julian Hallett and his Creation Records crew, brought to the book shelves via their Creation Press imprint based in Clerkenwell Road.

This is a 40,000 words short-sharp-shock novel I wrote about a figurative artist whose psycho-sexual paintings 'come to life' and LOVE HIM A LITTLE TOO HARD.

It was a folly, an absurdist one-hander, a chucklesome 'love is pain, begging for death' stream of unconsciousness. I saw Williamson with his new book RAISM from his new company on the old Anthony Wilson Art show on TV in UK late one night, phoned them up the next day and was published as their third title, if memory serves, a couple of months later. I really only wanted to get my psycho-sexual paintings on the covers of books.

I did intend to write follow-ups to Red Hedz and have them published by Creation Press but the relationship never went any further.

Looks like I AVOIDED A BLARING JUGGERNAUT, as there's quite a verbal (legal) backlash from Creation Press's more recent stable of authors who claim they've been RIPPED OFF by the erstwhile Havoc who now resides in Thailand (well, that's where his company is based for tax purposes) and he's allegedly 'resident in Japan'. LOL, that old chestnut.

Looks like the angry mob of writers who constructed the CREATION PRESS FRAUD website are chomping at the bit to Class Action Lawsuit Williamson's ass or otherwise legally nail his ass to the fucking wall. Here are some 'choice cuts' from the wall of anger:

"Creation Books/James Williamson stole my intellectual property and never compensated me… [and] stole the intellectual property of the estate of Georges Bataille as well… James Williamson threatened to sue me for libel because I complained… The research that went into my translations was extensive, it took years to complete and I spent thousands of dollars of my own money consulting with experts in the field. I would like to see James Williamson brought to justice."
- Professor Mark Spitzer, translator of Divine Filth: Lost Writings Of Georges Bataille
The University of Central Arkansas, United States

"I have never received royalties or any account documentation from Creation Books and after years of hounding James Williamson to honour… our original agreement, I have simply been told that he cannot afford to pay me… [My] book took four years to research and complete - a process that personally cost me thousands of pounds."
- Ben Cobb, author of Anarchy and Alchemy: The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky
Editor, Another Man magazine, United Kingdom

"Creation are in breach [of my book contract]… I have no records of having received any hard copy statements or royalties… My estimation is that Creation will have sold at least 5,000 copies in ten years… [around] £27,657 made by Creation, less their production costs."
- Jane Giles, author of Criminal Desires: Jean Genet and Cinema
The British Film Institute, United Kingdom

There are some images of Williamson on that website and, 1989 is such a long time ago, I don't even remember if Williamson EVER looked that angelic, that cute. Crazy world.

PS: if James/Julian is reading this, I would like that oil on wallpaper psycho-sexual painting I sent for the cover of his novel Satanskin (before he opted to go with the 'rubbish tattoo cover art') to be returned to me. It had the same tocamera format as this image (below), but with three lovers carressing, ripping and vomiting each other up, not one on the toilet having an 'art poo'. LOL.


I didn't sleep very well last night, lay awake in the middle of the night wondering how to frame this morning's post. Well, bollocks to that, life's too short. Too short for too many of us. Especially if we have 'something wrong with our poo'.

But before I get into it, here's a nostalgic interlude from the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy a rap group who use MK Ultra word-melding and put together the excellent homage to the public-reading prowess of William S Burroughs, SPARE ASS ANNIE (and other tales). Yeah, rap's relevant:

Yesterday, two very strange things happened to your humble blogger in life's sick joke of a soap.

1) I learned more about the BIO-WAR, WEATHER-WAR.
I'll use the asexual monicker Actor Arrenay, RNA-geddit(?), based on a bio-geneticist character in my 2006-republished novel Twilight's Last Gleaming, to talk about this person I met, quite by accident yesterday, and spent far too long talking to, when I should have been racing off to do things more important, more domestic.

Actor Arrenay had a soft American accent, and claimed to be an adopted Rothschild(!) Claimed to have worked in the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR. Claimed that Jacques Brel, John Lennon, Dr David Kelly, Alexander Litvinenko, JFK, 2001 mad cow disease, 2001 foot and mouth disease, 2001 9-11 anthrax attacks and Porton Down are connected to the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR. Claimed that HAARP is connected to the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR. Claimed that he had/has documentation of his involvement in the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR going back to the mid-70's.

I'm just standing there wishing all these people would stop gawping at us as Actor Arrenay says, "I got this chip in my head. I think you get them at the barbers. I can't get MI5 or MI6 or any MP to take up my case. I killed one million people, from my end of the operation, my Sector."

I'm physically shaking, nodding my head sympathetically, wondering when Actor Arrenay's just gonna lose it and smash me over the head with the held bottle of vodka. I start to ask question after question, my heart is literally palpitating, thinking, 'Scoop of the century. Scoop of the century.' Yeah, I realise Actor Arrenay could be 'just another medicated lonely nut', I mean IT'S OBVIOUS. I realise that, as PATTERN FINDING DEVICES, we're more inclined to hear what we want to hear. I get that.

2) I became an official no-planer.
And I don't feel at all WELL, this morning. I'm still not sure I 'like' being a no-planer. Not because it puts me in the tinfoilhat brigade. But because the IMPLICATIONS of accepting no-planes as a truth are truly MUCH WORSE than accepting that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

Okay, so some people fly planes into four locations (fourth one failed) that's bad enough. But when T.H.E.Y. hire a green-screen Avid professional to fly in a mainstream newscopter to ensure a recorded LIVE HIT by a digital plane on a bombed building where an Israeli art team have been setting up the pyrotechnics for the well-scripted TV event called THE 9/11 SHOW that's just too many global agencies involved.

I'd seen September Clues and In Plane Sight which first propounded the NO PLANER ideas, which I rejected because it looked like heresay. The Great American Psy-Op however tells WHY the no-planer idea (and the nuked wtc) stand up to critical scrutiny in a way that NO OTHER DOCUMENTARY has done.

"And why is this any worse than just 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB?" well because of the mainstream media complicity in a no-planes agenda, they aren't so implicated if it's just 'some planes filmed hitting some buildings'. It's REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLY insidious. If true. And that's what's truly scary about this documentary. It just might be true.

PS: don't forget those PUT options... what'd be the point in orchestrating Put Options (which would drive down the price of the implicated airlines shares once the news got out, and it got out) when NO PLANES were used? Collateral Damage on the airlines accused, were they otherwise compensated? Maybe it was just a glitch, an illogical move on the chess table, from the PRO.M.I.S. tactical software?

As soon as you look at what happened on September 11th 2001 as a NO PLANER event, you have to reassess EVERYTHING that's happened since, because it's broken by this simple 'catch'. It's all too clever for its own good, iff NO PLANES.

PPS: don't forget the 9/11 ANTHRAX letters - that may have just been a 'whistleblower' event to highlight the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toulouse asset siege under way?

black scooter asset from THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM (2007)

what do we really know about who is doing/did the heinous murders in Toulouse?

Currently, a 24 years old man, named as Mohammed Merah, of Algerian origin, is involved in a siege situation in Toulouse, right now. The man had previously been arrested in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2010 claiming that he was an Al Qeada operative. 'Arrested in Afghanistan' might mean TORTURED while in custody. And we all know that TORTURE is used to 'put information in' rather than get truth out.

Meanwhile, SkyNews is reinforcing the myth by claiming that these murders are in revenge for the innocents murdered (by Israel) in Palestine and they're reminding You The People that, "The perpetrators of the September 11th 2001 event were also Salaafist members," and they're also reminding people that this could be the first wave of a potential London Olympics terror campaign that will leave the UK under martial law. There's a French presidential election on the way, Le Pen's Front National are really making the most of this home grown terrorist event. Mohammed Merah is reported as using a GoPro video camera recommended by Anders Brevik in his manifesto.

Wow, really?  All that, tied together? In a couple of hours, just like on 9/11? Very neat, very clean, "Never let a good crisis go to waste," eh?

Anyway, one imagines this Toulouse siege is EXACTLY what the public retirement of a CIA covert asset might look like. An image of the explosion of the hide-out of the 'terrorists' connected with the 2004 Madrid bombings just flashed into my head - footage below.

Something will happen this afternoon, once this guy gives himself up. Reinforcements arrive to spirit him away? Distraction to allow for safe escape of accomplice? Who really knows? Logically, nobody would PUBLICITY MASS-MURDER like this in the same locality over the course of a few days unless they a) really wanted to be caught or b) were under strict political operational orders.

World gone haywire: Lee Harvey Oswald; a clean (public) kill.

Day Later Update: siege over in the afternoon, accused dead in a hail of bullets. Have we just witnessed Police State 'trial by 30-man assassination squad'? If anything sticks to you, whether legitimate or framed, whether covert asset or commited jihadist, you're shot like a dog by your government? No legal process? Is this our future? Are we happy with that?


As evidenced by Sarkozy's manic response to this 'event', "Anyone who regularly consults Internet sites which promote terror or hatred or violence will be sentenced to prison," he told a campaign rally in Strasbourg, in eastern France. "What is possible for pedophiles should be possible for trainee terrorists and their supporters, too." [source MSNBC]

Oh, and in case you think such a BURNED ASSET story is bullshit, watch this: then we'll talk.

all soldiers are broken, victims of torture, recovering psychotics

in a legal case of murder there's a plea of DIMINISHED RESPONSIBLITY due to 'mental state' or 'drug affliction' or 'gonorrhea infection' etc...


Drill Sergeants get INFORMATION/ORDERS INTO soldiers so they'll go against their own moral training, they'll jump when told to. Torture, of the military candidate's mind, makes him/her think that WHAT HE/SHE'S DOING IS ALRIGHT.

Every soldier on the field of battle or every person connected with an invasion force (even if that's an office role) is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, not because of any legal definition (laws of war), especially if they're made extra-insane extra-mind-fucked by anti-psychotic drugs/injections they're made to take as part of their posting, but because they're in a state of mental instability in the war zone.

You can't put a soldier (and you shouldn't actually have War Trials) because the people engaged in war are LEGALLY INSANE for the duration of their service. They've been TORTURED by their Basic Training to be mentally unstable. They're (failed) recovering psychotics with every day they spend in enemy territory, on point.

The resultant Ptsd of such horse-breaking drill-torture shows through when the soldier has to try to reintegrate him/herself back into civi's.

Why do parents put their children through THAT?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan Whistle Blowers Come Clean!

please take time out of your AUSTERITY ECONOMIES to enjoy this wonderful rantorial from Michael Rivero of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.

"You don't make a $1,000,00 a year, you're scum," so says the head of Goldman Sachs suggests Mike Rivero. Wow, scum? You The People are scum(?) for not selling THE WHOLE OF THE WORLD down the toilet, for profit? That makes you scum? Jee-Zus.

Dick Gregory, arrested alongside George Clooney, talking about 9/11 and Ron Brown murder and....

...literally, all kinds of stuff.

15:00 onwards, he received a phone call from a 'good friend' on September 10th 2001, "Don't spend the night in New York tonight," you understand the implications, right?

And, according to Jones's editorial enhancement of Dick Gregory's testimony, Kondoleeza Rice warned San Francisco mayor Willy Brown to stay out of New York on September 11th 2001. Among other chiefs of staff who cancelled flights on 9/11. And the Nebraska military base where CEOs who were invited by Warren Buffet a week before 9/11.

"Warren Buffet owned the flight schools where the 9/11 hijackers were trained," adds Gregory, "You didn't know that, did you?"

Jones goes, "No. I didn't," shocking!

Monday, March 19, 2012

AL Manar - Franklin Lamb in Beirut - violations of US Arms Export Control laws by Israel

Franklin Lamb in Beirut, writing in Al Manar reports on violations of US Arms Export Control laws by Israel.

“An intern and I decided, almost for amusement, to count violations of US Arms Export Control laws by Israel between the date of ACEA enactment, 1976, through last month and we estimated more than 2.5 million violations if we applied the law given the legislative history and intent of Congress at the time of its passage. We based that figure on our estimation of each individual violation of the act as well as of the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act. It could be firing a US 155 mm artillery shell, various missiles, bombs, rockets and of course cluster munitions. For example, were Israel brought before a Court, the prosecutors would surely argue that each cluster booklet dropped on Lebanon in 2006 was a separate violation plus the two million estimated dropped during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and during the 1978, 1993 and 1996 invasions. Add to this figure Israel’s records of violating US Arms export laws in Gaza, the West Bank and Syria and the true number is surely several million violations. Essentially all committed with impunity.”

Remember, everything on the internet is a potential distributed psy-op propagated for your subversion and subjugation to the CAPITALIST DOLLAR or INVESTOR DIVIDEND or CORPORATE PROFIT.

It's the law of Social Networking, slave.

BONUS MATERIAL: Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer (still) believes Americans 'have elections' and are 'free' ... corporate-fascist mentality, much?

Fukushima used to create 3D sky projector for Project Bluebeam.

A couple of days ago, I wrote a blogpost about the advantage of attacking THE CANCER VIRUS (that's widely dispersed in the human population) with radiation from nuclear power plant accidents like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima to enhance the virus's mutative properties and bring an end to MOST OF YOU in one fell (eugenics) swoop.

They plan to do this (according to the paranoid theory) by letting all the decrepit and beyond salvage nuclear power plants around the world just ROT and spill their radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere - job done.

Well, another conspiratorial contender for the use of leaks from rotting (or espionaged) nuclear facilities, such as Daichi's Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan has 'stepped up to the plate'.

In the following video by Dutchsinse (what they call a Professional Chemtard) the theory is postulated, "Fukushima fallout decays into BARIUM and STRONTIUM = 3D IMAGING by military".

Dutchsinse suggests that a lot of the material from the Fukushima plant will decay into other elements such as Barium and Strontium! and posts this link to 3-D Holographic Display Using Strontium Barium Niobate as evidence that chemtrail-like Fukushima-explosion decay materials (such as barium and strontium) in the air can be used to create Project Bluebeam, or ALIEN INVASION / THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST / FOOL ME TWICE technology for the total intergalactic-mind control conquest of the human spirit (or Ronald Reagan's 'cohesive event' that will merge mankind's soul) in the name of Rampant and Glaring Commercialism.

Deep breath, deep breath.

Never happen, though if they do get this to work, please let them upload 247 365 AZTEC HEART PORN to our chemtrail blistered skies.

Please, god.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

CORPORATE PROFIT and campaign backhanders, that's why.

why are no politicians talking about freeing the privately-held patents to science?

why are no politicians talking about local ethical technologically-ethical solutions to food and water, shelter and sewage?

why are no politicians talking about closing all prisons, ending all wars.

because politicians aren't thick, they've mostly been to college or they've heard a version of the truth from enough NEED TO KNOW operatives that they are well aware we all live on a Debt-based Prison Planet, a GPG or Global Prison Gulag.

whereas what humanity wants, i.e. REALLY REALLY WANTS, is a Creativity, Passion and Kinship-based Free Planet.

Ask them. Ask the masses what they want? Stop drilling home the globalist agenda. Stop brainwashing our children with Kony2012 presentations in our schools.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free Planet - modern cities must crumble - no longer too big to fail

the modern city came about to facilitate the First Industrial Revolution...

...a period from the 18th to the 19th century where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and transport had a profound effect on the socioeconomic and cultural conditions starting in the United Kingdom, then subsequently spreading throughout Europe, North America, and eventually the world. The onset of the Industrial Revolution marked a major turning point in human history; almost every aspect of daily life was eventually influenced in some way. [source WIKIPEDIA]

There was a Second Industrial Revolution...
also known as the Technological Revolution, (that) was a phase of the Industrial Revolution in the period 1820-1914 that saw rapid industrial development in Western Europe (Britain, Germany, France, the Low Countries, Denmark), the United States (Northeast and Great Lakes) and, after 1870, in Japan. [source WIKIPEDIA]

But wikipedia seriously needs to fill in its Third Industrial Revolution stub that deals with the technological liberation of Free Planet. And it's not even a new idea: it's happened already. It's called the Free Internet. Okay, modern corporations are finding it hard to generate vast revenue from their online propaganda services but that's NEVER been the point of this free global idea sharing utility designed to survive a nuclear war.

Unfortunately, no one told the billions of people still living/working in modern cities that they don't even need to live or work in these Modern Cities that, for centuries, have been treated as 'too big to fail' industrial centres with constant repair bills and managerial overheads. Most of the people working in the industries that service this sharing of intellectual property (a travesty to patent, when sharing is more beneficial to Free Planet) really should be 'off shore' or at least 'outside the sprawling urban megalopolises' that our once-tight industrial cities have inflated into. All these suffering people, all of whom have access to the internet, should be working on their own creations from a beautiful place they love.

There are many ways to counteract optical-non-connectivity for broadband - the military are already using a satellite-based internet - why can't we 'confiscate that for the communal good of mankind' and use it to live (and work) where we want?

And, you realise I'm not a big fan of wasting human blood, sweat and tears on the Corporate War Machine. Ban all corporations, I say, certainly disallow Corporate Entities to run riot as they have been on this planet in the last fifty years. Deny Corporations their FAKE PERSON rights. Do you really want to vote a Corporation into political power? It's just round the corner if we're not careful custodians of our Free Planet.

And, you realise I'm not a big fan of 'working for the man' i.e. working for a corporation using your skill for some worthless fucking product you'd rather crush with your shoe than pay good money for.

And, you realise I'm not a big fan of 'money' i.e. debt-based funding of arbitrary value as set/abused by a so-called free-market in the name of PROFIT and CORPORATE ESPIONAGE.

And, for those who've recognised the source for the blog image, this is not about LIFE AFTER HUMANS, this is about technologically-enhanced life after modern cities are allowed to crumble and real, planet-wide freedom is returned to mankind.

Hell, I'll lay it right on the line.

We can minimise criminality in one fell swoop by having a concensus on 'which parts of our historical heritage we don't want to demolish' and afterwards returning family groups to a more tribal way of living where everyone has a role and everyone has fundamental value to the Diversitiy. No one can be carried through life, certainly not by a feudal justice system. We need to re-learn to love and respect the place where we live; we need that connectedness to our planetary source re-connected.

Once ethical energy, clothing, food, water and sanitation needs are catered for by the Free Planet manifesto, real existence can finally be explored on this slave planet; as it is today.

FREE THE SLAVES and CRUSH THE CITIES e.g. evacuate the cities and just let nature do what it does best; replenish, re-wild.

this is like the freakiest 'sans lunettes' 3D vision system you'll ever see

Francois Vogel demonstrates a new technology for viewing 3D TV without glasses! This system simulates 3D Active Shutter Glasses by using special connectors that blink one eye, then the other, very rapidly.

Jonathan Post hopes to have a final version for CES 2012.

PS: those boys in post production really know how to take the piss.

Where is Sabina Eriksson M6 Motorway Madness Killer - MKULTRA - Super Strength Soldier?

There's a 'standard safety briefing' sequence in the James Cameron-scripted film Avatar where 'Colonel Quarritch' talks about how the indigenous Na'Vi (blue monkeys) have bones 'reinforced with naturally-occuring carbon fibre, they are very hard to kill'.

And it reminded me of the case of near-indestructible twins Ursula and Sabine (shown above) Eriksson, who were filmed in 2008 by a BBC documentary film crew on the M6 motorway in England being run over in the fast lane. Both of them. Not once, but twice! And showing very little in the way of injuries for their efforts.

I don't know. It could have been a strange Mass Mind Control hoax done by the BBC, or this pair could have been intending to get National Coverage for the fact that they were near-indestructible super soldiers who would go on to commit murder. Here's a link to website 12160 who have a full dosier on this woman, Sabina Eriksson.

Additionally, here's an audio interview with investigative researcher Miles Johnston who's looked into claims brought against the Peasemore Base in Berkshire:

(i) Their Behaviour is "SELF TERMINATE", "Don't get Captured."
(ii) Its important the man she killed was ex RAF. If he told her he was RAF, there is no surprise she killed him.
(iii) It could be these two women have been specifically directed to Demonstrate this programme, in clear plain site.

and yes, he did just say, "Where they use these soldiers for OFF WORLD combat."

FEBRUARY 8TH 2013 UPDATE: David McCann sent me his (and co-writer Sharon McKellar's) new book about their own investigation into the Eriksson Twins case. As mentioned by 'Observer' in the comments section of this post A MADNESS SHARED BY TWO dispels many of the online myths of this case and exposes the potential Ireland-Liverpool-Newcastle-Sweden-Norway drugs obbo and cover-up of the facts/circumstances of the Eriksson twins' potential involvement in such. Some very interesting facts uncovered in this 300-page book.

Here's the video testimony of Jon Hollinshead whose brother Glen was murdered by Sabina Eriksson. He talks about the 'weirdness' of the whole proceedings that have allowed Eriksson to be i) released (sane) the day after the Motorway Madness to KILL Hollinshead then be ii)released from jail (early) to return to Sweden, where she now resides. Murder.



I mean, are those who've been weaponising the cancer virus SV40 and other such commercial retroviruses like HIV > AIDS for the last half century and more finally going to see their genocidal plan come to fruition?

Why, Mike?

Well, most nuclear power plants working today are allegedly twenty years past their decommission date, and they're all going to fail, eventually, pouring radiation into the atmosphere. And if it wasn't for the proliferation of cancer viruses in the human geneline, this'd be fine. Well, you know. Fine, to a point.

Oh, I'm thinking of the HPV virus, too. And how we're innoculating all our kids against their so-called 'rampant promiscuity' - data for which I'm totally not convinced by. And even if I were convinced, I'd blame the MTV virus for hyper-sexualising their young minds since its inception in 1981. I might even blame sex education classes for encouraging experimentation in non-pro-creative sexual activity, to avoid pregnancies.

All of it, all the spinning wheels, the gears and chains, the grinding cogs of the Murder Machine - stress, virus, radiation - we all know these contribute to the efficacy, potency and lethality of CANCER, what a great three-pronged attack on our numbers.

Bothered about Patented Corporate Secrets held by Conglomerate Global Government yet?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dr. Mary's Monkey: Uncovers Death of Cancer Researcher, Secret Lab, Oswald & JFK

On the Thursday, March 15 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks in-studio with Edward T. Haslam, a former advertising music director and author of Dr. Mary's Monkey, a book that covers the 1964 murder of a nationally known cancer researcher and uncovers medical professionals enmeshed in covert government operations over the course of three decades.

Did inoculating millions of children with polio vaccines contaminated by monkey viruses trigger an epidemic of cancers?
Was a desperate effort to develop an anti-cancer vaccine diverted secretly into biological weapons?
Is there a link between these covert experiments and AIDS?
And do the answers to these vexing questions connect to the JFK assassination?

A good bug is a dead bug - running towards the sounds of chaos - marines-fo-tainment

Remember those genocidally tongue-in-cheek Corporate War recruitment ads in the 1997 Paul Verhoeven film STARSHIP TROOPERS.

"A good bug is a dead bug!" and all'a that...

Even the driving musical score and the ordo ab choa War = Peace message remains, fifteen years on, as we contemplate the Kony2012-inspired invasion of Africa.

Have we learned NOTHING? Hell, yeah!

Well, we've learned that it's nice to have a cup of tea and a slice of cake while you're giving information to the FET or Female Engagement Team about where your rebel husband might have holed up since All Out Torture by the male members of your squad was frowned upon by Congress.

"I tested them, I gave them their task and purpose," or to put it bluntly, they got us good intel, they softened the enemy.

"Just the smile counts, it's a foot in the door," isn't that the smile of an assassin, her velvet glove holding the blade?

the dreams came back - full control at all levels of detail

maybe it was because of my post yesterday WHO RUNS GLOBAL GOVERNMENT? YOU THE PEOPLE or maybe it was something else like breaking through the 65,000 words mark in my Free Planet novel dealing with the 'insignificance of the Mighty Gods of Olympus' but it finally happened ... those dreams I've always had ... the really vivid positive take-control dreams I've always had. The ones that RECENTLY seem to have been too keen to cover their tracks, vanish from view. As if remembering them, or assigning inter-galactic value to them, might have pissed off the trans-dimensionalists, or something, pattern find error, anything. They came back last night, those dreams. They came back with a vegneance.

It wasn't that 'they were a bit detailed' or they allowed a 'certain amount of control', these ones (four or five, at least, last night) were 100% vivid and realistic but also allowed TOTAL CONTROL over not only the 'resolution' or 'tactility' of the level of detail, but also the 'actions' of the dream itself - there were no more villains, only solutions.

I have never felt so IN CONTROL of my dreams, ever! I hope whatever I was doing in those dreams really helped someone (somewhere (on some planet (or on Earth (or me)))) get some 'terrible monkeys' off their back. It felt real good, to do what was done, last night, all night, vividly and without fear. And to celebrate, have this:

Yes, "The dreams came back the very next day," they just couldn't stay away.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Planet novel - charting the progress - literary agency news

quick announcement to let you all know that I've moved all mention of the FREE PLANET novel, formerly known as One of Us, You The People and (more recently) The Custodians, to a new blog specifically to chart updates and additions to this ongoing work of fiction.

FREE PLANET novel is gonna be about 90,000 words when it's done and, through alternate-chapters tells the tale of The Custodians vs You The People and how that gets us to the eponymous declaration of the cover i.e. DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET.

The new blog is called FREE PLANET novel. I've added a FOLLOW button, if you want to keep updated on progress, thoughts, discoveries; deals.

The novel is currently racing through the 65,000 words first-draft stage with about 30,000 or so to go, and here's a cover idea I'm using as 'inspiration' for the direction of the narrative. No, it might not get used by the eventual publisher. Yes, it's relevant to the content.