Saturday, June 30, 2012

Free Planet means Disaster Preparedness.

Let me try to explain:

FREE PLANET isn't just about 'not paying for the basics the Earth (in her anthropomorphised wisdom) is set up to do, as default.

What, you didn't know this?

You didn't know that you're not supposed to pay for food, clothing, shelter, water, sewage, composting, travel, thinking, friendship, communication, sport, emergencies?

Yeah, and that's not even it: that's not even why we're here. That ... that's something we Humans have named Empire; philosophical or financial Empire.

And it's not only ruining our planet, it's making us unable (incapable) of dealing with the myriad of threats this Solar System throws at us.

Never forget that THE SUN(a variable star)RULES our lives here on Free Planet: we're ill prepared for her  anthropomorphised wrath, or temperament, or prowess.

I'm using the word 'anthropomorphised' here a lot this post to show ho We Humans impose human traits onto the world, onto nature, onto even inanimate objects like the Earth, the Moon, the Planets, the Stars. This can be FUN, but it's not TRUE. It's a game we play; like the Financial Game we play (or allowed to be played, by tacit agreement) in the name of PROFIT.

And you're COMPLETELY BLIND(have been blinded) to the fact that MOST CRIME(as we call it, on this planet) is a result of THE NEED TO MAKE MONEY, find money, steal money, more more money all the time for even our most basic of needs; while all around us (our Mother)Nature supplies everything the Human Race, everything ALL THE MULTIPLICITY OF SPECIES, will ever need.

Anyway, back to the theme of this post - DISASTER PREPAREDNESS:

Why is this important?

Well, though you may not be able to physically DO anything if our Sun goes SUPERNOVA, mankind can be ready, willing and able to deal with the rising (or falling) sea levels, storms or tornadoes, eruptions of lava, powerful earthquakes, tsunamis, electromagnetic space storms, meteorite strikes, wars ... and other such Natural Occurences that we currently leave in the hands of our Governments; the Empire made Statute.

If we all agreed that it was time to live on what I've optimistically called a FREE PLANET, we might have better strategies for surviving such 'catastrophies, natural or man-made'; ways (and permission) to move away from drought-stricken or war-torn areas, ways to deal with any new strain of disease, ways to JUST GET BY without needing the Empire to rebuild our roads for us, fix our sewers for us, repair our cities for us, feed us; we'll no longer be prisoners in our own homes because of Financial Terrorism with a cancer-like GROWTH goal.

We can be free, to survive; and thrive: and allow the Diversity of Nature to redevelop, recoup and regenerate.

Think of it this way; Empire can not care for you, unless you work for it.

Empire needs YOU, not you it.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Persu Hybrid ready for order in 2014?

this 'fake reflection' makes the Persu Hybrid look very unstable, which it isn't

in 2010, Free Planet reported that Venture Vehicles, the company responsible for bringing the Persu Hybrid (a gorgeous tilting three wheeler, spectacularly driven by Jenson Button) to the market had gone bust.

Well, as you can see from their website Fly The Road, they're gearing up for 2014 deliveries - hopefully the company are sending a press pack to me as I type.

WEEK LATER UPDATE:  hmm, no response from FlyTheRoad for my request for more information on structural reorganisation at Persu and these 2014 orders.

Frying Dutchman - nuclear free planet - money free planet

Japanese rock band Frying Dutchman, publicly spill nineteen minutes worth of lyrical battery acid against NUCLEAR POWER, against PROPAGANDA, against ME ME ME MONEY CARTEL that's ruining your Free Planet -- thanks to Sanri for this news tip.

God bless at least a few people screaming their fucking throats out about the INJUSTICE of the Corporate War for PROFIT.

Free Planet means you need to RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS, an ethically technological future with local solutions for a planet of Diversity.


I, pet goat II from Heliofant on Vimeo.

Wimbledon Tennis - Lukas Rosol takes out Rafael Nadal

if I hadn't been watching it, last night, I probably wouldn't have believed this morning's news.
Who's that guy?

Indeed. That guy is unknown 26 years old Czech 100-seed Lukas Rosol who, last night, totally destroyed the world number 2-seed Rafael Nadal in a second-round match on Wimbledon's Centre Court.

I wanted to show the happy face of Rosol in this post because, at 10p/m/ yesterday, while tearing chunks off Rafa it was like watching a CAGED ANIMAL preparing to be let loose to kill a defenseless deer fawn.

He was banging first serve after first serve in with literally UNBELIEVEABLE regularity, accuracy and pace in his closing set. He was performing 100 mph forehand winners! It's like an extra-terrestrial had landed on Wimbledon's lawn and challenged 'your best earthling' to a 'tennis knock-about'.

I guess it was so weird because Rafa looked transfixed by his manic opponent, he could do nothing to stop the defeat. After every point, Rosol would literally grind his teeth like mad, he looked like he'd have chopped ANY OPPONENT into pieces with his racket as he claimed the fifth set.

It's worth speculating whether Rosol recieved some anxiety-alleviating post-hypnotic TRIGGER PHRASES during the 45 minute break that took place at the end of the 4th set, while they were closing the roof.

That fifth set was BEYOND BELIEF: ace, passing shot, passing shot, ace, ace.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barclays signed a NON PROSECUTION AGREEMENT with the Justice Department

CCC - remember that acronym because, according to the Corporate Crime Reporter website, "Barclays signed a NON PROSECUTION AGREEMENT with the Justice Department" and this'll be why Barclays will not be charged for fraud in the LIBOR case.

Sorry, what?

Wonder if more CCCs or Criminal Corporate Cabals are en masse doing these responsibility-dodging NON PROSECUTION deals with Government Departments around the off-shored world?

I guess I'm trying to say, "Justice has failed You The People."

DAY LATER UPDATE: Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King says that he WELCOMES a Central European Bank to sort this out(!) and that the UK banks under investigation for derivatives product fraud do not need a "Leveson style" inquiry.

Yeah, we don't want INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION of where our money's going, on top of all the immense profit these financial houses make on the so-called Free Market, already.

"Watch it, lads, we've been rumbled," unquote-ish.

SIX MONTHS LATER UPDATE: funnnily enough, my hit counter informs me that someone at Barclays did a search for 'barclays non discolsure agreement' yesterday; which would have (surely) been logged by their websense software. No comment left from whomever that was, though, at Barclays.

And here's the first tranche of additional LIBOR fines; this time it's Swiss bank UBS who've just been fined £ 940 million, that's virtually ONE-POINT-FIVE BILLION US DOLLARS. But what's the point of this fine? It's like if you fined British Telecom or British Rail, they'd just put the costs of their prosecution onto You The Punter. You're damned if you prosecute via 'the system', you're damned when justice is done.

Who's next for LIBOR finage? And doesn't this start to look like a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of the banking system? Either that or a Conspiracy or at least Complicity between all the players of the money game? Something more than a single case, closed.  The whole RISK tabletop. You know?

Peenemünde - Baltic Sea Anomaly - Nazi UFOs and Hitler's Nukes

Peenemünde, site of UFO-development in Nazi Germany in the 1950s?


The Nazi Threat was quashed in 1945, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe this is THE BIG EMBARRASSMENT the US Government is fearing, that they helped protect and fund the research Nazi Scientists (yeah even after WW2 ended) did on so-called UFO fluid-vortex technology.

There's another connection to Peenemünde (video below) by the genius thriller writer Robert Ludlum: in his novel THE REINEMANN EXCHANGE which has a US-covert-agent named David Spaulding involved in the exchange of technology for technology between 'enemies' USA and Germany during the climax of the second world war - a sort of 'we need this, you need that' RIGHTEOUS EXCHANGE and a FINISHING LINE DASH to global victory.

That's the funny thing here, in the novel the plan is THWARTED by the secret agent who takes it upon himself to eliminate the enemy in Argentina (where he's negotiating between his (corrupt) Handlers and the (escaped) Nazi scientists) and break the deal.

This recent Baltic Sea Anomaly story suggests a MUCH MORE INTIMATE collusion between the USA and Germany, during and after the Second World War - I mean, look at all the Nazi Scientists who ended up PAPERCLIPPING AT NASA, ffs!

Here's the first NAZI UFO interview - dealing with Nazi UFO + Hitler nukes.
Here's the second NAZI UFO interview - dealing with Baltic Sea USO being a V7 Nazi craft + NWO top-down Eugenics, as opposed to Free Planet common sense fixed-asset management.

Of course, there's this: just to smear dis-credence all over such talk:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I don't often feature enything by Alfred Labremont-Webre but this is the real reason why Ridley Scott's Prometheus is such a momentous event, why it HAD TO BE released this year:

THE INTERNET IS A GIANT CESS-PIT OF PROPAGANDA, that's all you really need to know.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dreams - horror over the shoulder

woke up near-screaming, with a terrible presence hanging over my left shoulder like a blood sucking fishman (illustration right), this morning.

Coincided with our new alarm clock going off, but that's just coincidental, right?

Or can dreams be seeded THAT QUICKLY in the time space of an alarm going off?

Or do these things live off our fear, sucking our dreams dry?


MI5 and City of London development of Al Qaida(sic) threat?

this is interesting...

Address at the Lord Mayor’s Annual Defence and Security Lecture by the Director General of the Security Service, Jonathan Evans.

Mansion House, City of London, 25 June 2012

It's a 31 paragraph transcript titled The Olympics and Beyond.

First off, why are they 'now' calling it Al Qaida, with an I rather than an E?
Secondly, I hope he got the start of this paragraph wrong...

4. The close co-operation between my Service and the City of London Police dates from the 1990s and has stood us in good stead with the development of the Al Qaida threat in the last dozen years...

...maybe I'm just READING IT WRONG, but that can potentially be read as 'Al Qaeda(sic) was a product of MI5 and City since 1990s'? Can't it? The way it's worded? Grammatically speaking?

On SKY NEWS this morning, they're blasting Joe and Jane Public with terrorising propaganda that 'English proto-terrorists are taking part in Arab Spring rebellions to come home and do the same here'.

Who funded the Mujahedin? Who's funding the Arab Rebels?

Monday, June 25, 2012



"We are absolutely slaves to central banks."


"Markets are driven by policy now."

this from two different pundits in the same interview...

"Every country has to devalue their currency" don't you GET IT yet?

and we do NOTHING because we are good little slaves who will sell our children down the river.

They even talk about BUYING SCARCE, and in business parlance this points directly to the ruthless practise of EXTINCTION ECONOMICS.

Look, it's good for business - you just DON'T GET IT, slave.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dreams - we are War Horses for the Extra-dimensionals

maybe it's something they've forgotten how to do: be assertive, protect, take no shit from no-one.

It's what we humans do, on a daily basis; when we have a cause we all believe in: there's no-one and nothing who'll take that away from us.

We defend our family.
We defend our country.
We defend our liberty, once we understand what that means, once we learn the game being played against us: nothing will halt our resolve.

And it's something I've been pondering ever since meeting Elder Guide; I suspect that was my FIRST INITIATION into their intergalactic world of cooperation. Of course such a dream interface would look like Victorian Cambridge (or whatever the Hell will make sense to me, so I'll feel comfortable...) but it won't look like this to them. We don't even need to see what their world's like; it certainly wouldn't make geographical or temporal sense is my suspicion.

And I think this is for GOOD REASON.

Humanity, like the ants and the tigers and the dinosaurs before him, is a savage race: but there's something else. A human brain (whether we believe it or not) is able to connect to the EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL REALM, we can travel faster than the speed of light and we do it every night we sleep. They've seen how brutal we can be, as a race of believers in a cause. They've seen how we can be deceived into becoming ABSOLUTE MONSTERS by those who pull our strings, who guide our thoughts and who coerce us into wars and campaigns against common sense. We're being used, like War Horses carrying soldiers into battle, by those 'extra dimensional beings' who haunt our sleeping moments, our hours of daily unconsciousness.

Our unique savagery, and honour, and dogged determination (our Creativity, our Passion, our Kinship) is of value to those alien races across our universe who have either forgotten how to or are yet to learn how to FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES. And they need us to be FULLY UNCONSCIOUS so that we won't hurt them, those souls who we're saving. This must be some sort of PHYSICAL THING we do, some sort of uniquely dangerous trait we possess. We're so lethal, sleep must be our harness, our reins, our cage.

Though we are unlikely to meet these aliens, we are their Champions; once we start to believe in our Custodian role on a Free Planet we can be as BRUTAL and HONEST and PROTECTIVE of this planet for the sake of our children's children. This is what it means to become a part of the great Universal song; but we all have to sing in unison.


British queen gets pay rise despite Recession.

this was first reported by Reuters, but this editorial content is courtesy of Press TV:

As a growing number of British families are feeling the pinch of rising household costs and taxes amid the recession, Queen Elizabeth II is getting a pay rise!

The Queen's annual pay is about to jump by 20 percent from 30 to 36 million pounds, at a time when Britain is in recession and many families are feeling the pinch of higher household costs and taxes.

She has been paid by taxpayers through an allowance set by Parliament and via other government grants since King George III ceded all property profits to the Treasury in 1760.

Her property holdings, known as the Crown Estate, posted a record profit of 240.2 million pounds ($377.4 million), a net rise of 4 percent in the year through March 2012 largely due to strong tenant demand for its shops in the up-market Regent Street and St James's districts of London.

Well, there ya go - You The People get more Austerity, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Family get your Money.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

UFO researcher Maximillien de Lafayette SILENCED live on the air

I've seen Y2K-like PUBLICITY STUNTS before and this doesn't feel like one of those snake-oil moments. This feels like, "Here's your daughter, Mr Lafayette, she'd like a word with her papa," ominous.

Clyde Lewis host of GROUND ZERO MEDIA will Host a Special Ground Zero to Discuss why UFO Author and Researcher Maximillien de Lafayette was Silenced Live on the Air!

The incident took place at the beginning of the third hour when de Lafayette abruptly announced he had one minute to finish then apparently read a prepared statement retracting his research then quickly hung up the phone with no further details.

Who silenced de Lafayette? Why was he silenced and more importantly what does this mean? Clyde will discuss the event on Monday 25th June along with other members of the Ground Zero Team who were present. He will also discuss what de Lafayette had been disclosing and about to disclose when the interview was shutdown.

It sounds a lot like de Lafayette had already said too much about the Baltic Sea Anomaly and the German-American UFO-tech collusion at the end of the Second World War and on to 2020, and got 'a special phone call'.


JUNE 25TH UPDATE: the Special Monday Show is not up yet, so here's the video footage of the event happening live, check this out.

JUNE 26TH UPDATE: finally, the special Monday 25th podcast about whatever the Hell that June 22nd truncated interview with Maximillien de Lafayette was. And the Free Planet blog gets a mention in the intro...

Follow-up to the de Lafayette SILENCED ON AIR show.

So, basically,

1) nobody from the show seemed to have been able to re-connect with Maximillien de Lafayette, i.e. there's no official response from him. Later in the show, maybe there'll be answers.

2) this show CONFIRMS that 'most if not all' UFO sightings are just non-NEED TO KNOW civilians reporting on the latest spy/corporate war flying machines, etc. Knew it.

3) THE INTERNET IS A GIANT CESS-PIT OF PROPAGANDA, quoting (and agreeing with) one of the callers to the show.

4) CHOMP, quoting Lewis about what he thinks are aliens' role here on this planet; we're food. Love it.

INDEPENDENCE DAY JULY 4th 2012 UPDATE: actress Angelique Doudnikova, ex-lover and editorial assistant of Maximillien de Lafayette (who left a Comment on this post), made her way onto the latest edition of Ground Zero Media's Clyde Lewis show and SHAT HER GUTS OUT, literally 'spilled the beans' about Facebook about Three Letter Agencies about Murder Training such that the host had to stop her.

He physically told her to STOP saying what she was saying about her life and those who control her.

Modern Art Oxford - Jenny Saville - retrospective solo exhibition

Oxford resident Jenny Saville's first UK retrospective is on from today at Modern Art Oxford until the 16th of September 2012; drawing and paintings spanning her ten year career.

the stunning piece of the show, upstairs in the last room

I just popped in to have a quick look while I was in town. Her more recent DRAWINGS occupy the lower (foyer) gallery, while her earlier PAINTINGS are exhibited upstairs in two large and two small rooms.

I've featured Jenny's work before here on Free Planet but to see them IN THE FLESH... there's really no preparation for the scale of the impact.

the companion piece to the one above, directly opposite it in the last room

Ashamedly good art. It's a FREE SHOW, i.e no entrance fee, but you'll not be allowed to take ANY photos of the paintings due to Copyright issues with the Private Owners of the works, as I discovered once I tried to get content for what was going to be lovingly-comprehensive in-gallery photo reportage.

Friday, June 22, 2012

is Lars Gustavsson of DICE in Sweden about to announce MIRROR'S EDGE 2

Mirror's Edge, brought to market by DICE (EA_Sweden), was a flawed but wonderful non-fps game combining Police State couriers and parkour, why did EA never sanction a sequel?

Well, they did, for several years.

At one point mid-2009 coder Kai Z was hired to work on the crowd simulation aspect - remember Mirror's Edge was an EMPTY CITY, apart from a few cops, which would have given the franchise a decidedly Assassin's Creed look and feel maybe?

In early 2011, EA rejected another Mirror's Edge 2 candidate.

Rumour has it DICE Creative Director Lars Gustavsson is close to announcing a decent attempt at a playable level for MIRROR'S EDGE 2 soon - but then I keep reporting the same intel about Jaguar's C-X75 turbine-driven electric Supercar.

Nigel Farage UKIP - the staunch Libertarian - talks Criminal Europe

So, there you have it, Nigel Farage is on Fox News saying to the Americans, "You're not to blame for the problems in Europe, it's all a Barroso/Rumpoy-led Euro-Socialist Experiment gone wrong."

But, "Hey, Mike, isn't your Free Planet idea some sort of Euro-Socialist Experiment?"

No, it fucking well is not (!)

My 'political stance' if you can call it that is EARTHIST; and that means a technological planet (why devolve back to hunter-gatherers simply because MAKING PROFIT is a fucking stupidly amoral and unethical thing for a supposedly intelligent race to be doing) where the right of all humans to be and do is paramount.

Ethics: Business has one sole aim, TO MAKE MONEY.

Nothing wrong with that, Mike, "Money makes the world go round."

Oh, does it?

Does it?

I propose a 'politics' where mankind puts all his Creativity, Passion and Kinship into making sure THE BASICS are dealt with on a global scale: food, water and shelter for every person.

Ways to improve the Diversity of this once-bountiful homeworld.
Ways to re-examine our techonology so that it doesn't poison or ruin or entrap those using it.
Ways to protect our planet from the HORRORS OF THE AMORAL BUSINESS GAME.

I propose, "Seven billion sovereign individuals take back their delicate homeworld and cradle it like the wind-blown petals of a flower."

FREE PLANET means free-the-planet from the profit-game, the war-game, the me-me-me game.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mike Philbin art for sale - Raism inks, surrealist gouaches, slaughtered oil paintings

I have a collection of rarely exhibited art that I'm keen to sell; to the right buyer: for the right price.

Also, looking for a Gallery venue/representation, to exhibit these works for the first time in decades.

thirty-two ink drawings from my 1991 graphic novel RAISM (the songs of Gilles de Rais, text was by James Havoc) published by Creation Press - musical accompaniment for this video by Stewart Shelley based on his reading of one of our collaborative stories.

eighteen 32" x 22" gouache paintings on a theme of bodily transformation.

a video homage to the murder of most of my oil paintings with an axe and a saw in 1995.

Note: several paintings from the SLAUGHTERED era still remain in mutilated form, sawn and chopped into useful pieces - contact me for details of pricing/availability etc.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians and the Annunaki - keep it pure

okay, let's, "Keep it pure," as requested by Zacharia Sitchin just before his death in October 2010.

Now, Mike, why would you bother with this particular mythology crap, when there are a) LOADS OF THESE SUCH CREATION MYTHS and b) BOOK(s) OF GOD to guide you along a spiritual path?

"I like the FINANCIAL ASPECT of this GOLD-DERIVED creation myth," it's sorta feels legitimate in a way I can't describe.

And, "I sorta like the MINING GOLD IN AFRICA aka where the Mitochondrial Eve story might have come from,"

Do I believe all the shit I'm hearing in Zecharia Sitchin's ideas?
No, it's a CREATION MYTH, with direct ties to the Bible Stories (which is all they are).

Why am I so interested in Ridley Scott's Prometheus? a friend recently asked.
"Hits," replied I, like the egomaniacal HIT SLUT you all know me to be.

But that's not really it. I didn't wanna say (to her) that I thought the ANNUNAKI (human cloning) concept of 'why we're here' (whatever the dates really are) seems a lot more plausible than some imaginary deity springing us all into life in a week before wandering off for a corporate holiday. And even more plausible than we naturally evolved from MONKEYS - if that's the case, there'd be no more monkeys, but no - we're born from monkeys.

And if you're still reading, here's a FULL LENGTH PRESENTATION by Zecharia Sitchin himself about his seventy years of 'research' into The Annunaki via his translations of Sumerian writings as documented Creation Myths:

The Corporation - 1040 - TIME FOR CHAAANGE?

Here's a neat little history lesson...

Here's who really owns what...

Now, you didn't know that, did you?

You didn't realise that not-only Americans but-also Britains are paying their taxes to the VATICAN in ROME.

How does that work?




Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Valerie Jarrett's Same-Sex Federal Bridge Linked to Spy Anna Chapman's Sukhoi Flame & Crash

NO COMMENT, I'm just gonna air this dirty Anna Chapman-type laundry for all sheople to gawk at, in wonder.

Oh, fuck it, I can't resist, "I have absolutely no idea what this video is supposed to be about. This lurid exposé (as is common for the Abel Danger bunch) is highly speculative, verging on the starkly reprehensible, propaganda-making," but to what calamitous agenda?

Is it just that a CDL or Collateral Damage Limitation event took place, cold-fingering Chapman and nine others?

Or is this more a case of trying to gayly Flame-frame V.J.?


There, I feel CLEANSED (somehow) now.

Exoscale Computing will drain the world's energy resources?

Is it really worth it, to simulate NUCLEAR DETONATIONS and MILITARY CROWD CONTROL, to drain the world's electrical energy resources in this ridiculous way.

A Custodian DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET mentality of Creativity, Passion and Kinship is increasingly needed to protect the world, its people and its Diversity from rampant WASTAGE in the name of SCIENCE/POLITICS.

What planet is this - dream balconies - a guided tour.

I'm really BUZZIN' this morning - very excited.

Yesterday, I wrote a TWO WEEKS LATER UPDATE: to my 'what planet is this? dream blocking' post involving my current inability to take control of my lucid dream, as I used to be able to do. For all those weeks, I've been trying to a) realise I'm dreaming, so that I can b) ask my Dream People the question, "What planet is this?"

You'll see in my (yesterday) update, I stated categorically that (while I still seemed to be (forcefully (militaristically?)) blocked from doing so) I would find a way around this 'technical glitch'.

Before going to sleep last night, I practiced the meditation exercise of UNZIPPING MY SKIN from the back and extracting the 'blob-root plus four-shoots' glowing fibres of my light being along with my 'person or self' allowing all the sensations of the human body to become insignificant to my journey. There's a HUGE VOID of potential when you step out of that realm. I'm a third D thinker, with scale transformation an ameliorating bonus feature which allows me INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL (and if you have to ask "how?" you shouldn't be asking) at superfast speeds.


I'm not gonna say IT WORKED , but...

An Elder Guide showed me round his complex and secretive Victorian-like town in a dream this morning. Modern art featured strongly, with little brick galleries of personal expression. There were also SECRET DOORS, heavy wooden doors like Oxford College gates behind which were CATTLE (females accompanied by a bull) waiting to enter a round sawdust arena or display area. The layout of the town was very complex, yet I felt I'd been there before, recurrent themes in the architecture and density of people, traffic.

Very vivid detail, seeming to be more than I could imagine. I was just watching, rather than had any concept of DREAM GENERATING these visuals.

The Victorian buildings had black ornamental (Victorian?) balconies or walkways groaning with celebrating youths. The idea was that these walkways could be used to survey the town, but currently they were overcrowded, in celebration at some event. I remember Elder Guide mentioning Cambridge (as you all know, I have lived in Cambridge though I'm currently in Oxford).

I say "Elder Guide" because that was his form and role, he even had a tweed hat. I noticed that (when I struck out on my own in this bewildering town) I got lost IMMEDIATELY: like map reading doesn't take place 'on the plane'.

I shall seek out this 'Elder Guide' in forthcoming dreams, see what's revealed. Maybe soon, I'll ask him the dream question, "What planet is this?"

I'll repeat, in case you've become flummoxed by my over-complex reportage of this stuff so far, "I think WE HELP THEM sort out their problems, on their planet, via our ability to play with dream symbols, during their wake-time."

They, you know who I mean by THEY, right?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

TWO BOMBERS arrested on September 11th 2001 - in a van with plane flying into WTC painted on side of it

On September 11, 2001, the New Jersey Highway Patrol arrested two terrorists who blew up a truck on the George Washington Bridge. It was on TV. Today, it never happened, Dan Rather swears he never reported it, nobody saw it, the police don’t exist, the dispatcher who you will hear is no longer on earth.

A day later their arrest records were gone, the forensic evidence was gone, the terrorists arrested on 9/11, the only ones for sure, were gone but we have proof, incontrovertible proof that at least one truck with explosives was used on 9/11 and the terrorists were arrested, proof from police and news.

HSBC - Little Investor - Eye of Horus

it's the new HSBC ad "Little Investor" (directed by Benito Montorio for JWT) about this kid who runs about ruining his childhood slaving away for pocket money to fill his seven piggy banks.

The Illuminati really love the number seven; let's go through the piggy banks from left to right: a Japanese Pagoda, an Indian elephant, a Chinese cat, a Countryless pyramid, a Russian doll, a New York taxi, an ENglish post box.

Note that two are central to the tableau:

1) the Japanese pagoda, in which he's depositing his slave-peso
2) the ALL SEEING EYE Illuminati de-capped Countryless pyramid under his clavicles - exactly where his heart should be. Or is it a neckless i.e. financial yoke, around humanity's neck?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

does a change of DRIVER alter the performance of the CAR?

We can all understand this simple analogy of Driving a Car, right?  The Car is something that has particular properties; its colour, its price, its size, its horse power, its chassis, its level of finish, its handling and performace, right?

We're all familiar with the Car Template, right?

Now, put two different drivers in the same car (as separate events), and what do you get? Well, more or less THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS reflecting subtly the driving style or confidence of each driver. Now, and this is the scary part ... apply the Car Template to the Human Template.


Go on, insert a different Driver into the Human and you get "more or less THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS reflecting subtly the driving style or confidence of the Driver".  My point? The Human and the Car have both been MANUFACTURED: one in a factory and the other in a car factory.  The Human Factory, of course, is that aspect of our upbringing (be that TV or tribal or prison) that shapes the Template of our Construction. Admittedly, it's a little more organic than the Car Construction Template, but at its core the basics are comparable.  We are grown, rather than grow; we're nurtrured (or abused) and refined (or broken) it's all the same.

Are we Organic Lifeforms?
Or are we Spiritual Lifeform?

Do we mean a separate 'soul' (that itself could live on a separate plane of existence) that gives distanced command over the flesh or do we mean an integrated part of the Car?

For example: back to the Car Analogy, what if our Driver is DRUNK or FEVERISHLY ILL or WOUNDED IN BATTLE, how do these characteristics then translate into our control of the Human Vehicle?

And what about those 'drivers' who are totally INCAPABLE of maintaining such a delicate piece of machinery such that it depreciates to a small percentage of its value; the degenerate vampires of Human Mileage?
Are our physical bodies being HANDICAPPED by the trials being subjected to our Spiritual or Extra-dimensional bodies?  Is this why there's maybe MORE to Chinese Medicine (which deals with de-congestion of energy lines, and the (technical) Banning of Bad Drivers) than Western Medicine (which deals more with de-congestion of traffic lights and use of Cigarette Lighters)?

So, crux of this ramble, and just like the LE MANS 24 HOUR RACE (and to avoid 'accidents at the wheel'), the switch-overs take place at night, during dreams. The DRIVERS, I mean, and there's no way to tell, right?

So, why not, right?

And this is even BEFORE I start to expound upon the concept of Dual Drivers, one for each hemisphere of the brain... as in the above horrific illustration.

LIT MOTORS unveils first working prototype of its C-1

readers of Free Planet will remember seeing the glossy white concept C-1 two-wheel stabilised monocoqued motorbike from Lit Motors (who contributed positively to the comments section of that post) going through its virtual paces, being slammed into by a car (and not falling over) and standing on its own two wheels during parking (and not falling over).

All very stable, and promising...

My critical contention was that the Peraves E-Tracer was a sexier visual proposition and it didn't need the expense and weight of electromagnetic stabilisation because it had LEGS with wheels on the end, for parking and in stalled traffic or at zera crossings, traffic lights etc.

Well, here's new footage of a full-scale working prototype of Lit Motors C-1 and (it has to be said) it doesn't look as stable, e.g. at zebra crossings, as projected in the concept stage AND yes they have included unobtrusive-but-essential parking legs as if they also had concerns that a long-stay spell of parking might result in this thing falling over.

Plus, you're literally SAT ON AN A MASSIVE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD all the time you're driving this ... is that a good idea?

2012 UPDATE: Lit Motors have been quiet of late, as they go through the final teething stages of tukrning their working prototype into a full production model, and (as of today, Monday November 5th) the banner slogan on their website REKINDLE THE EXCITEMENT doesn't seem to know where it's at - does the same fate as Aptera await this innovative company?

BBC - Ministry of Curious Stuff - Vic Reeves

What? Where is Bob Mortimer? You remember him, he used to be the other half of comedy duo Reeves & Mortimer.

Turn on TV this morning, graze the channels, come across THE MINISTRY OF CURIOUS STUFF.

As you can see, there's a sidekick, but it's not Mortimer. Very odd. And some of the things being revealed, and the ways they're being revealed, to our children. Very ominous.


spontaneous collective-conscious entities and the dream-lives of others

okay, that's a strangely convoluted (and potentially clichéd) title, but you'll see what I'm hinting at as you read on...

1) spontaneous collective-conscious entities:
and I'm not necessarily talking about Karl Jung's 'collective unconsciousness' here...
I'm talking about...
I'm a writer, right? Well, technically, and in a former, turbulent, writing life I was Hertzan Chimera. An invention, and idea, an attitude; more than a pseudonym. One of Hertzan Chimera's favourite things to do was COLLABORATE; I collaborated, as Hertzan Chimera, with many writers male and female. And one of our collections was called THE TRICEPHALLIC BRAIN, at least that was the basis...

"A tricephallic brain is a brain, just like the one you and I have, that, instead of having TWO upper hemispheres separated by a membrane, has three; a left side, a central side and a right side." Now this tricephallic brain has to cogitate information from THREE INDIVIDUAL SOURCES, in our case the three writers involved in the story-writing game, and it was a game. This three-lobed brain was unlike EITHER of us but contained input from us. It 'seemed to have' a life of its own; like the upturned glass on the OuiJa board, you could say.

For us, this 'entity', this figurised threesome LIVED as a separate creative force outside of our input -- obviously drawing inspiration from the THREE but living its own life for however long our trio participated in the collection.

And this (just recently) got me wondering. Our bi-cephallic brains are like TWO SEPARATE ORGANIC ENTITIES communicating across a divide called the Corpus Callosum. Well, isn't that what EVERY SOCIAL INTERACTION IS? Every time 'man gets together' isn't that like separate sides of a brain talking across a physical gap, a divide, bridging spacetime with filtered connectivity?

And you can expand this out to the entire world, whether that be digital communications or social gatherings, movements, CULTS.

REAL ENTITIES OTHER THAN OURSELVES EXIST for as long as we continue the connection, with others.

2) the dream lives of others:
of course, and this is the general understanding, our brains need to process (or compress) the various emotional/factual events of the day into 'coded narratives' or dreams to improve efficiency of the brain for the next living day. Sure, that's the understanding, the belief, but what about THE OTHER PEOPLE we share this planet with?

And this might be more like Karl Jung's collective unconsciousness idea, but I'll go one further, "What if we are dreaming waking people's lives?"

Why waking people? Well, you know, INTERFERENCE of signal... while we sleep, half the world is alive and BUSY. This activity causes brainwaves. These brainwaves, because we don't really know how thought traverses the void of spacetime, might (BIG) SOMEHOW be able to muck about with our own brain function in some way that is only really explored when we're in the R.E.M. sleep state, where these often alien visual narratives are played out in our head.

I kept a dream diary for some years, and surely this is what's really fucked up my memory over the years, unravelling these stupid narrative enigmas and unwrapping the delicate coded memory system my evolution has used for millennia. The thing is I RECOGNISED NEXT TO NOTHING about my day's activity in these 'night stories'. Elements, surely, but the code of the content seemed UNLIKE ME, as if it might have well have been the thoughts, the living essence of someone else.

And I'm not talking about Spiritual Possession either, as I really don't believe we have them. I don't think the Universe is a Spiritual Universe. I suspect that WAVELENGTHS and INFESTATION from living (conscious) people within our viscinity or on the other side of the world, certainly on our planet but potentially across the entire universe, in the appropriately receptive state, might be accrue plausibility.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wise Men See - Noah the Star Gazer?

you know me, I refuse to accept The Bible (or the Torah (or any such Holy Book)) as the "literal word of God".


Well, it's just too obvious and not even worth going into, frankly.

But we can all accept that many of these Conspiracy Theories or Legends of Yore may originate from some concrete basis; it's just that the INTERPRETATION might be wrong or 'skewed by the political agenda of the era'.

Star Gazing goes back through the aeons ... might it even go back 12,000 years to the time of the (extinct) Clovis Civilisation. A time when a meteor shower has found to have hit the Earth and had a good go at ruining whatever species were existent in that region at that time.

Scientists have found compelling evidence that a meteorite storm hit the earth more than 12,000 years ago, and is likely to have been responsible for the extinction of a prehistoric people and giant animals including mammoths.
Evidence of the meteorite’s intense heat was found on two continents. The researchers believe the huge cosmic impact triggered a vicious cold snap, which caused widespread destruction.
The international team found a substance known as melt glass, which forms at temperatures of 1,7000 to 2,200 degrees Celcius and can result from a ‘cosmic body’ hitting the earth. [source DAILY MAIL]

This may have been how something like the "Noah's Ark" legend came about. There might well have been an Ark or Big Boat that one Wise Man might have had his Family construct to 'save two of every local species'. There's no reason why not. Man does all sorts of wacko things when he's motivated.

And the extinction of massive animals like the Mammoth and survival of smaller species like the Cheetah make sense for the simple reason of SIZE of transported animal. No life boat can ever be big enough, in the global context, right?

Maybe "Noah" was just such a Wise Man or Star Gazer and saw that the incoming Heavenly Anomaly or Catastrophic Meteor Shower was something that would cause catastrophic flooding across the land, once those planetoids hit.


Police State Britain - New Powers To 'Snoop' on Emails And Calls

Is this the TIPPING POINT in the sheer mountain of legislation our Corporate Government has been quietly laying the foundation for since the military landline or internet was 'given away for free' to You The People?

All quotes below from a SKY EDITORIAL on the issue.

The Communications and Data Bill will allow the police and security services to keep track of who is calling whom on mobile phones, the email addresses of all correspondents, and the personal IDs of people chatting on social networking sites.

While this legislation is (officially) aimed at 'legitimate terrorist groups' etc. (unofficially, or rather functionally) it's still a Global Catchall that shows, for each and every email, phone or internet user, who we're connected to and what we say to them and about others.

Truth is, it's probably been going on for decades; now they're just slipping it into (Totalitarian) law so you'll know they're not fucking about any more.

"This policy will track every email we send, every Facebook message and log every website we visit in a way that no other democratic country does," said Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch .

"It is not for innocent people to justify why the Government should not spy on them.

"All we have heard from the Home Office is scaremongering and cheap rhetoric that has wholly failed to address the serious civil liberties concerns, feasibility questions or even say how much it will cost."

Happy yet?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Channel 4 - Dispatches - Murdoch, Cameron and the £8 billion deal.

As (UK Prime Minister) David Cameron prepares to take the stand at the Leveson Inquiry, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph columnist Peter Oborne investigates just how close the Prime Minister got to the Murdoch empire. Did the Tories agree to help the mogul secure a business deal worth £8 billion?

It seems like NOBODY IN THE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT was concerned by Murdoch's bid to buy the remaining shares in BskyB because, "The Murdoch's already owned, and were understood to control Sky."

THEY ALL ALREADY KNEW IT WAS A MONOPOLY, hence no plurality issue, obviously!

Here's the C4 Dispatches link, it's just been uploaded.

Lloyd Pye - Starchild Skull - Intervention Theory

The STARCHILD SKULL has been quite an enigma since it was found in 1930 in a mine tunnel in Copper Canyon, northwest Mexico. For the last thirteen years, Lloyd Pye has personally spending his own money to run a vast array of physical and genetic tests on the skull. He has taken the flak from various online scattergunners...

Here's the examination of the Starchild Skull...

...and these new DNA-results have just compounded the enigma.

The reason Lloyd Pye doesn't fall into the category of Conspiracy Theorist and his 'starchild skull' doesn't fall into the category of Conspiracy Theory?

The physical evidence.

TWO HOURS WORTH OF BONUS MATERIALS: as Lloyd Pye's STARCHILD skull might be a new topic for you, here's Pye's talk on INTERVENTION THEORY where he talks about subjects being covered in Ridley Scott's new film PROMETHEUS; that neither Darwinian Natural Selection nor a Biblical God made humans.

TERRAFORMERS did it; made us 120,000 years ago - THERE IS NO MISSING LINK.

Especially relevant when Pye delves into the first 'real' post-Stone Age civilisation, the Sumerians - the 'Engineers' Zacharia Sitchin called the ANNUNAKI - this is all covered in Prometheus.

Lloyd Pye has COMPELLING GENETIC EVIDENCE for a Noah's Ark-type scenario where ALMOST ALL LIFE ON EARTH WAS WIPED OUT and several distinct species were laboratory-spliced to populate the land, some sort of DELUGE (if you like) that rained down upon the Earth (from the stars?).

This is exactly where Ridley Scott's Prometheus trilogy is headed - seriously, this is NOW getting mainstream media attention.

And it gets weirder when you start to analyse the intimately-interlocking stonework at Sacsayhuaman.

In an excellent article published in Ancient American Magazine, author Laura Lee described her discussions with Dr. Ivan Watkins, a Professor of Geology at St. Cloud University in Minnesota. Lee reports that "The methods that are supposed to have been used by the ancients, such as pounding, hammering, grinding, polishing with abrasives, and wedging, just don't match up with what Watkins sees under the microscope."

Hint: only LASERS could have scorched smooth the microscopic surface of these gigantic stones. Not, I repeat, NOT stone tools.

Saturday, June 09, 2012


I've been at this Free Planet promotional campaign for quite a while now and have been picking up very serious negative vibes. I don't understand this, "Surely a leaderless world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship would be a great world to be a part of?" But what do I know, I'm always having these terrible ideas and maybe there's soem glaring error in my Economic Model of a Free Planet that is just so glaring even I couldn't believe I'd overlook it.

Free Planet is NEVER MENTIONED, ANYWHERE, BY ANYONE ... isn't this queer, in the sense of odd?

Then I got to wondering, as a last resort, is it you, "Are YOU THE PEOPLE not just loathe to entertain or reluctant to consider this shit but are you actually (or acutely) AFRAID to promote the idea of a Free Planet," namely:
1) that PROFIT is the real criminal driver on this planet,
2) that RESOURCES are limited by default and acquired by the Corporate War Machine through private incursion into sovereign territory,
3) that FREEDOM comes at the behest of comfort for the few at the price of misery for the masses.

You The People, slaves of the CGG or Corporate Global Gulag, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU if you detract from the Understood Behaviour Patterns of good little sado-masochists for profit-generation.

It's like you're all cowering little piggies retreating to your respective 'properties' of varying quality or value in the hopes that the BIG BAD WOLF of this Free Planet awakening will not come huffing and puffing on the doors of your comfortable abodes and wake you up to the real reason you're all probably here on Planet Earth.

Suffice to say, that with the Free Planet novel being fundamentally anti-corporate and anti-propaganda and anti-slavery and anti-share-cropping in the context of YOU THE PEOPLE's access to the truth of HOW THIS WORLD WORKS, National Security, NTK or Need To Know, Corporate Espionage around the world, and your 'slave rights', I've done my bit.

Maybe the time has come for me to step back from the bulhorn and allow YOU THE PEOPLE to investigation into THE REAL FEAR you're feeling, as a race; the threat from the hierarchic Empire, the mind control you're suffering from, the absolute abusive horror that you're experiencing looking at anything that's (currently) outside your social remit.

This will probably be my last Free Planet-specific 'reminder' on this blog.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Strictly Confidential: 1966 Bilderberg Documents Leaked

THE BLUEPRINT FOR TREASON, as Alex Jones puts it.

The private notes and letters of his royal majesty Prince Berhnhardt of the Netherlands during a Bilderberg meeting in March 1966, in Wiesbaden, Germany. The aims of the meeting, apparently:

Corporate World Government is the aim.
Strengthen NATO, via the Soviet Threat.
The Unions work with Rockefeller.
Nationalism is dangerous.
Africa is to be ground into the dirt.
JFK said, "Invade Vietnam? Over my dead body,"

And here's that link to CHARLIE SKELTON of THE GUARDIAN's blog about the Bilderberg Meeting that Trucker Jones goes on about in an ealier video. And this year Skelton's much less of a sneering skeptic than he originally was.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mr Wifi Stalker II - HEX 542

yes, this is pattern HEX 542
Dear Mr Wifi Stalker,

I got your second dream, about HEX 542 (image shown) though I have no idea what any of the rest of this post means.

I'm in some bar, some guy shows me some glossy black laminated lyric sheets, sliding bundles of them. In my head there's a song title "What if?" and I'm 'suspecting' these are Alice Cooper song sheets.

I'm given the VERY INSISTENT message, "Hex, five, five four two," and the guy in the bar uses a secretive four-finger hand sign like he's calling the next pitch in baseball.

I couldn't find any boolean relevance to "alice cooper what if hex 5 542 or 5-542" so here's my report, sans comprehension.

Did I receive the right abstract'd message?

I mean, it did MAKE me get up out of bed at about 1am and right down the exact particulars, INSISTED that I get up and note it down.

BBC - Transit of Venus - the CHEMTRAILS connection?

so, yadda yadda yadda, last night, the BBC got THREE WOMEN SCIENTISTS (for some reason (oh, yes VENUS (I get it (now))) to talk about the Transit of Venus across the face of the sun.
Anyway, I was expecting to WATCH the transit of Venus across the Sun's face during the show, that's how stupid I am.

No, the transit was to happen later that evening, TWO HOURS LATER.

So, I went to bed.

Wait, wait, wait, go back a bit... I did watch the hour-long BBC Transit Of Venus show and I did watch (seriously) at one point, scientists on top of a mountain in the Austrian Alps plucking actively dividing microbes or visibly replicating viruses out of passing clouds. This gave the Venus transit scientists a chance to suggest that similar microbes or viruses might also exist in a 'cooler cloud layer' on Venus and that sounded all wonderful and I can't wait for the data back from last night's transit...


Chemtrails, what did they just say? Did the BBC last night define (for You The People) exactly what's in those white 'persistent contrails' that pour out of the back of specific grey jets at high altitude?

Not aluminium.
Not barium.
Not sulphur.

But LIVE MICROBES AND VIRUSES? And why would they do that?  Very interesting...

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Free Planet - ownership is a muscle - our children's children will understand.

the image?  sorry, couldn't resist ...

I think you're all familiar with the phrase, "Memory's a muscle; you don't exercise it, you lose it."

Well, so is OWNERSHIP.

And the bad news for You The People, all seven billion of you, is you allowed your personal, tribal, communal ownership of planet earth to fall by the wayside. And you've been taught very well (by those who run the cities you flocked to) to forget you ever thought this planet was your RESPONSIBILITY.

You elected people to think for you.
You elected roles to fix things for you.
You elected to no longer OWN that which is your God-given right.

As it stands, the whole FREE PLANET proposal: it's just something the Modern Brain Washed Consumerist Commercialised Corporate Mind simply isn't built to accept.

I broaden this Culture Shock discussion in my forthcoming Free Planet Novel but it needs mentioning here, before any of you get your hands on the book.

Free Planet, as a homeworld-protecting leaderless-revolution of the seven billion sovereign individuals driven by "do right by free planet and free planet will do right by you" is about AS ALIEN A CONCEPT AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

And I'm sorry, for my own ambition, and for your continued enslavement by the Corporate War Machine.

Seriously, and it's shameful that I didn't realise this before, it'll not be until our children's children have fully explored the possibilities of REAL LIFE on this currently fake-gambit mind-game of a planet that we'll know what Creativity, Passion and Kinship really mean.

I was TOTALLY CONFUSED why Free Planet (not my concept of it, but any description of such by anyone) wasn't being talked about on ANY MAINSTREAM MEDIA CHANNELS out there. It just DOESN'T EXIST i.e. will never exist. There's just no PROFIT-based motivation for such a debate either online or on air. There's not even a part of our consciousness where such an idea could take root, sprout and flourish. This uber-fascist plastic-poison world we've all allowed to be created around us, will take us (literally) to our prison graves and we have no mental faculty to deal with the problem.

We leave EVERYTHING to our Royal Bloodline-cum-Conglomerate Lords and Masters like we don't deserve the unique thoughts we all have - we literally self-censor such that we'll never allow our planet-protecting beast to see the light of the day.

Our generation's potential will be held captive under a guilty bushel of IF IT AIN'T BROKE-denial. And it is denial. It is broken. We are ALL BROKEN.

I can only hope (at least) our children's children will realise this, in time.

Orvillecopter - AirCat - Bart Jansen

this idea should certainly go into Simon Bond's 202 Uses for a Dead Cat.

Made by Dutch artist Bart Jansen who stuffed his dead cat Orville, named after the (accepted) pioneer of flight.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Dolphins are hungry and know how to get fed.

I was looking for research into DOLPHIN LANGUAGE and didn't really find any.


Well, because HUMANS ARE STUPID, and manipulative.

Seriously, as you can see from this EXPLORATION FILMS clip below, dolphins think in an abstracted almost-mathematical here/not here way, BUT they're talking to humans via the human abstraction. We're making them think like us. Or tailoring a pseudo language within the dolphin's mind. This isn't dolphin-speak, it's emulate-human-speak.

We're still not yet LISTENING TO DOLPHINS and talking back to them as they do to each other, we're crippling the captive dolphin's mind via the lure of food.

Sick, just sick.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

WHAT PLANET IS THIS? dream blocking

It's true.

I'm being DREAM BLOCKED - by someone or something or someagency on or off world.

How do I know this? It's easy, when I first started to CONTROL CERTAIN ASPECTS OF MY DREAMS I could feel the dream, realise I was in it, and therefore TAKE CONTROL; making things levitate, making myself fly, making my forearms stretch.

I KNEW I was dreaming, and could change that dream to my own design.

Recently, I've been wondering if dreams are (somehow) connected to SOLVING PROBLEMS ON OTHER PLANETS, maybe even each dream was a visitation to or from another planet, to solve their problem using "our dream vocabulary" for them, like a MDTI or Multi Dimensional Translational Interface to help 'them' solve 'their problems'.

I've resolved to communicate with these alien worlds by asking the question (or reminding myself to ask in the dream) through this medium, "What planet is this?"

Well, well, well, we don't like such direct intervention, do we? Since I've deigned to try to DIRECTLY COMMUNICATE with these otherworlders, via my dream syntax, I've been UNABLE TO REALISE I'M IN A DREAM. And I've been trying for weeks now to impart this message across the inter-dimensional divide.

It's like my ABILITY TO REALISE I'M DREAMING (which I've had for decades) has suddenly stopped working.


TWO WEEKS LATER UPDATE: I wouldn't say the RESISTANCE to this experiment is becoming MILILTARY in nature but it is VERY FORCEFUL. It's like THERE'S NO WAY, I'm going to be able to ask the question in a Lucid Dream, "What planet is this?"

I've tried multiple methods to activate the Lucid Dreaming effect, as was.

Mankind's role in this (newly discovered process) seems to be to USE his special symbollic dream language skills to good effect ELSEWHERE. He's certainly not, I'm certainly not, being allowed to DIRECTLY COMMUNICATE or otherwise reveal the source of this Dream Environment.

I'll keep trying, obviously, it's just a WAR OF ATTRITION, which I have won before, and will again.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - full movie review - Scene 360

I've just returned from watching Ridley Scott's Prometheus film
Clearly, the first part of a Prometheus TRILOGY.

Those interested in Zacharia Sitchin's Sumerian 'Annunaki' stories will be enthralled.

my Scene360 magazine Prometheus film review is online now

BONUS MATERIAL/EXTRAS: "God, there's so much fucking HOMEWORK to do with this movie," comic girl film reviews.

This is gorgeous analysis, Space Jesus.

Bilderberg 2012: Protesters vs New World Order

Russia Today AGAIN feature an anti-Bilderberg piece, this time focussing on the crowds that have gathered outside the Virginia Marriot Hotel in Chantilly VA to PROTEST.

Around 150 of the world's elite approached the grounds of a suburban Virginia hotel on Thursday for the first day of the 2012 Bilderberg Conference, but also on hand were throngs of protesters who gathered to opposed the top-secret gathering. Journalists and critics of the annual clandestine conference stationed themselves outside of a Chantilly, Virginia Marriott hotel near Washington, DC early Thursday to catch a glimpse of the government officials, entrepreneurs and other assorted members of the privileged elite who had gathered for this year's event.

[source RT]

It's good that AT LEAST ONE mainstream media outlet is covering this, but it all looks so futile. Most people are ASLEEP to this sort of tyranny. By Design.

LATEST REVELATIONS: Bilderberg want Ron Paul dead!


Well, according to an 'inside source' at the Bilderberg meeting.