Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Planet - Stockholm Syndrome - why you'll never be free

You've all heard of Stockholm Syndrome, right, where traumatised kidnap victims start to sympathise with their captors no matter how brutal or alien?

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other." [source: WIKIPEDIA]

That's what we all share, myself included - TRAUMATIC BONDING, from birth that leads to  strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.

"But we haven't been kidnapped. We're not all being held hostage, Mike!" you scream your denial at the computer screen at your clever little touch screen like all the consumer-deafened world.

"Oh, yes, you have been kidnapped; you are being held hostage," comes the calm response. Yes, you are suffering under the reality of mass-delusional Stockholm Syndrome.

You are all (all of you) sympathisers with your heartless corporate captors. What are jobs? What are cars? What are mortgages? What are dues to pay? What are loans? What is rent, and rates, and taxes but Gods to bow down to, Deities to worship and stand.under? What are birth certificates and private ownership and legal passports but tattooed arms around your throat, choking the life from you day by day? What are all these 'societal inventions' if not MECHANISMS FOR YOUR TOTAL COMPLIANCE to the whim of your ruthless captors, the global conglomerate money makers?

And you love it ... or at least you seem to. Let's say you've 'grown to live with it', within its laid-down arbitrary strictures, docile; like lambs to the slaughter. Forget vendetta, forget revenge, forget 'getting even'. You certainly don't need to engage in Civil War to change the way your world works.

You only have to think. You have to renounce all that society demands of you; let loose your Consumerist education; your need to BUY. Your slavery to the dollar, the yen, the yuan, the drachma, the euro, the rupee, the unit of gold/silver that ruins the act of living.

You all know the difference between right and wrong - you all know what to do.

You only have to DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET and it's all yours, for everyone to share - right now, TODAY. But you're suffering from the empathy with captors thing, called Stockholm Syndrome. You're weak, you've been trained like a dog; you are their bitch. You'll never claim REAL OWNERSHIP of PLANET EARTH for your children's children, it's something you can't even comprehend. You'll never admit that you're in a precarious situation at the hands of your GAME PLAYING captors. You believe, no you're certain, that they won't kill you all if it means THEY WIN.

You will NEVER 'do right by free planet' because you're already enslaved to the ipod, the wifi, the TV, the radio, the landlords, the bosses, the priests, the politicians, the middlemanagers, the psychiatrists, the emperors, the ego-maniacal military RULERS OF THE WORLD; you believe what they're doing to be right and free. You believe you are free, truly free, to do what you are told, to watch what you are told, to buy what you are told: any lie. Any half-truth, in the name of fake-salvation; in the name of your God, CORPORATE PROFIT.

Your children's children won't see it either; unless....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

new wave thinking - parasitic interstellar travel - there's always a bigger fish

we concentrate, as a scientific race, far too much on the application of our vast intelligence to power us across the universe. But this thinking will never help us to cross the vast interstellar distances like this, it'll just all take too long to 'get up to speed', cruise through space for millennia, then 'decelerate at the other end'.

"There's always a bigger fish," Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

We should lsten to this 'jedi master' and LOOK FOR THAT BIGGER FISH, out there in the universe. It's time we invest some observational tech on looking for the BIG STUFF, the universal carrier pigeons that are already spanning the universe, already leaping from galaxy to galaxy. We need to raise our mathematical-navel-gaze up from the Planck Length where Science thinks answers may lie and concentrate on the more-holistic MACROSCOPIC UNIVERSE so that we can take advantage of the natural phenomena that are already active in intergalactic travel.

In the same way that a tick hitches a ride on the flank of a wildebeest, covering far more distance as a PARASITE than it ever could crawling through the enormous stalks of the grass lands.

I suspect (though I have no proof) that there are VAST intergalactic entities/organisms/lifeforms grazing on space, large as galactic clusters, physical anomalies that allow SMALL STUFF like us to 'hitch a ride through space on the back of them'. You might want to call it 'extra dimensions' but you don't necessarily have to, it's just A VERY BIG THING that could carry something very small on its moving surface. A turtle in a gulf stream. A barnacle on a whale. A spherical being that can leap the distance of light years in the twitch of its multidimensional surface.

FLIP, and you're there.

Darryl Robert Schoon - Transglobal Productions Ltd - September 11th 2001

This show explains how Darryl Robert Schoon came to understand the reasons behind the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. The attack was not a random act of violence by Muslim terrorists. Not only was the US government involved, the Federal Reserve was involved as well. [source SKOON WORKS]

According to Darryl Robert Schoon, General Robert E Cushman USMC (i.e. ex-head of the United States Marine Corps, and former deputy director of the CIA) was chairman of a supposed movie production company LOOKING FOR FUNDS TO SUPPORT THE AFGHAN RESISTANCE (the Mujahideen, as they were called, back then prior to 9/11).

Transglobal were looking for $500,000,000 back in 1983, from the Saudi Royal Family???

Because you're an impatient beast, I recommend you skip over the first marketing preamble, jump to 00:15:00 for the relevant documentation. The 9/11 material/connection arrives at 00:24:00 and gets 'real greasy' at 00:35:00 involving a certain New York-based global banking institution. It's an intriguing (documented!) story, and I love Schoon's forthright delivery.

"9/11, you're too afraid to ask. You're afraid of the answers. I had the story...nobody would publish it. Nobody," reports Schoon.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Even the Rain - Icíar Bollaín - superb and poignant.

Yeah, after 500 years, nothing much has changed.

In her astonishingly good film EVEN THE RAIN, Spanish film director Icíar Bollaín brings together a stunning cast including Gael García Bernal, Luis Tosar and Karra Elejalde to show how NOTHING MUCH CHANGED once the evil Christopher Columbus had had his evil way with the people of Las Americas in 1511.

The contemporary setting for the documentary about Christopher Columbus's (and eventually Cortez's) DECIMATION of the indigenous peoples he found on the NE coast of what became South America is BOLIVIA, namely Cochabamba scene of the actual water-privatisation riots in 2000.

You live and die in mortal sin for the cruelty and tyranny done against these innocent peoples. With what right and by which justice do you hold these people in such horrible servitude? By what authority do you carry out such detestable wars against the people of these lands – people so meek and peaceful?…Are these not human beings? Do they not have rational souls? Are you not obliged to love them as yourselves? Do you not understand this? Do you not feel this? How can you be in such a profound and lethargic slumber? [source Antonio de Montesinos, Hispaniola, 1511]

It's a film full of irony and the power of corruption where Profit is King, you slaves.

Why don't you get this - PROFIT IS KING.

Who would trust a ROBOTIC CAR?

you hear this argument again and again, mostly sponsored by the Car Companies themselves in advert after advert...


I mean, "Isn't it better that you, as the driver are in IN CONTROL?" this is just automatic vs stick-shift or starched shirt and tie vs open-neck collar.

It's more about 'style' or 'presentation', than it is about the Freedom of Driving.

Do you worry about lack of driver control when you travel in an elevator (lift) in a high-rise building or office, or an escalator at the mall, or a walkway at the airport?
Do you worry about lack of driver control when you commute to and from work on a train or underground alongside thousands of other trusting commuters?
Do you sit there in the back of a fucking taxi cab or limousine sweating and shaking like a paranoid Arnie wondering if your lack of driven control will result in a massive pile-up due to not knowing the driving credentials of your driver/chauffeur?

In 2010, (in UK) the police recorded 1,850 deaths, 22,660 people seriously injured and 184,138 who received light injuries (from road accidents). [source BBC] in a comparison survey less than 100 people were injured on the rail network, that's TWENTY TIMES LESS deaths.

"But Mike," you're all so kind to remember my name like that, "what about CHOICE?"

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE, your only role is PROFIT-generation for Enormous Global Conglomerates.

You 'could' design a free-form user-interfaced get-from-A-to-B transport system that 'just got you there and back'. You could even adapt the MLITARY SPY SATELLITE system or a CELLULAR HIVE SYSTEM to auto-guide you to your google-Earth'd destination. You could standardise all transport systems so that anyone can go anywhere without thinking about style or presentation or choice. You could open up the borders to Total World Travel for anyone, anywhere... FOR FREE.

But that's what these greedy bastards call a Broken Paradigm, or choked off profit stream (sic)... and noone wants that, no matter how antiquated it is to steer and navigate and gear change and highway code check on the fly, in REAL TIME. No matter how dangerous. No matter how many casualties. No matter how tiring and stressful and insane it is to restrain a soft, squishy human inside a STEEL CAN. You're a prisoner inside your commercial status.

"But my car's my life, it has all I need inside it, it's my mobile office, my living space, my entertainment zone all crammed into one, gimme more time behind the wheel, stuck in traffic, getting nowhere..." ya know, this kinda post just wasn't written for your Kind.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dr John Coleman - develops BLINDING HEADACHE during interview - Ground Zero Media

anyone who's familiar with the Free Planet blog will know I've featured both Maximillien De Lafayette (Nazis, UFO researcher etc.) and Dr John Coleman (Tavistock mind control, Committee of 300 etc.) before.

Earlier this year, Maximillien De Lafayette seems like he was 'asked' to stop talking to Ground Zero Media radio show's Clyde Lewis (live on air) - he just said, "I can talk about this no longer, I must go." this was like half-way through his alloted time on the show.

Well, a similar thing's just happened to Dr John Coleman on Clyde's latest show. Coleman gets a 'headache' and has to 'bail'. Wow, is this really the Electromagnetic Mind Control assaults highlighted by Solaris Blueraven in the mid-2000's?

"During the break I developed a BLINDING HEADACHE, that suddenly came on during the break." Coleman exits at 35 minutes into hour two.


Host Clyde Lewis talks with DR John Coleman. Tavistock and how they want to rule the world.

Clyde Lewis continues his talk with DR John Coleman, untill DR. Coleman decides he has a severe sudden headache and must leave early... Coincidence?

And if you enjoyed those two parts, check out hour 3 (the callers) and hour 4 (the analysis).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Michael J Murphy - Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Cover-Up Exposed

because the skies over Oxford are this morning getting BOMBARDED with whatever/whyever are those long persistent contrails (aka chemtrails) in the sky, I've decdied to feature BOTH FILMS of documentary film-maker Michael J Murphy who gets the big introductory preamble/interview on Infowars with Alex Jones showing a Metal (brain poison) Future most of the population a) wouldn't want or b) aren't aware of:

Aluminium, Barium and Strontium are the major findings in people's brains!

WHAT in the world are they spraying - deals with the content of commercial jet engine exhausts.

WHY in the world are they spraying - deals with the reason for this crap pouring out of commercial jet engine exhausts.

Closing statement from WHY: "I believe that we collectively, as human beings, as humanity, have the power and the ability to STOP these damaging programmes."

FREE PLANET, that's where all our minds should be at.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

are we witnessing a new Maoist 'Cultural Revolution'?

and I'm not talking about China; China's already undergone its own Mao-fuelled CULTURAL REVOLUTION.

I'm talking about the West, that's you and me, US.

Are we being PUSHED in the direction of some pseudo-Maoist CLEANSING of the old guard, the politicians, the movie stars, the middle managers? "But that's not happening, Mike, what are you talking about?" Well, in essence, I'm talking about the lionisation of such 'claims to fame & wealth'. There are many alternative media shows (whatever their role in the global agenda) who're calling for hangings and shootings of 'the elite' in the name of rebalance, redistribution of wealth, reorganisation of the Corporate Proletariat.

Remember, to be able to 'return the wealth' to The People, you have to BREAK THEM; you have to subject them to years, decades, of oppression - you have to take EVERYTHING, they've taken for granted for generations of family tree, from them. You need them stripped and ready to do your bidding. Isn't this what's going on in the West right now, so that PRODUCTIVITY can be improved and GDP reborn?

Red Guards (groups of youths who banded themselves together) encouraged all the youth in China to criticise those who Mao deemed untrustworthy with regards to the direction he wanted China to take. No-one was safe from criticism: writers, economists and anyone associated with the man Mao considered his main rival – Liu Shao-chi. Anyone who was deemed to have developed a superior attitude was considered an enemy of the party and people. [source THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION]

The Party and People, really? Is that where we are, right now? The voting 'many' syphoned off into some useful 'mob' mentality for Private Gain by the Conglomerate PERSONALITY? Are the internet 'many' (the new Red Guard) being coerced into calling for the death and destruction of T.H.E.Y. i.e. The Hierarchy Enslaving You?

Different things amuse different people at different times, and cramming everyone into the WORKER pigeonhole just doesn't work. Some people might consider themselves 'workers' for a cause at some part of their lives and 'no longer workers' at an earlier or later part of their lives. Diversity is the key here. We are NOT a workforce to be used against those who've used or abused the broken PROFIT-driven global financial system that's ruining Free Planet -  a Free Planet that's always been here, all around us, begging for PROTECTION - we are all individuals with our own roles to play in 'how the world works'.

However, the enthusiasm of the Red Guards nearly pushed China into social turmoil. Schools and colleges were closed and the economy started to suffer. Groups of Red Guards fought Red Guards as each separate unit believed that it knew best how China should proceed. In some areas the activities of the Red Guard got out of hand. They turned their anger on foreigners and foreign embassies got attacked. The British Embassy was burned down completely. [source THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION]

Here in West, we're dilligently taught that 'productivity is king' but this is insane - Economic Growth equates with increase in the growth of populations which is a drain on global resources, by definition - productivity and population are directly linked via Insurance Policies taken out against Loss or Loans taken out against Future Productivity via Promised Earnings/Returns.

It's all just an insane game, DON'T BE A PAWN for the game players - chaaange it.

the 1950's town of FANTARTA

of course I've never heard of this legendary place, it doesn't exist - and an internet search turns up a big fat zero results.


But DREAMS (whatever this nighttime communication system is) ARE STRANGE, and I remember it was something about shifting some valuable asset through some 'route' and I'm thinking STARGATE or some other form of PORTAL in the 1950's. Of course there was no special effects 'magic' for the trans-dimensional transition, it was merely a case of WALKING the material from their time to ours; like pushing a wheel barrow from grass to gravel...

The dream ended with commentary about the asset as being passed through in the 1950's "through the (mining?) town of FANTARTA". Could it be some (shrugs) 'invented project name' for something that actually happened or just the (more likely) dreamy ramblings of an 'over-tired mind'?

What does it mean, to you, the name of this fictional TOWN? I'm hoping who(what)ever sent me the insistent (get up and write it down) dream message, at about 6:30 a.m. GMT will let me know. Message received but not understood.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

born in 1812 - Bowhead Whale - a 200-year-old mammal

The bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) is a baleen whale of the right whale family Balaenidae in suborder Mysticeti. A stocky dark-colored whale without a dorsal fin, it can grow to 20 m (66 ft) in length.

This thick-bodied species can weigh 75 tonnes (74 long tons; 83 short tons) to 100 tonnes (98 long tons; 110 short tons),[3] second only to the blue whale, although the bowhead's maximum length is less than several other whales.

It lives entirely in fertile Arctic and sub-Arctic waters, unlike other whales that migrate to feed or reproduce to low latitude waters. It is also known as Greenland right whale or Arctic whale. American whalemen called it the steeple-top, polar whale,[4] or Russia or Russian whale.  
The bowhead is perhaps the longest-living mammal, and has the largest mouth of any animal.[5]

DNA samples taken from living Bowhead Whales (nearly commercially fished to death) indicate a life-span of OVER TWO HUNDRED YEARS.

So, there's a Bowhead Whale alive today that could have been born back in Napoleonic times, 1812 or so.

X-Files, Prometheus, Avatar, The Thing - black oil, Marconi, blue aliens and the Falklands War

David Griffin (of Exopolitics UK)'s latest topic is the investigation of BLACK OIL, black goo, black liquid (this intelligent SENTIENT fluid) that you find in such films/series as The X-Files and Prometheus and has an arctic connection with The Thing film(s).

Of particular relevance, the Falklands War was called OPERATION CORPORATE.

Very interesting, after the film of the Thule base's SAS SBS destruction during Operation Keyhole, 01:00:00, where Joanne mentions,"That's a Phil Schneider event," my machine turned off completley. It's a very reliable machine. It never does that.

Notice that, at the end of this first video, 01:24:24, when they're talking about the mysterious Marconi deaths, that started after the end of the Falklands War and surged forward aka ESCALATED towards the start of the Gulf War in 1987. CORPORATE war for BLACK GOLD?

And don't forget all those mysterious BioChemist deaths since 2001, too.


David Griffin's report on the Marconi deaths, and the strange Black Goo,or intelligent nano oil, continues with a brief recap in Part 3 (below) and the Gulf Oil spill in Part 4 (below).

I kinda like the way the normally-skeptical Miles interrupts the interview to talk about the SENTIENT BLACK 'OIL' that's attacked his electronic work for both BBC, SKY and PIRATE RADIO. Sounds like it's a presence rather than a liquid that is resident within our electromagnetic net, our computers, our energy system. What have we given birth to???

This final video closes on what can only be described as a CLASH OF THE INTERNATIONAL TITANS in the vicinity of the Gulf Oil Spill, a submarine stand-off between subs from USA, UK and Israel AND THE REST OF THE WORLD, including France, who seems to have had a sub go in and try to sample EXACLTY what the Deepwater Horizon was drilling so deeply for under the landing zone of the gulf meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Black Ooze Wars, in a nutshell. Aaron McCollum described a 'similar standoff' in the Gulf of Aden rambling on about his ridiculous Stargate stuff.

"If we lose our oceans, we lose the planet," UNQUOTE.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sarah Stanga - spiritual truth movement - deprogrammers stalking victims

According to Duncan O'Finioan, Sarah Stanga was born into a multi-generational bloodline. Her past life history, birth charts, genetics, and natal place of birth positioned her to be targeted from childhood as a subject for elite ritual ceremonies, programming, and genetic experiments related to MILABS (military abductions) and MK_ULTRA-type secret projects.

Here, she rails against so called Deprogrammers stalking the truth movement.


Max Keiser predicts CIVIL WAR in America before April 2013

Max Keiser predicts CIVIL WAR in America before April 2013, due to global fiat money collapse. He suggests that China pulling out of the propping up of American Debt will be the trigger. That and the upward move in interest rates. China are buying GOLD and investing in their own gold-backed currency?

2008 was a pre-cursor to how bad it'll get, 2013 will be CATASTROPHIC for everyone.

Max says, "Is there any way to stop this? No, there's no way to stop this. Systems Analysis says that when you complicate a system to the degree that this has been compromised and complicated, there's a 99.9% probablility of total and utter collapse before April 2013. There is only one possible outcome, 'Civil War in America,' inter-generational; destitute young versus capitalist old."

We can apply Max's Systems Analysis of the BROKEN/LEVERAGED/OVER-COMPLEX banking/trading system to the BROKEN/LEVERAGED/OVER-COMPLEX covert/intelligence system, no?

Research Trading Term: PUMP & DUMP.

MONTH LATER UPDATE: well it's now the 17th of April and (despite the Boston Marathon incident (despite World War Z (despite Man of Steel))) there's no Civil War in USA.

Friday, August 17, 2012


I'm talking of course about the always poignant life-commentary of a young Texan man by the name of William Melvin Hicks, take it away sir.

Now, and here's the REAL kicker, I've been asked A LOT lately on forums and directly via the Free Planet blog.

"Come on then, Philbin, (they always talk like this) how do we 'do right by free planet'?" to which I've wanted to respond KILL YOURSELVES.

Seriously, it would help. Your conditioned kind are only confusing the very simple message here. Kill yourselves. Propaganda and Lies from PERFECT GAME PLAYERS who've been playing this game of Global Risk for aeons expect that you'll continue to support them with your taxes, your slave wages, your mortgages, your souls. Killing yourselves NOW stems all your future pain as your complacent arm-round-prison-food Hell crumbles around you. Kill yourselves is a good thing, as far as Free Planet works. It's better than confusing every simple issue with question after question, when what's needed is ANSWER AFTER ANSWER.

Mike, I've found out how we can live without money.
Mike, I've found out how we can use solar energy like plants do.
Mike, I've found out how we can banish oursleves positively from the surface of this near-ruined planet and allow a REGROWTH; a replenishment.

It can be done, we have answers.

Those are the real, tangible things FREE PLANET wants to hear about, that you're ON BOARD, that you're WILLING TO HELP, that you're gonna renounce all claim to LEADERSHIP and OWNERSHIP and THE WORTHLESS EVERYDAY STRUGGLE TO ATTAIN MORE AND MORE PROFIT FOR YOUR FUCKING AMORAL OVERLORDS while milllions of living, breathing people in enemy countries are victimised, gookised and literally starved to death; humanity under siege. Since the Roman Empire went insane with Gladiatorial ego, vast species of plants and animals have being DRIVEN TO EXTINCTION. Two thousand years later, that continues to happen at a greater and greater rate each Capitalist/Communist/Consumerist year.

You think I'm joking, don't you?

KILL YOURSELVES, it's not my Final Solution - Free Planet isn't mine, remember - but it wouldn't hurt. Seriously. DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET can be as positive or as negative a life-choice as you wanna make it. But you gotta start choosing between Eternal Corporate Terrorism (for their benefit, and fuck You The People) or SOMETHING THAT'LL HELP YOUR WORLD return to its former glory and wondrous bounty.

"THIS IS YOUR WORLD, ISN'T IT?" excellent closing statement for that youtube sequence and this post.

dreams - back with a ferocity - hyper-real hyper-surreal.

no specific content as a basis for another Dreams post, but ... just a general update about resolution and intensity.

The sheer REALNESS of the Dreams I've been having for the last week.

Scary realness.
Solid realness.
Sad realness.

Seriously, this shit feels like nothing like a re-sorting and compacting/integraton of the days events into the longer term memories already stored in the brain and more like ANOTHER LIFE.

It's like it has its own REALNESS and it's a solid, scary, sad realness I would have thought irrelevant to 'data storage'.

Very strange, very profound.

DAY LATER UPDATE: hyper-real, hyper-surreal!

Yeah, the content I don't wanna go into, but I'll relate SPECIFICS. I can't quite believe this level of anatomical detail. I have certain scars or blemishes on my body (just like you do) from injury or illness etc. Last night's dream MADE A POINT of bringing these tiny insignificant details to my full attention. Then proceeded to do some utterly brilliant, amazing, wicked and totally vivid things to my body so that I'd KNOW IT WAS (supposed to be) REAL. This had NOTHING to do with simple "dream = data compression" theory.

Of course, it was just a dream, but, man, that was TOO REAL.

NEXT DAY LATER UPDATE: gold stickers with writing on them being placed on my back not very subtly (I confronted the woman who was doing this) in a junk shop or thrift shop where (who I was with) chose a VERY OLD jigsaw with a very strange futuristic blue-plastic waxy covering that such an old item could never have.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

OMNICORP is creating a better tomorrow - One World Government viral R US

"Look, Mike, they're remaking an 80's film called ROBOCOP don't get your knickers in a twist," that's my knee-jerk reaction to this reboot, but I love the copywriting on the Official Reboot website.

is creating a better tomorrow.

In the 1980's the original ROBOCOP by Paul Verhoeven was a joke, "There'd never be a Fully Privatised police force, surely," and now it's happened. Imagine if international weapons companies (who usually make tanks and missiles to strip enemies of assets) focussed all their considerable resources and creative know-how on 'methods of civilian crowd control' would that tell you anything, yet?

Tacit agreement reinforced by clever Propaganda in the name of 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' means you 'had to' accept the National ID, taxes, prison ciites and all that crap - YOU WERE PLAYED.

Like everyone else who doesn't realise they're slaves to the Corporate War Machine.

Simple fact, Earth is a Fascist PROFIT state.

BETTER TOMORROW SPOILER ALERT: And while we're on the subject of A Better Tomorrow via Corporate Take-over of Governments in the name of PROFIT, watch this 'spoiler filled review' of the new Total Recall film from 'that man in Texas' Alex Jones:

So, what's with this plethora of 80's remakes like DREDD, DEATH RACE, TOTAL RECALL, ROBOCOP; and all of them stripped of their original motivation and cruelly updated to cover contemporary concerns of wage slavery?

FREE PLANET HEALTH WARNING: worrying excessively about this shit GIVES YOU CANCER.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aaron McCollum - the industry of MiLab - Military Abductions

"Aaron McCollum"
I've always suggested that most UFOs are military vehicles funded by the Black Ops Budget.

While alleged-US navy Coastguard whistleblower "Aaron McCollum" insists that there 'may be' good or benevolent E.T. abductions, he states that most so-called abduction experiences are indeed MILITARY ABDUCTIONS using special abductions teams armed with rohypnol and other mind-control drugs. And this includes, in my mind, really (in)famous abductions cases like Whitley Strieber's.

As it sounds like he himself is a victim of mind contron, I don't think Aaron knows everything about his real role in the MILAB scene, i.e. there may actually be NO ALIEN ABDUCTIONS and (as I believe) ALL UFO/ALIEN ACTIVITY is just your corporate government fucking around with you for their own PROFIT-driven purpose and/or benefit.

Remember, these Global Risk Game Players will use any tactic and trash any asset.

In this two-hour long interview on Pig Radio where Aaron is confronted by one of his MILAB abductee victims (Anya Briggs). Interesting media.

Wired magazine - pretty much EVERYONE is fat

now, I see so many annoying fucking things in this insane corporate world, but the one that pisses me off the most is THOSE WHO HAVE and THOSE WHO HAVE NOT; those who will eat tonight and those who won't eat this week.

We should all be SHARING the resources of this clever world, this fruitful bounty, all of us, all of humanity and ALL OF LIFE, both flora and fauna.

Wired magazine has just done an article charting the percentage of people (of, say, height 5 feet four inches) carrying MORE THAN THIRTY POUNDS OF EXCESS BODY FAT. I've added the percentage chart and three example images to show the thirty year spread of this survey.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spiritualism, aliens, otherworldly realms make me very angry.

I'm just getting angry all the time now; I feel CUT OFF from whatever everyone else is experiencing. Even though I'm convinced THEY'RE the deluded ones with their contacts hither and yon and their visions of angels and demons alike.

I know this is daft, I mean why would you even wanna read this, right? But it's like I've been BANISHED from interaction with the Spritual World or whatever the dimensions, spirit, soul, channeling, mediumship, psychic powers, ghosts, poltergeists, aliens, chakras, past lives are. I've never had direct contact with such an 'ethereal realm'.

In fact, it feels like I'm being deliberately blocked from having ANY DIRECT ((conscious)) CONTACT with this realm. And, yes, I understand the statement, "Practise makes perfect."

For me (and I know this) God is just a bad joke foisted upon sheople who deserve to be ruled.
For me (and I know this) Soul is something you listen to on phonograms at 33rpm or 45 rpm.
For me (and I know this) Spirit Guides just don't have the map to my conscious psyche, if they're helping me right now, I can't sense it, never have, there's just an emptiness where 'my spirituality' is supposed to be.

The 'and I know this' bit is VERY IMPORTANT, I'm one of these 'atheist types' who's even more fundamentalist as the most fundamental religious nut. I know there's gonna be THOUSANDS, literally thousands, of You The People out there screaming at me in all the multi-dimensional ways they can muster, "Mike, you have to open your heart to the reality of spirit!"

Or some such. You can shout all you like. It won't help me.

Believe me, I've tried, to believe, to activate, to use the skills that we're all supposed to possess; tried to be like all of you with your messages from beyond and your astro-physical contacts galore. But, there's nothing there, for me. And I'm not just saying this to feel superior. I'm most angry about my inability to see this 'other reality'. I'm angry like a paraplegic might be really angry about the loss or his/her legs or arms or the use of his spine. For me it's bricks and mortar and three score years and ten. Just awaiting my inevitable death some time in the next thirty forty years.

Why this should make me angry, I have no idea. But it seems like just a pointless waste of talent, you know IF WE ALL HAVE IT. Admittedly, I have my wonderfully vivid and wacky dreams which I've documented many times and have allowed to structure the narratives of almost any book I've ever worked on. But that's not a conscious decision on my part, it's about getting a daft image prior to waking and using it like I used to use a random squiggle to create an image when I was a kid passing time drawing with my mum at home. That's not a so-called 'spiritual life', imho.

Why make us not believe or doubt or not know the mechanism of activation? I mean, why hide this shit from us, FOR FUCK'S SAKE?

Why would anyone design a (extra-dimensional) communication system that is so closed off from the many?

SUMMARY: some would say I'm being PSYCHICALLY BLOCKED, but of course I don't believe that crap.

film preview - Branded - giant megacorp monsters

this film BRANDED looks like a version of TODAY'S RUTHLESS CORPORATE WORLD crossed with both THEY LIVE (1988) and HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING (1989).

Sorta looks kinda interesting, though it's not easy to guess where such a potent visual/conceptual/conspiracy mix might go, narratively.

Monday, August 13, 2012

You The People are the New World Order - you are the iRobot prophecy

yup, it's true.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER we're all hearing about on all sorts of insane radio/internet broadcasts, it's not some elite bankrollers orchestrating tactics and pulling strings on some global game of realtime RISK via supposedly bizarre sexual cults and rituals; it's YOU THE PEOPLE.

"Don't look any further," Bill Hicks 1992/3.

It's all those HARD WORKING CIVILIANS who think they're just paying bills and buying homes and running cars, patriotically living their American Dream but on a Global Scale of inception. You The People, complacent in your role as wage slaves as debt slaves as mortgage slaves as fuel and food and sewage slaves as utilities slaves, are literally powering the Elites so that they can fuck you even harder fattening their pockets while the keys to your ever-promised freedom fall through your threadbear pockets.

The Boogeyman Globalists aren't the (imagined) EVIL on this planet. You yourselves are the reason such Opportunism is really fucking up this planet in the name of Growth and Empire -- hell there's no such thing as 'evil' another stupidifying layer of the dumbification game you've allowed your children to be 'motivated' by.

It's the fault of You The People (the seven billion supposedly sovereign individuals) that there is a GLOBALIST ELITE who think you're nothing but scum. It's all your fault that there's a DEDICATED CAMPAIGN (by these psychopaths) against intelligence and learning and truth.  It's all your fault (You The People) that there's a VACCINE (to buy) for viruses that don't even exist, and that you're all working your asses off to collateralise a $600 trillion derivatives ass-suck.

You The People allowed your 'so-called elected leaders' to do all these things to the planet, hell you're probably working for companies that are DIRECTLY ruining this delicate homeworld, in the name of the-greatest-con-ever, PROFIT.

How happy do you feel that YOUR ACTIONS in YOUR COMPANIES or YOUR COUNCILS or YOUR CHARITIES are directly responsible for where we are today, as a Corporate iRobot race.

Imagine - Olympics montage of highest irony - London 2012

erm, seriously?


put the brakes on that train right now - without COUNTRY, there'd be NO OLYMPIC PRIDE.

None of the enforced Nationalism we've been subjected to over the last two weeks.

How dare the Olympic Contortionistas warp this classic Lennon song to its own nefarious aim.

Maybe the Olympic Committee really do understand Free Planet's message of LEADERLESS RESISTANCE to the Military Industrial Complex by no longer paying its murderous profit-driven benefits.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 London Olympics - closing ceremony tonight - Rio hand-over

lights, camera, action,
illuminati, witness, deed.

tonight 9pm is the closing ceremony,
where the Rio hand-over ceremony takes place.

four years ago, the Beijing Olympics hand-over ceremony included a 7/7-style London bus with its roof ‘blown off’ as part of the act.

for those who're noticing sevens
9/11 New York 2001 happened seven years before Beijing Olympics
7/7 London 2005 happened seven years before London Olympics

there was PLENTY of 'terror'ist activity in 1997,
seven years before the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics,
including the Luxor Massacre,
Russian and Indian train bombings
and three bus bombs in China.

Friday, August 10, 2012

brand new Free Planet video - seeing the obvious - do right by

Please share this vital EMERGENCY information with all your friends, relatives, colleagues, anyone and everyone; whether you're in China, India, Africa, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Australia, Ukraine, USA, Russia, Europe, the Pacific Islands, the Arctic or the Antarctic: share it with all seven billion people of Free Planet.

you might need to turn your volume up, this was done ON PURPOSE to help you to concentrate, listen; see:

Actually, the total lack of global discussion of this world-changing topic is bothering me QUITE A LOT. Does it all seem 'too easy' or something? Are you waiting for 'a catch'?

Are you'all actually AFRAID of a Free Planet?

if you enjoyed that, and want to know more, you might want to check out the other Free Planet videos, thus far.  DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET

film review - The Thing (2011) - Prometheus non-prequel?

The Thing (2011) goes back and examines the action in the Scandinavian base that took place just before the action in the American base in one of my MOST FAVOURITE films of all time, John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). I can't understand why this 2011 prequel got such an amount of stick from tonnes of reviewers, it really does all it needs to do. It's a worthy sequel, why?

"It does exactly what it says on the tin," in that it GETS YOU TO THAT POINT IN THE 1982 version where the dog-shooting action starts.

And it does it in a funny, intelligent and properly vicious and surrealistically f***ed-up-and-paranoid way, and there's social politics, too. It's all in there. Even the two-faced thing the Americans find and take back to base is here; we see its 'facial contact' origins. We see the suicides with icicles of blood and all'a that. There's even a sense of the musical beats from Carpenter's original, too. This film has its own 'alien test' and it's a corker, subtle; poignant. And this is an all-star Scandinavian cast, not just a bunch of actors putting on some funny accent - these are the creme de la creme, and it shows.

I sorta wished the whole 2011 film was in Scandinavian, with subtitles, that would have been 'icing on cake' but the American heroine was feisty enough - and that spaceship, real proper nice.

Anyway, if Ridley Scott's P R O M E T H E U S had just got on with 'scaring the shit out of us' and explaining, as Ridley Scott promised, how the Elephantine(spacejockey)Ganesha got to be in his timespace telescope chair with a hole in his chest, how/why it crash landed on LV-426, how/why the distress signal was activated, when he marketed that thing as a prequel, even if he only did it in the last five minutes as the The Thing 2011 prequel did, just tied it all together in two hours, maybe it wouldn't have got such 'stick' from the critics.

You could have inserted all'a that lovely black goo genetic stuff (though not necessarily as an Ancient People's pointing at a star constellation narrative device) and you wouldn't necessarily had to go through the whole xenomorph standards like facehuggers and chestbursters, and you could have still aimed your story DIRECTLY at Ridley Scott's seminal 1979 classic, Alien, without too much prequel pain (for the die-hard fan). Ya know?

Alara Blackwell - through the sun - all the stars are connected

"Alara Blackwell" is probably not her name. She alleges to have a MILITARY INTERFACE, connected to her brain that allows her to remote view Super Soldiers and guide them through battlefilds. She speaks in some 'alien tongue' that sounds like it has Russian/Arabic/Samoan roots, a verbal chimera.

So, I'm going, "This is just some American who was given too many drugs and suffered too much trauma during her Service to Uncle Sam," then she talks about TRAVELLING THE UNIVERSE.

Miles asks, "How do we get there, how does that JUMP happen?"

Alara says, "Through the sun. All the stars are connected."

Now, up until this point, I wasn't even gonna feature Alara. I was only really watching it because of what another AMMACH witness had said, refering to her case. I was thinking that if there were ever some sort of Alien Invasion, it'd look like a GHOST PLANET, like we'd been invaded by ghosts and orbs and poltergeists and such, Mediaeval stuff. Not 'monsters' or 'creatures'. I was gonna post about my dream last night where crumbling caves had to be evacuated, "you have four days left".

But then Alara said "all the stars are connected" and it made me think of my Feb 11 2012 post entitled the sun is an interstellar messaging device

And my Wardens of Pegasus post, made almost exactly one year previously.

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: Scuttler, Alara Blackwell has a theory why "we all hate spiders".

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Olympics Female Boxing - 17 y/o Claressa Shields - Flint Michigan

brutally redefining what it means to 'fight like a girl', SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD American female middleweight boxer Claressa Shields from Flint, Michigan, is like a boxing machine.

She's just demolished her opponent Marina Volnova from Kazakstan, literally took her to pieces in a perfect display of controlled aggression.

In this illustrative image, Shields (in blue) shows that she can not only hit the target but hit it with FORCE.

And the thing that's not conveyed by this action shot is the sheer number of punches that hit their target; one two three, six punch combinations. Even though she was caught on the ropes once or twice, all four rounds were just a text-book demonstration of how you take one's opponent apart.

Brilliant to watch; good luck to Claressa Shields in her forthcoming gold-medal bout.

DAY LATER UPDATE: of course, I missed Claressa Shields' Gold Medal Bout, suffice to say that SHE WON. Of course, she's quite an athlete.

Monday, August 06, 2012

solar incoming - no comets ever leave our solar system

according to Russian Scientists, and this applies to both natural bodies (asteroids) and artificial bodies (Voyager), NOTHING ever leaves our Solar System.

Just keep in mind that the recent MILITARY ALERT was a warning of major coastal flooding, not necessarily "Nibiru" that's supposed to be currently blasting through the asteroid belt and headed here in this space on August 14th-17th 2012.

Watch out for PROJECT BLUEBEAM and a Mass Round-up of some sort, is the general summary from all of this disinfo crap.

Happy to have voted these psychos in yet?

artist Alex Schaefer - he's got his chalk and he's not afraid to use it - against bankers

latest news from BURNING BANKS artist Alex Schaefer: now he's on the chalk assault, and getting thrown in jail for his non-permanent-media protest,

Free Planet - it was always there - see it, feel it, touch it, taste it.

panorama courtesy of Chris Kotsiopoulos

I was looking for a single image to exemplify my NEW DISCOVERY and this one from Greek photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos seems to fit the bill.

What's your new discovery, Mike?

"A brand new world, a Free Planet."

It was right there, ALL AROUND US, all the time. From the feel of grass between our toes to the sight of a starry sky spiralling above our heads. And everything in between...

They say 'we are all stardust' but this denegrates the reality. We are stardust, is the negative appraisal; it says 'we are dead', we have already 'passed away'.

WE ARE ALL STARLIGHT is a very different analysis of the same data. We may not all be glowing with nuclear potential, but our atoms (or what we believe to be such) are created in the hot cauldron of Star Formation. The remnant of that UNKNOWN star-formation process is with us to this very day. We're still vibrating with the energy of our Creation.

It was OUR TIME for a star to form in our region of space.
It was OUR TIME for a planet to form in our region of space.
It was OUR TIME for a vast Diversity to form in our region of space.

We are all the same thing, potentials made real - we're all born in the womb of the sun and all suns are born in the womb of the galaxy and all galaxies are formed in the ...  you get the idea, right?

Or do you?

Are you still searching for something EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL or SUPER-NATURAL or SPIRITUAL or FINANCIAL to fill your life? It's already all there within and without, you don't need anything else. You just have to see it, feel it, touch it, taste it. Be a part of something that's forever been greater than its constituent parts, not some Profit-chasing Game.

The REAL GAME is right here under your feet, THE PLANET UPON WHICH YOU LIVE. That's it. That's all you need. All of you. All life. Be a Custodian race, for the sake of all life. Protect that upon which you exist and your life will have all the meaning and beauty and passion and creativity and kinship it'll ever need.

FREE PLANET can't be created; it has always been there, waiting to be discovered.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

BBC - Gabby Logan - Team GB are spearheading the "New World Order"

Here's grinningly-blonde BBC sock-puppet Gabby Logan ziegheiling the NEW WORLD ORDER at the expense of Team GB, who've just won a men's gymnastics bronze.

They don't even react, don't know what she's saluting.

This shit is BLATANT, slaaam, right in your face, SLAVE!

IN LOCAL NEWS: a local reporter Ben Emlyn-Hughes has found the Common Purpose Oxford Head Quarters at Boars Hill. Just round the corner from where Free Planet has its base. It's an easy country walk from where I live.

Friday, August 03, 2012

artist appreciation - Ray Caesar

are you ready for Ray Caesar's EXTREME WORLD OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION?

Dr Steven Greer - the whole galactic community - concerned about our aggression

"Humanity is viewed with both hope, and promise - and some trepidation," Dr Steven Greer (of the Orion Project)is talking about how our planet is viewed FROM SPACE.

"Mankind had become a clear and present danger," says Greer, talking about our 'evolution' and 'transformation'.

I don't necessarily think there's ANY SPACE BEINGS (watching us), I personally think they're ALL (we're all) inter-dimensional. We're all energy, all of us are the same VIBRATION. That, considering the enormity of space, makes more sense.

I do believe that OUR FIRST ATOMIC test didn't just send up a RED FLAG to our galactic neighbours, I believe it might have INJURED many trans-dimensional races and BLACK LISTED US within our universal community.

I think we're A MARKED RACE.

DID YOU SEE IT? did the conspiratorially-theoretical eagle-eyed among you, of course you spotted the pyramid of the A in 'contact' in the logo for the 'countdown for transformation' but did you, spot the CAPPED PYRAMID logo on Greer's t-shirt?

Made me laugh ... then shudder. Then laught again.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Misclosure - AMMACH - Matt Todd

"Misclosure", that's the name Miles Johnston of UNDERGROUND VIDEO gives to the 'fake disclosure' that's on its way.

Matt Todd has a number of implants, which he explains and is suffering from. He desribes how our TV satellites are "blocked from access" as they are under hostile control. The Moon is also barred from Remote Viewing, and the discussion of the earth now being made into a quarantine zone, or Prison Planet, and weapons platforms all discussed.

Matt Todd is VERY GUARDED in this latest video, weirdly non-commital, careful.


Alex Jones talks with former Wall Street stockbroker and filmmaker Max Keiser about the continuing implosion of the economy as the euro crisis plagues global economies, cuts factory and productive output, stimulates endemic joblessness, and the Federal Reserve warns the economy may be stuck in permanent slow growth.

Keiser fingers HSBC for funding 9/11 - quite a bold statement.

There's a GROSS OMISSION here, in this interview, both Jones and Keiser KEEP GOING ON ABOUT 'your money' and 'your wealth' as if a GROWTH ECONOMY is something mankind should be inveting his Creativity, Passion and Kinship in. I know it SEEMS like a god thing that 'brave internet heroes' like Keiser and Jones keep asking for the arrest of bankers etc. But what'll happen is NEW GLOBAL RULERS will just slide into the gaps they leave behind them.

Fuck that shit, only a resolute CUSTODIAN fight (by the seven billion Free Individuals of Free Planet) that protects our delicate homeworld from the New World Order global empire, from the ravages of Corporate Greed in the name of PROFIT.

Come THE FUCK on!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Slave Society - too big to fail?

in November of 2010, I wrote the now-infamous
COMGLOMERATE PRISON PLANET TOO BIG TO FAIL post; back then it was one of the most-read posts on Free Planet.

But my 'message in a bottle' smashed on some rocky shore and WE FORGOT (or we forgave). I don't know which is worse.

Man, why can't you see it?

Why can't you see the Slave Society in which you live?

And I'm not talking here about western Capitalist Society, or eastern Socialist Society, or Islamic/Christian Society; it's NEVER that black and white, that cut and dry. It's never that simple. Society is a complex beast, political tides are changing all the time, Conservative becomes Labour, Despot becomes Democratic; yesterday's Caligula is today's Corporate Dream. But these are only peripheral or surface changes; the underlying state of human existence is that of THE SLAVE.

And it's been invested in by You The People for the last few thousand years, and YOU THINK (you actually believe (often with religious zeal)) that Slave Society is TOO BIG TO FAIL. In fact, you're told this day-in day-out. There's no bailout too big so that the monetisation of derivatives shouldn't continue.

You must believe this, otherwise you'd change it. You'd use your BIG BRAIN to understand the lie your life has become, the way you were shafted by successive rulers you thought you elected; this while you're STILL living in a land where a non-elected Coalition Government has the Queen's approval. Then what were all those Civil Wars all about? Who really rules, and is this slave organisation really too big to fail?

Sure, the girl in the chinese iphone factory gets her bills paid every month she doesn't commit suicide out of despair. But YOU ALL FORGOT again,


It has all the resources it will ever need. There's enough for everybody. And there's space for innovation, ethical local solutions to food, water, sewage, transport, soul etc.

We don't need empire cities. We don't need PROFIT-chasing rulers. We don't need institutionalised thought patterns and indoctrinated morality. We don't need resource-hungry sewers, bridges, modern non-healing construction, private land, security forces, mortgages, geographical borders that are forever needing our input, we're slaves to all of it.

Slaves to our working lives.
Slaves to our beliefs in a power higher than organic life.
Slaves to our weaknesses as thinking entities exploited by the intellectual parasites in this Slave Society.

We can have Diversities (where people congregate) and Diversity (where a planet is reborn and replenished) if we want, we just need to want it.