Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Free Planet - what do we prefer - War World

yeah, yeah, yeah, as you can see from the very cover of this blog, I wrote some books called Free Planet and War World. They're twin-fictional warring-trilogies. They're narratives I made up, mostly on the fly. But mostly they're personal reactions to my own polemic contention that mankind is only free once he's tasted prison. The six short novels of the 'free planet vs war world' thesis are my devil's advocate, if you will.

Why did I write them?

I don't really know. I discovered early on (whilst writing the first few entries of this free planet blog) that NOBODY KNEW WHAT A FREE PLANET WAS and this kinda annoyed and depressed me quite a bit. I couldn't believe that Most-People i.e. the media-educated masses of this godma'd world, don't care that they're slaves to debt that's controlled by the management of profit via patent and secret off-books manipulation of peoples and nations and theologies and mentality/beliefs by a handful of Mediators of The Now.

We are not a Free People.
This is not a Free Planet.
Most-People don't seem to care about this because...

"I'm alright, Jack," is the general guiding principal we're taught as kids. Are you all right? I am. Then what else do you need to know, desire, achieve? Nothing, sir. I need nothing. I am free. I am free. I am ... oh, a slave. Nothing more than that, it's just that Modern (debt) Slavery is cloaked in clever car adverts and gadgets you don't need and destruction of aboriginal lands and environments. But let's not talk about that. I'm okay, so why should I care how my Commercial Product makes it to the table?

I should look away, do my job and keep my mouth shut like a good Citizen.

Who are the Brits - Oppenheimer Wilson/Blackett - will 2017 be the year of Coelbren?

...back in 2015, I wrote about Stephen Oppenheimer's intriguing genetic research suggesting that the Brits might have actually been a Basque-refuge-remnant from the Great Neolithic Atlantic Trade Route age. What did these ancient people speak? Were they fascinating boat-builders or roaming beach-combers. What was their writing like? Were they Celts? Were they Druids?

This Christmas, while holidaying in Europe, I read Oppenheimer's 2006 book "The Origins of the British" which goes into much greater detail and leads directly into Welsh i.e. Coelbren, language territory.

But first, let's remember that Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have been doggedly researching the Two King Arthurs and the Ten Tribes of Israel for many a decade. There's nothing wrong with research, if you have the evidence, but for me Wilson/Blackett's far more important research concerns the ancient runic writing known as the Coelbren Script, pronounced Coilbrin...

The Coelbren Script

Where does the ancient-Welsh Coelbren Script tie into Oppenheimer genetic research  about the people of ancient Britain?

Any western migrating sea-faring or beach-combing nation of people who made it to Wales where their proto-Welsh ancient language-speakers might have also repopulated the western Atlantic coast of Europe several times since the Neolithic age. If so, maybe the Coelbren Script was written BY the Welsh-Basque Druids(?) and re-exported a millennia or so later via the Phoenecian shipping lanes as a Lingue-Europa or Unified Trading Language.

Somebody needs to write the book called THE ANCIENT JOURNEY OF THE KHUMRIC PEOPLE and make a film of it...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ridley Scott 2017 trailers - Blade Runner 2049 - Alien Covenant

Harrison Ford: (pointing his iconic pistol) I had your job once. I was good at it.

Ryan Gosling: Things were simpler then...

Blade Runner 2049, executive produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Denis Villeneuve, music by Johann Johannsson, looks like THE BUSINESS.

DECEMBER 28TH UPDATE: back from a media-isolated Xmas in Europe and I've just discovered that this (other highly-anticipated Ridley Scott project) trailer just came out... erm, not sure what to make of it yet. I think I may love-hate it.

Puff-ball mushrooms infecting the universe with Dark-Goo nanites?  No (new) planet is safe... :)

RE: THERE WAS A BOY: notice that the above Alien:Covenant trailer AND Blade Runner (1982) both begin with an opening (>>illuminati<<) and reflective shot of an ANDROID'S EYE. This time, older... and (this time) wiser?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Electric Universe - Younger Dryas - Gobekli Tepe

Okay, I'm going to try to keep this short and simple.

11,000 BC or so, after a period of relative warming since the last major Ice Age, there was a mini ice age event known as the Younger Dryas which is associated with mass extinctions across northern latitudes.

At about the same time in Turkey, the Gobekli Tepe temple complex was being built/buried.

Many of the stone monoliths that make up the various stone circles seem to refer to plasma columns of electrical discharge like one might see in the sky if Mars was approaching Earth whilst host-star prto-Saturn was transitioning from brown dwarf to gas giant while being captured by our sun.

The animals and creatures and sygils carved onto these tall columnar monoliths exhibit generically ELECTRICAL symbolism like descending 'snakes' and descending 'carnivores' and descending 'arms' touching a belt with 'fingers' and (very plasma-columnar) 'scorpions' as well as the revelation of the first stars of the nearby galaxy themselves, visible for the first time as purple-haze proto-Saturn was extinguished as a 'host star' for our planet.

"Let there be light," indeed - star light. Lots of stars pricking the night sky. And an electrical-sky star-revalatory spectacle... cataclysmic and profound. And then the boiling yellow sun itself, pouring through and showing the sky to be blue in the daytime for the first time ever.

The evidence might put the proto-Saturn incursion into Sun-space at around 11,000 BC or so... with a slow dissolution of the proto-Saturnian system over the next 6-8,000 years since such a Mars-Venus warrior-dragon sky was recorded by both the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks. We're so young, as a space race, yet we've already traversed so much of it.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Randall Revisited - Hertzan Chimera - new cover concept

I've had another look at the Randall Revisited cover and I wanted to let the reader really understand what's going on here with this 2017-18 Hertzan Chimera novel... that of an Oxford that's linked to the stars in ways that we don't understand as the book opens.

Message to all the government assassins of Randall:

"You are nothing to me. Less than pointless. Worthless pawns in a worthless game. I will wipe you from the face of this Earth and you won't even know why...
"Let it be known, I am coming for you in the safe garages of your safe towers and you will all pay for your corporate crimes against what once was.
"Mankind will rise from the ashes of your metal world, once again, master of his own destiny.
"All gaming will end.
"All time will stand still."

Hope you'all enjoy this:

Wilcock - Goode - Dreaming Palaces of Tell-tale Alien Infestation...

I put this in the DREAMS category because... well, it's about dreams. Even if it's about Under-ice Ancient Crystal Cities that have been discovered over a century ago and are being kept from Common Knowledge for whatever ungodly purpose by the Ruling Elite of this conglomerate planet.

Let's call a spade a spade, "If you've got it, you'll defend it."

Megalithic, Paleolithic, Neolithic - how does this tie into an - Electric Universe and proto-Saturn?

Ancient Egyptian Crowns derived from proto-Saturnian observation???

I don't know... I love the idea that we (the race of Earth humans) actually started our history orbiting within the glowing plasma sheath of a brown dwarf star i.e. proto-Saturn, before its electricapture by our Sun. But... does this mean that the whole 'ice age' freeze, the last one being the Younger Dryas, supposedly 11,000 years ago, and the tendency (from the Vostok ice-core data) for the planet to return to the deepest of deep ice ages....

It just doesn't mesh with this all-pervasive all-nourishing glow from galaxy-traversing proto-Saturn and its planets Earth, Mars and Venus...

I mean, I realise the Electric Universe People are convinced, but I don't see how the data meshes,  I just don't. The greatest part of man's evolution must have taken place at a time before proto-Saturn started to be illuminated by our sun and gave that classic star-crescent (child-sacrificing #Pizzagate Satan-worshippers fingerlickers adore) that became all sorts of plasmatic totems and carved imagery (above).

This means that the Megalithic, the Paleolithic and the Neolithic periods (when ancient Britain started to be peopled by dark-skinned dark-haired Mediterranean boat clans passing from east to west via Italy and  Basque and/or Gibraltar, speaking Ancient Welsh) happened far out in space, before proto-Saturn became sun-captured, before there was a Satan-crescent in the sky, before stable temperate weather happened i.e. in an Ice Age, in fact many ice ages, like the one/ones that got rid of the dinosaurs. Ice caps can't grow on a uniformly-warmed star or brown-dwarf like proto-Saturn is recorded to have been by many of the ancient Scholars and Cults and Sky Watchers of Empiric Time.

  • Unless dinosaurs are from 20,000 BC, i.e. concurrent with Megalithic man and human Giants, in a 60% gravity Earth.
  • Unless Carbon-14 dating is completely wrong, in every aspect, due to electromagnetic infestation of the sources by plasma-catastrophic high-energy layering.
  • Unless power to the galaxy-traversing brown-dwarf proto-Saturn fluctuates over time, tending to shrink the plasma sheath in most times or eras of organic existence i.e. increasing the gravity too.

I can't (still can't) resolve the dichotomy of wanting proto-Saturn to be 'how we got here' and realising that 'the numbers just don't add up', no matter how OBVIOUSLY ELECTRICAL our nearby start (the Sun) is, in fact how non-nuclear all stars, quasars and galaxies may be.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

AUM - the glowing sound of - the ancient electric sky

Were we once occupants of a very different world rich in flora and fauna, fed by the all-year light spectrum inside the glowing plasma sheath of a brown-dwarf star i.e. proto-Saturn?

The sun (electrically) captured brown-dwarf proto-Saturn, effectively turning off its glowing plasma sheath, allowing the planets in its system (Earth, Mars and Venus) to fall out of its orbit.

Not before forming spectacular standing columns of glowing plasma that boiled down between Earth and Mars, forming grand canyons and totally symmetrical 'meteor collision' sites with edge craters and perfectly central peaks within their electric-machined inverse domes.

This before Dragon Venus broke off and raced in towards its current position nearer the sun, its new parent-adoptive star.

Think of the earliest human races who might have experienced such a horrific star-parent transition, the proto-indo-european-speaking people of the Indian sub-continent. Is THE ELECTRIC SOUND OF A PLASMA-TRANSITIONING SKY that early man might have witnessed and worshipped? As the plasma column from Mars poured down its glowing destruction upon Earth's northern regions, is what the charged thrumming horror of Global Apocalypse might have sounded like to early man?

Is the remnant-sound of Saturn-to-Sun parent-event Electric Destruction and the reason why blaring Brass War Horns were so prevalent in ancient times of ridiculous territorial battle for assets and land?

ADDITIONALLY: if you actually look at the 'om' symbol itself, it contains...
a) the view from Earth of plasma-ising Mars in the proto-Saturnian sky as Saturn is being kicked off in favour of the Sun - the upper dot with a crescent below it.
b) the curly dragonlike wispy view of Venus emerging from behind Mars as it tears past Earth - the lower part of the symbol.

Operation Darkroom - the mainstream media event - you've heard nothing about

Allegedly, this shocking paedo-ring news item from Norway is being TOTALLY IGNORED by the six mainstream media companies who own and coordinate the public face of the Global News Networks around the world.

The year-long (Norwegian police) investigation named “Operation Darkroom,” has so far resulted in the seizure of 150 terabytes of child porn involving young children and babies, with top politicians, lawyers and authorities implicated in the scandal. [source YNW]

I hope this is a fake-news item, and I've just been fished in by Teh Internezt o'Nonsense... otherwise, I'm an angry kitten and something needs to be done (now (today (and forever))) to Fully Inform the Public of World Shattering Events such as these.

The Already Corrupted or Easily Corruptible will always make their way into Positions of Power because The (secrecy via patent) System can Control, Coerce and Command them... so that Profit continues to roll into The Empire of Conglomerate Earth.

Vivid dreaming - intense emotional material - phone numbers

a colleague at work intimated to me that (they were tired because) they'd been having really intense dreams lately. I concurred with this, "Me too," I said. Just the last few days? Yes. Maybe it's an Electric Universe thing, where intensified electromagnetic forces drive our heightened consciousness, or something. Maybe the Earth is in for a pole shift. Maybe it's the pixies, pickling our pineals...

Anyway, yes emotionally intense dream content, vivid, lifelike, electrically charged, actually based in the Dreaming Room in some occassions, have been the order of the last few nights. Also, phone numbers, or at least what I took to be phone numbers. Doing some directory research on these, however, just highlights how dominant these number combinations are on the international phone lists of Europe and the Rest of the World such that (other than random number generation for the sake of my dreaming mind's hilarious mischief) I have no idea what numerical relevance this can have, if anything.

Here are the two numbers I woke up, with a conscious intent to remember...

0170 917 692
0171 907 912

Thursday, December 08, 2016

HC Unit - Carbon cycle - four spinning valences

HC Unit, I don't even really know what that means, but four of them seem to make a non-excessing (or no-net-charge) Helium atom, the first Nobel gas. Twenty of them seem to make a non-excessing (or no-net-charge) Neon atom, the next Nobel gas. Twelve of them therefore have four valence gaps in their ring or cycle... i.e. Carbon 12.

I suspect that the 'atomic structure' of the larger-ring atoms is based on the arrangement of the previous 'nobel' atoms otherwise seen as four kinks in the HC12 chain i.e. Carbon would have a 'structural' or 'virtual'  +0-0  Helium at the core of its twelve with the eight remaining outer HCs-in-the-chain offering the valence of what we call four outer shell electrons in particle-speak.

We make the 'virtual helium' in the HC12 chain by taking the first HC of each three-HCs in the twelve chain, this gives us the classical +o-o of Helium while retaining the cycle of the twelve HCs that line up to make the Carbon atom. Each of the remaining eight HCs in the chain is paired off as either a o- or a o+ standing out from the 'atom'. This allows a single HC valency to move into the gap left in the Carbon12 chain forming four new 'virtual helium'  +o-o  i.e. no net charge rings.

HC UNIT NOBEL GASES SCHEMATIC: here's a 2016 i.e. cleaner, version of my Nobel gas element solutions... remember, the 4, 20 and 36 HC units follow the  +o-o  cycle all around their relative atoms. No matter how many of them it takes. They're all (technically) 90 degrees out of synch with their neighbour and form ONE SINGLE CHAIN.

Yes, there is still a REAL QUESTION why the measured atomic masses of the larger and larger elements tend to exceed the 2xvalency of the earlier or lighter atoms. I still suspect this is due to some technical complication with the way atoms are WEIGHED using electromagnetic path-bending equipment. I think the 'extra weight' is a virtual error, for a system that doesn't take into account the higher electro-magnetic profile of these 'more massive' atoms.

Mike Philbin - Introversions & Dichotomies 2016 re-paints - indefinite stay of execution granted

I was going to re-paint these three awful 90cm x 60 cm emulsion-on-canvas 4-colour swirl-things, as I have many others to date. I planned how to do it and was just about ready to buy the over-painting paint-pairs.

But then I wasn't really sure that (in the end) deciding the fate of artwork should be my role in life. Whose to say there isn't someone out there for whom these pieces (that I don't like, and others I've destroyed/re-painted) mean a great deal. A painter paints, and that's a painter's lot...

I should confess my sins, this post is my penance.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Transformers - The Last Knight - brand new first trailer

I'll admit, "I've loved all these Transformers films thus far," well done Michael Bay for just DELIVERING all these years.

Here's the trailer for #V or Transformers Five: the last knight...

Sunday, December 04, 2016

John Chappell Memorial Lecture - Stars in an Electric Universe - Wal Thornhill

Stars form at the intergalactic pinch-points of double-helix Berkeland Currents?

Our local star, the Sun, isn't a nuclear star, it's an electric-pinch star, like all stars. These stars are directly linked to the galaxy that forms them. Quite a series of claims, but in this new John Chappell Memorial Lecture, Wal goes into great depth (across all scales) about our true position within this Electric DNA Universe.

FURTHER THOUGHT: here's Wal Thornhill presenting ideas created by Duardu Cordona, relevant to those who're researching Electric Universe and whether our 'sun' used to be proto-Saturn, whether we all hail from a(n alien) stellar system elsewhere in the galaxy.

Hideo Kojima - E3 Sony Conference 2016 - Death Stranding updated...

looking as youthful as ever, creator/director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima brought THIS STRANGE BUT BEAUTIFUL THING to E3, his first game since leaving Konami in December of 2015.

"It's running in realtime on PS4," Kojima-san happily announced to the stunned conference attendees...

       this version has decent resolution options, unlike the earlier one I posted

DECEMBER 2016 UPDATE: here's the new DEATH STRANDING trailer and 'wtf' is going on?

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Free Planet - War World - Blackwells Oxford

my writing alter-ego Hertzan Chimera's amazingly insane 5x8inch 600+ pages paperback dual/duelling trilogies from Chimericana Books in the USA are now available at the world-famous Blackwell store here in central Oxford, UK.

Free Planet (690 pages)
Patent. Profit. Power.
The Custodian Liberation is battling the forces of G3 or Global Gambling Game to secure your rights to your world.

War World (620 pages)
Deception. Danger. Dreams.
G3 or Global Gambling Game are ruthless in their pursuit of profit but what secrets lie behind their power of control?

You can also reserve copies via the online Blackwell store, too.

Everspace, where Star Citizen nearly went...

Everspace, from Rockfish Games in Hamburg, uses Unreal 4 engine to demonstrate nice ship rendering, thrusting space dog-fighting, spectacular explosions and missiles that work... from what I've seen of Star Citizen's early spec, this is where it was meant to have gone. A simple, in space, repair existence that allows for powerups and pickups and stunning fleet battles. Looks like Star Citizen was at least 'inspired' by the visual/audio competition and style Everspace offers. HUD-interface is better than SC's too.

In EVERSPACE we take a more action-focused approach to the core gameplay of a space shooter and combine it with a modern, rogue-like game loop taking you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, yet beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. ROCKFISH

What's your personal opinion?