Hertzan Chimera Unit - GRAVITY CAN'T COME FROM THE ATOM - holes in the universe

the red and the green EXCESS
well, well, well, Mr Philbin, nice to see you here again in the arena of alt-phyics.debate, thirty years after you first proposed this HC Unit theory, what's new, old buddy?


That's what's new.

Where does it come from?

Certainly not the atom, as everything would be sticking to everything all the time (which it clearly isn't). But we know that enough atoms will cause a gravity acceleration. We know there is NO OTHER PLACE for gravity to come from?

There is, but you won't like it...

Go on then... long pause with folded arms. Stern visage. Pout.

The evidence suggests that it's a universe full of holes... EVERYWHERE... it is a falling-in universe, clearly. Let's call this Universal Equilibrium. Gravity is what allows 'matter' i.e. 'the atom' i.e. clockwise or anti-clockwise SPIN to pour into and out of our holey universe. To give this universe form. Atomic mass only exists during excess, else hole. The clockwise or anti-clockwise interference may be 'charge' or some other as yet unknown or unconsidered property of matter.

The lone Hertzan Chimera Unit is these holes through which the universe forever pours, has to be.

In the presence of 'no matter', EVERYTHING must still be pulling towards each other at all times, or gravity wouldn't exist. This happens dimensionally like a self-vectoring sponge or swiss cheese. And these holes can suck for eternity before any atomic excess happens. Only the excess spin of 'matter' in a clockwise then anti-clockwise direction over time, linearly, cyclicly, each and every atomic pulsation of an excessing HC Unit mechanism, is what forms matter, is what keeps the Universe From Collapsing in on itself.

For the Hertzan Chimera Unit to be valid, it has to be a Gravity Universe, by structure, by design - it settles all its debts at c (even the really complex inter-atomic debts -- we just can't see these happening because they're mathematically complex, i.e. hidden from our machines). HC Unit is always massless, until excess, because it's not even in our matter universe until that time.

Matter, therefore, has to be a psedo-REPULSIVE force for this Universal fall-in or Universal Equilibrium to play out as it does. It is a Gravity Universe, not a matter universe. NB: For the Hertzan Chimera Unit to be valid, light travels backwards towards the HC-source of this excessing output, to NEUTRALISE IT, at c. To balance it. The whole universe moves when an atom blips into existence. Remember this. When The Universe pours in, to cancel this excess of spinning output, we 'see' this as a light beam or em radiational wave extending out towards our eye/ccd.

Matter is formed by RINGS OF THESE EXCESSING HC UNITs feeding each other. Some atomic combinations give off more excess than they can contain hence radicality or potential for molecule-forming.


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