Weirdly surreal - Shockingly haunted - Adult symbolism world of Art of Tenia

I came across the weirdly surreal, and shockingly haunted, adult symbolism
world of 
Art of Tenia quite by accident, and I'm very glad I did.

Born in 1986 in Sicily, Italian artist Gianluca Gambino aka Tenia currently works for a graphic design agency in Catania and as character designer for 2 small video game companies in Berlin and Paris. His surreal and haunted graphics are created in Photoshop.

Tenia says, "My works are ruthless radiographs of the soul, compositions dense with symbols and layers, prepared to leave the viewer disturbed, restless and intrigued by the mystery. I try to evoke and to transmit to the viewer that feeling of loss that we live today in this world of illusions, inclined to appear and transmit only what is easiest to emerge, not revealing the real moods that permeate and corrode the soul, where all are prisoners of an age that imposes constraints, which always end up showing fiction rather than reality."


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