retired airline captain Russ Wittenberg - has flown both 911 planes - speaks out about flight dynamics and overflying the Pentagon

Experts Speak Out talk to retired airline captain Russ Wittenberg, who was a pilot for United Airlines. Russ had flown two of the planes that were involved in 9/11, United Airlines Flight 11 the plane that hit the north tower and Flight 93 the plane that allegedly hit the ground in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

"The people who made up (the 9/11) story weren't pilots, they were fairytale tellers," Russ claims.

On top of all the other physics-defying tricks involved with 9/11, Russ explains how the plane which hit the Pentagon, Flight 77, was operating outside its design envelope in order to perform the manoeuvres it did to "hit" the pentagon. Like the way the WTC buildings came down in their own footprint through the path of GREATEST RESISTANCE, the flight dynamic of the flight that hit the Pentagon was 'impossible'.

"The plane was 300 ft higher than it should have been. It didn't hit the Pentagon. Something else hit the Pentagon," Russ adds.


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