UKIP - Nigel Farage - talks about 'arming the rebels abroad' and 'multiculturalism at home'.

here he is again, talking about our Empire and its intel unit 'arming the rebels' abroad in foreign countries and 'multiculturism' at home here in UK

Like him or not, he's out there bravely shouting from his soap box:

DAY LATER UPDATE: so, is this true or not? Have the Covert Agencies in UK and USA helped fund what became ISIS or ISIL or Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic State or whatever the various factions are called?

FURTHER COMMENT: the most disgusting, cynical and Player-ish thing I just heard was that the whole AL QAEDA funding thing (those people blamed on 9/11 for the deaths of 3,000 innocent people in New York) was to bring down Communism in Russia, which happened shortly after the USA funded Al Qaeda to cause ructions in Afghanistan as the Mujahedin. Funded SIX MONTHS BEFORE the Russians actually moved into Afghanistan. So, a prompting or priming event that 'forced the Russians' hand' and made sure they spent 'far too much' on defending the sanctity of that central Eurasian country. The sick, sick games of corporate war for profit.


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