Born of a virgin, under three kings, crucified and resurrected...

this is an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT explanation of the Ancient Sun Worship i.e. astrological farming relevance being the basic cover story for Jesus, he being the most recent adaptation of this tale.

Question is: Who are this non-country-based Elite Sect, Controlling Power or Ruthless Profit Masters who are propagating this Solar Myth into Our Future and benefiting from these SIMs or Successive Invented Messiah's? That's where the 'real control of the people' resides, with these M3s or Meandering Myth Makers, or Enforcers of the Lie.

To be truly free of this tyranny, we must OUT the regurgitators of these astrological/pagan stories - or we will be forever enslaved.

BONUS HISTORIAN PERSPECTIVE: the following video emerged via the UNCG Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics Society where Dr. Richard Carrier presented his research into the historicity of Christ. via various threads including Agricultural Cultism i.e. Ancient Sun Worship. It's good to learn, no? That's the role of Free Planet - our modern species's Naked Lunch.


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