Free Planet, Free Planet, Free Planet - say it three times - before profit kills you all

eat, eat, eat...
every day, THE PROFIT MAKING MACHINE commands that your children die in worthless wars for territory and asset; every day your children are ordered to fight other children in wars they have no comprehension of. Be they corporate war soldiers behind computer monitors or be they corporate war world soldiers behind pens that sign away treaties and countries ruined by all the above.

Do you get this, yet?

There is no other answer to the problems of humanity.
Not science, not religion, not dogma, not slavery, not conformity, not rebellion.
All these things pale into insignificance when you consider the patent-protected role of profit in the global War World scenario we're all living through.


And it is nothing more than that.
A game with its own infantile ruleset and its own immoral guidelines.


But no one will ever win - there'll always be losers. Businessmen, banks, corporations, leaders, empires all fail. Eventually, the PROFIT-MAKING GAME has an insatiable appetite for destruction. Why? Because it bears no relation to REAL; profit is a fabrication, a magic trick, a lie. For too long, this imposter in our lives has been allowed to butcher all it touches. Only answer...



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