Free Planet - alien communication - message from The Union

The Union...

yesterday, while jogging, for a laugh, I had an 'imaginary conversation' in my head with The Union.

I was trying to contact The Earth, or as I call it Free Planet, I was trying DIRECT COMMUNICATION with a planet cooling beneath my feet. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I went through a very vivid series of geological imaginings. And, of course, nothing happened. Or did it?

It was quite a long (physical) conversation I had, I'd say for about a mile, out jogging in the countryside. There was a distinct 'back and forth' where I asked simple and random questions and received connected answers as if from a single entity or consciousness with a very soft voice not a whisper. This single Free Planet representative called itself The Union and it spoke in plural like there were a lot of them. Sometimes the responses were in conflict, multiple responses at once, no consensus.

Of course, I don't generally do this, nor receive this. It's like I was LISTENING (or able to listen) for the first time in my life. I'm not a spiritual person nor a psychic medium, I don't hear voices from the dead. I don't get messages from loved ones. I don't contact the other side.

This morning, however, and in a(n apparent) follow up to my UFO - alien abduction - experiment to summon a grey/yellow post of  exactly one week ago, I (think I) might have had a response...

I knew it wasn't a 'dream' because my wife had just woken up and I could still hear her pottering about as she prepared to cycle to work. In this waking state, I looked around a 'dream corner' where there was a bright light shinning. I remember thinking to myself these words, in the past tense, "The light shone really brightly but I could look right at it without fear of it blinding me."

Turning the corner, a scene from a Steven Spielberg film. The classic ramp of a UFO, foggy light you could look right at. At the top of the ramp, humanoid figures mingled. An alien grey descended and laid at my feet another alien grey, seriously injured. Lumps of flesh missing, mangled bones, blood oozing out of his Brother. His solemn words were, "Can you help us?"


Is what we see as manifest aliens walking down the ramps of UFOs or abducting us in the terrifying night  just the compound representative or ancient mythical communication creature of The Union or Free Planet trying to drum common sense into us, make us question our role on this world, make us empathise with all the other life forms of our shared world, our Free Planet. If so, we need to listen more. We need to understand the crisis and dilemma of our moment on this world.

The Union is the planetary voice of all living things projected into our heads, that's why Waking State is so important and that's why the aliens come for us when our defences are down - it's not a threat thing - it's the only way we can listen.


Zen said…
Sounds like you are the victim of CIA mind control. See Dr. Robert Duncan's "The Matrix Deciphered". The instruction "kill them all" is them programming you to go postal. If you still have a wife and job you probably won't want to. After years of hearing these voices and enduring pains you will hit rock bottom. Just like in the movie Fight Club. Kill them all will seem reasonable to you.

Now they are impersonating aliens. Later it may be God, Satan, Robots, etc. etc.

Different people go on different scripts.

You want out?

1. Read Dr. Robert Duncan's "The Matrix Deciphered" which is totally free.

2. sleep with your doors deadbolted.

Have a nice day.
Mike Philbin said…
Thank you snakeoilsalesman.


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