UFO - alien abduction - experiment to summon a grey/yellow

real vs irreal
Experiment: with the help of a learned colleague in the alien-abduction research field, attempted to summon a grey and a yellow alien into the two vacant chairs in one of the private lounges of St Antony's College Oxford where we enjoyed our coffee and a liberal chat about the rendered universe of cerebral reality vs the daily corporate grind.

Why a grey and a yellow?

Well, it goes back to lore and mythology of the other-worlder experience. The mythology element first, there's a suggestion that out Modern Alien Abductors equate with, or are the same thing as, faeries or fauns or leprechauns or nature-dwelling near-gods of the ancient realm. Things or creatures that used to visit or abduct or otherwise interact with an earlier incarnation of mankind in the woods and the clearings and beside the water falls.

The grey (non-blinking alien) is part of modern UFO-abduction lore who takes people from their beds in the night and experiments on them and shows them visions of The Apocalypse, and the yellow (banana alien) is a test subject or invention or fantasy imagination creation made of banana skin for the purposes of stylistic comparison.

Duration of experiment: one hour.

Result: no aliens of either teh grey or yellow colour/variety arrived to share our coffee and chat with us, despite our enthusiastic and concerted efforts. Despite our assurances that nothing would happen to them. Despite our accusations of cowardice.

One plausible conclusion is these aliens (or extra-dimensional mythical/fantastical beings who abduct humans in the night) are afraid of us, afraid of something we do, afraid of something we are capable of doing. To them. Or to their kind. Their universe might suffer every time we interact with it in these conscious ways, like it probably does when we do one of our Nuclear Weapons Tests.

I mean, think about it. They weren't afraid of us, they'd be strolling down the middle of our high streets blatantly interacting with us at the conscious level. But they're not. They scurry around in the dark. They're doing whatever they do in our secret subconscious. They're adamantly non-communicating with us, while they study and prod and provoke. Why would these so-called super-dimensional beasts need such a tactical UPPER HAND over us?

What (about us) scares them so?


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