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Pirate Kings of the Mediterranean - British Royals Reassessed - who cares apart from the Tourist Office?

Water World of Global War
for the last few Free Planet posts, I've been ranting on about the research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett that concerns itself (righteously, one supposes) with the re-telling of British History, a re-examination of the Welsh Kings of Britain and the Khumric language and our own true geo-genetic origins within and among the people of the far-eastern Mediterranean.

It's all good historical research and worthy of your eyes and ears. I'd like to know what happened to Albyne or Brutus when they arrived on our shores, what they did, physically and politically, where they went, how their reigns ended. I'd also like to know more about the Khumric language and the Kings called Arthur and why it all turned to shit. Put it all back in the history books and teach this shit at college. I just can't (for the life of me) work out WHY it is important to the world as we know it today, what difference does it make?

If we go back before the Roman Invasion of Britain and find a LINE OF BRITISH KINGS leading back through Brutus of Troy (500 BC) and Albyne of Syria (1500 BC) that were a lot more relevant in pre-history and Bronze-age times than the history books give them credit for, that should be a good thing, right? The account (if it's wrong) needs fixing. But they're still a foreign family or families or tribes or sea-faring peoples or pirates or exiled kings of the Mediterranean, they're still an Imported Royal Family overlording it upon the resident Brits of those eras. So, we find that British Kings like Arthur I (350AD) and II (550AD) kicked out the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons, respectively... If this old like of British Kings spoke what's been called Old Khumric... If these old peoples of Britain turn out to the what remained of the Ten Tribes of Israel...

Great, but, here in Britain we have an 18th century imported German Royal Family in the form of the Hanoverians or Saxe-Coberg-Goethas or "Windsors" as they renamed themselves. By digging up the old Kings and Queens of Syria and Turkey, who moved to Britain to set up home and retracing their kingline into history, aren't we just transferred imported Germy-royalty back a couple thousand years onto imported SyryTurk-royalty/exiles?

What does it matter to us, as (supposed) people of our own land? Why should we be interested in 'some other country's invading kings/outlaws'? If only to uncover our R3 or Real Royal Rulers, to discover that our ancient ancestors, were not British. Is anything really British? Due to the socio-economic powers that drive migration, are any so-called 'People' fixed in terms of origin? Aren't we all just people of this world? Isn't it just ENOUGH THAT WE ARE HERE on this Free Planet, together struggling to make it work for us and for the other life forms we share this place with, as it should be?

SPECULATIVE FOOTNOTE: another 'conspiracy theory' is that the Arthurian Legend and the Legacy of the Lost Tribes of Israel were 'meant to be forgotten' or 'engineered to obfuscate' in order to preserve the bones and castles of this ancient history.


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