ECONOMY - what is it good for - practically nothing.

"War, what is it good for?" we all know the damning answer to this age-old question, but what happens if we swap the word WAR out for the word ECONOMY? Where are we then?

We're in a world where worse casualties have to exist to fund the financial status quo. It's something (I bet) they never tell the gooey-eyed freshers of Economics 1.01 at the unis and colleges of Civilised Society, "Today we will teach you the basics of corporate-killing millions of beautiful innocent lives so that you can help us maintain the AEMG or Amoral Economics Money Game."

Colleges and Universities should be forced to tell you that your high-scores and hard-earned cleverness will mean the death of millions to support your so-called Career i.e. your role as a high class hooker for the CDM or Corporate Death Machine.


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