War World - the all-consuming self - Consumerism is your living Hell

Francisco Goya understood the concept of the ACS or All Consuming Self, aptly illustrated by his 1820's image SATURN DEVOURING HIS SON. In corporate-war-godma terms we can take this to mean, "That which funds our enterprise will be our Free Lunch," on the Day of Reckoning.

A modern illustration of what Dali called Auto-Cannibalism can be seen in the following video presentation c/o some brave soul on You Tube. I personally  love these AHRs or Alternative Historical Reimaginings or glimpses into the market-driven and mind-manipulated Machiavellia of Modern Man.

We should see more of them on our 'after-work programming screens' were we living in a 'free society' -- Philip K Dick would be so proud of this Retelling of Realities.

this video is one of a thirteen part playlist...


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