Ken O'Keefe's 7/7 decanniversary issue - Bombings gets shit done - Horse has bolted legislation works

"Psychopath pathological liars in power?" wow, that Ken O'Keefe is just asking for trouble...

"Only our (full and unconditional) CONSENT can bring about a Free Planet," that is the only truth we deny ourselves.

NEXT DAY UPDATE: now, only now ten years after 7/7, are the mainstream media talking about 7/7 bomber-actor Mohammed Sidique Khan having made a trip to Israel. And with an implied editorial link to the Mike's Place i.e. Tel Aviv bombing in 2003. Why now? And in light of the Cameron 911 Israel-statement in the above video, what can it mean... 

E.G. Haroon Ashid Aswat reportage from back through the 7/7 claims and counter-claims...

Very convoluted mass media muddying games afoot. We being played, people. People? Oh, it's okay, no one's fucking listening, or gives a shit. Phew, that was close, Corporate War World nearly had the rug pulled from under it. ;)


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