It's a Free Planet, not a Corporate Empire

damn right!
Look up into the sky, what do you see?


That's the probably going to be the majority view, "We look up into the sky, beyond the clouds, out into the infinity of open space. We see the workings of the divine. We see a hand of creation. We see spirituality manifest."

How, and why? You're looking too far into the misty-eyed godma-sewer. Your minds have been shattered and your belief system corrupted by those much cleverer and manipulative than you. If it weren't for godma, and other forms of fascist brain washing to make you comply, there'd be no wars, there'd be no famine, there'd be no lies.

Productivity (or the Industry of making shit to sell to Customers) would end, and this is not a bad thing. Think of a revitalised, replenished, rewilded world WITHOUT ALL THAT CRAP to buy and invest in and ruin others for. We'd be free of 'someone else's trend'. Wars would have no meaning. Sharing would be the new ownership. Economy would die. And this is where mankind needs to go. Towards. A. Broken. Lie. The lie that has been fabricated, so that You (The People) comply. And that (kinda) rhymes, so it must be true.

When you look up into the sky, the only thing you should notice (the only truth you should believe in) is a FREE PLANET.


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