Mark McCandlish - ARV Flux Liner - working alien-recovered-vehicle prototype

ZERO POINT is the name of a documentary by independent film-maker James Allen about artist and illustrator Mark McCandlish's involvement with the working ARV or Alien Recovered Vehicle his colleague Brad Sorensson sees at a private eyes-only viewing at Norton AFB Air Show in November of 1988.

James Allen died in 2013 (during the latter stages of editorial work on this film) from an extremely rare & virulant type of cancer. His bloodwork showed massive amounts of twelve radioisotopic heavy metals, only two of which could be attributed to his chemo.

It's not even this crass & cynical finding that makes Free Planet angry.

It's the massive waste of time and effort from You The People (all seven-point-seven billion of you) who are daily expected, nee insinuated by corporate mind-engineering, to fund the war-for-oil scams of the last half century or more. Sincerely, this is a whole waste of our time here on this Free Planet. We need to stop this nonsense, right now. We need to move on, as a race. We need to sit down and seriously wonder about our place in the Galactic Community. We need to leave the Ours To Protect notion of NDAs and patents and profit alone and embrace the future of our species. Out there among our neighbouring worlds, among the stars.

Before we're all arbitrarily killed for fiat-naked dolla-dolla-dolla protective purposes!


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