The UFO Religion, its Parishioners and High Priests

and, "No," this is nothing like 'believing in god' before you start - or at least, 'I'd prefer it not to be'.

The UFO Religion, its Parishioners and High Priests.

Look, something seems to be going on in our skies, with our people and with the governments of our world. It's called The UFO Religion, if you like. It's not really called this but it acts like a religion. An icon here, a relic there, stories of liberating wisdom from far-off lands. A legend, or two. In fact, not only is this how religions are presented to us, it's also how The Conquering Armies present their stories of conquest. Look at the Egyptians and their massive walls of victory, carved to show the gigantic Pharaoh levelling all with the wheels of his mighty chariot. This is how all State-sponsored nonsense looks, staged.

If there's ANY REAL PROOF AT ALL that our planet is being visited/harvested/tech-shared by alien, extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional creatures be they little leprechauns or enormous nature spirits or any flavour of monster inbetween, we demand to know. We, the People of Free Planet, ultimately want to meet our galactic neighbours.

DAY LATER THOUGHT: like our insects who don't get dizzy no matter how/where you spin them, maybe these space-faring aliens have evolved a physiology not to black out during their ninety degree turns. Maybe humans will never be able to fly these things, if that's the case.  ;)


Unknown said…
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Back in 1988 I had a conversation with Christian UFO researcher Tommy Blann about "the phenomenon"..and his and mine own beliefs that people were experiencing "powers, principalities, genuine fallen angels and demons".

Any progress since then?

YES...the US government has admitted their involvement..but they still can't tell a demon from a martian (anything walking around on Mars is a demon...maybe)...those others might just be mixed up technologies right? Government scientists still can't tell you and
people like Bob Lazar who have told researchers he "was never sure exactly what happened to him in the desert"..can still be given a scientific blessing of having discovered Element 115 right? That material could only come from a "black hole system"..and its exotic matters byproducts right? "Powers and Principaiities" is exactly what that means...THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS to GD..or the minions of deceptions would already have us among the Pleidians having orgies with Billy Meier. THIS STUFF IS REAL...use whatever bible verses
you need..but claim the BLOOD OF JESUS if anything confronts you and contests this. I have done this multiple times..and those "boogeymen leave me alone".. USE ALL Of Revelation 12 and quote Jesus and Mathew 24. Don't worry about FALSE RELIGIONS...their progenitors are being monitored..just PRAY THROUGH YOUR SALVATION AND
THE SALVATION OF OTHERS. The Demons around us have a place already prepared..we don't need to..don't have to go there with them, he has already prepared the place he wishes to share with us. TRUST THE FATHER AND HIS SON. WW
Mike Philbin said…

I would generally DELETE comments like this because a) it's too long and ranbling but then this could apply to most of the Free Planet blogposts and j) it goes on about God and Jesus and that's really a whole nother mind-fuck-game to distract the Common People from the REAL ISSUES OF THIS CORPORATE-WAR WORLD.

I'll leave it up for now; wouldn't it be nice if some high-up religio-gov whistleblower just came out and admitted (on behalf of all his moral fibre) that there are UFOs and alien speices and we have been having 'contact' of documented specific sorts since the year dot. But I guess there's just no brave religio-soldiers out there willing to take the Pope-bullet or the Hell-scorn.

I'd love that religious high-up to also stop trying to force his God-Allah fist down our fucking throats ad infinitum while he's at it. And this applies to the Koran, the Torah, the New/Old Testaments, in fact any old fire-side tales of what so-called god-worshipping i.e. Human Morality, used to be. The Financial Lawset of the Scribes. This is a modern world, we're not back in the stone age where a LCD television would blow the mind of some tribesman trying to carve a four-acre ceremonial circular ditch with a fucking antler horn.

The liberal deployment of the 'f-bomb' on this comment was for wakey-uppy effect only, I don't subcribe to the f-bomb-as-insult methodology, normally. ;)

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