Multiple parallel universes - the energy paradox - not enough to power them all

the retention of personal identity across all multiverses
is the real miracle, let's say...

if "Multiverses" exist then ALL POTENTIAL U-NIVERSEs are always on, ALL POTENTIAL Y-OUs are always on. All the time. And we (these alleged multiversers) are just smoothly blending from timeline to timeline like it's the most natural thing. And it is. It must be. We exist, if we're all potential multiversers, we can all blend from timeline to timeline, having our micro-effect on the vast number of universes we exist in. Every moment is made of a melange of innumerable scales and definitions and other-us's-- now that's all of us. All seven.nine.billion of us, every day, every night. All the time, no separation of timelines. Every living moment is shared (or sharable) across all parallel worlds. Roll a dice. Score high. Score low. Has to be. That's the definition of Multiverse Beings, right?

NONE OF US ARE REALLY HERE (in the understood "now") because we're al too busy being 'everywhere else at once'. See, that's the real problem with (the insane mathematical concept of) infinity, that it's a never-ending fill-process. Plus (if you really think about it) there's an EEI or Emergency Energy Issue with 'powering an infinite number of concurrently running worlds'. Infinity into one WON'T GO.

I'm just not sure this thing we're living called OPR or Our Physical Reality is the same as the world the theoretical physicists, mathematicians and scientists call OMP or Our Mathematical Probability... I'm not convinced one can quantify the one timeline in favour of Therefore, all timelines HAVE TO BE for one to be. That's just too many raw materials and asset stripping, don't you see this?

And what about the real-composite YOU, the amalgam of multiple-universe fractals that's making up your comprehension of so-called linear time? Surely, the (apparent and alleged) RPI or Retention of Personal Identity across all multiverses is the real miracle, right? Where are you, and how do you cope with the fracturing? How many bits of you are scattered across these 'impossible to energy-fund' infinite other-places? You see, it's just too shit.


Jason Wisdom said…
I would Focus on the Networks of the "You's" instead of an individual aspect. The mathematicians Theories may or may not be shit so don't give them any of your Brain Credit. Focus on YOUR Networks and start to separate your common Sense Networks or Groups of People as your starting point so you always have a "HOME" to come back to in your mind. Keep Exploring and calling bullshit in your mind. Great Post, Love it! Your Bits ARE scattered all over infinity, in todays world it's called the IOT.

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