Hypnotic reinforcement - The Ten Commandments - Doomed to Failure

You can't hypnotically impress a NEGATIVE onto a human consciousness. Take away all the 'Thou shalt not's from the tablets of doctrine and you simply have the DIRECT COMMANDS

Commit adultery
Covet they neighbour
Bear false witness etc...

it's like a rulebook for continued Tax Revenue via the promulgation of sin and all its Jurisdictional machinations... fact.


Unknown said…
...there were actually "'16 comments + relative suggestions'" for behavior 10 were observed as practical...6 removed for the high priest class and those with them...of those a few "resolved themselves later" (under the thou shalt have no other gods and thou shalt love the Lord Thy God.)

There could have been thousands of commandments....Jesus said just observe the first 2 and the rest make sense to "the reasonable" (not
the legalists ..or the religious idiots)...but a few needed for common sense to prevail...i.e. "don't murder".."don't lust".."don't lie".

Its the number that makes spiritual sense...10 dimensions that must be kept intact for the "full 16 aspects" to take an embrace ..or an indwelling. WW
Unknown said…
I think the "thou" refers to everyone but themselves

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