Boudicca - Bodecia - Buddug the Amazonian Warrior?

Ukranian Boudicea?
this is a quickie, because I can't find any reliable biographical details for Boudicca and I'm too lazy to go looking all over the internet all day, I'm going to delve into historical mythology and speculation involving the Trojan army helped by the Ukranian 'amazon' female warriors.

This also refers to the legend of Dungi king of Ur who married his daughters into various territories over which they ruled.

My suspicion is that Boudica (spell it however you want) was one of these AMAZON-like Ukranian warrior women sold by any number of  easter-European kings to any number of Ancient British tribal kings, like Prasutagus ruler of the Icenii. She has the warriorlike quality. She has the ginge.

I suspect, and this is only a suspicion, that WOMEN used to be the banner-wielding war-maidens of ancient days - the most recent, of course, being Joan of Arc. I think, way back in macho-war history,  there must have been something rather satisfying about having a woman lead a pack of painted warriors into bloody battle.

FURTHER AMAZONIAN THOUGHTS: wait a minute, based on the 50-long list of Roman-conquered lands in the following video about Turkish archaelogy 8,000 BC to 600 AD, it looks like the Romans were very keen on showing 'conquered peoples' as ancient figures of Martial Women. Was there a iron-gold King-price for these women-of-war?

Question: Did the Romans sell their 'amazonian' warrior-woman chattle i.e. Boudica, to Prasutagus then King of the Icenii tribe in southeastern Briton as part of their pre-invasionary sweetener deal that would end with a capital/asset clear-out (and flogging of wife, raping of children) on the death of said British King?


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