Free Planet - re-wilding in progress - re-align your allegiances

2017's new year Free Planet cover has been up for a few days and already people are mailing me asking, "What the hell is RE-WILDING, Mike?"

Like I'm gonna tell you...

You gotta re-discover RE-WILDING for yourselves, people. If you don't, I turn 'free planet' into an intellectual dictatorship. Which I don't want. Which I will not do.

But I'll give you a clue, "Your homeworld is not for Corporate Civilising," there's nothing worth raping for Profit here. Nothing worth enforcing a Patent for. Nothing...

You homeworld is supposed to be RESPLENDENT WITH LIFE, nothing else. You'll come back and you'll say, "There are seven-point-seven or so billions of us, isn't that enough life?"

Not enough Diversity these days... i.e. this is not (designed as) a Human Planet

This is a free planet that we owe all our splendid lives to. It's a place that we're allowed to inhabit, for free. It's not ours, WE ARE ITS. Without true organic real and worthwhile diversity in the Natural Genepool i.e. birds, frogs, lions, cheetahs, hippo, snakes, whales, bugs, then the fragile eco-system will fracture, then break open, then kill us. What we (ironically) call Man-kind is doomed. Soylent Green will be 'the only place we can go' and the vegans ain't gonna like that.


AUBCHS said…
Re-wilding includes the human population as well as balance must be restored ending privilege and feelings of superiority. No one wants to talk about that. But the longer this subject is delayed the more "Buzz Aldrin" like reactions we will see when "believers" find out that their "Jesus" is not white. Women and the meek and humble must be elevated and the human rights of all must be protected. The Book of Enoch tells us that their continued failure to tell the truth will earn them a trip off the planet. But so far, so good. President Trump is doing a fine job unwinding the bankrupt corporation known as the USA, Inc. but a hard shut-down will be required before rebooting. Hopefully between now and then we will witness mass transformation of previously prejudice organizations and persons who wish to remain on the earth in meekness and humility with peace.

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