Brien Foerster - new Nazca organic finds - small alien skull and long three-fingered hand

a three fingered (six bones per finger!) alien hand and a small alien skull, once again Brien Foerster delivers the most discussion-worthy material from his continuing insistence that the Viracocha might have been some alien race not-necessarily-from some other planet or realm or dimension. Is this material from the Children of this elongated-skull Viracocha or another 'alien' species entirely? Or maybe just another type of nocturnal animal?

Very strange and alluring evidence, pity Brien didn't include X-rays of the head as he did with the hand.

OTHER INTERESTING MATERIAL: vitrification of stone in ancient Inca sites... laser carving from the (technologically advanced) people Foerster illustrates above? As the 'vitrification' didn't come from one direction as if and asteroid air-burst had caused them. The stones (and carvings) are vitrified in all directions, or rather the vitrification is engineered rather than accidental.

Vitrified stone went out of fashion when rock-building and brick-building came along. Or did it die out when 'Foerster's aliens' left this world? Wierder and wierder.... and wierder.

ADDITIONAL GEO-POLYMERIC STONE CONSTRUCTION: inspired by a comment (below) by Anna, here's another video tidbit I was going to add but decided against it, originally. The following video is all good grist for the technological lost human civilisation mill, if slightly off the original post's 'alien findings' agenda. Or is it? Did us and them somehow trade? Goods? Gods? Genes?


stonor said…
Thank you for sharing your ancient archaeology finds, Mike.

The video about the vitrified rock was of particular interest to me because somewhere in my boxes I have an article that I clipped decades ago about the same description of the rocks used in the pyramids. Apparently some hairs and suchlike had been found in some of the blocks. No mention of vitrification, however, which is fascinating, and it surprises me that no one noticed it before (as if). I remember seeing pictures of the huge underground tunnels that have been created in modern times by the usual suspects. The machine used to literally bore them through solid rock, apparently also vitrifies the surface to finish them, if I've remembered correctly.

Best regards,


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