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Leave No Human Footprint upon this Earth...

...should be the mantra of all who (claim to) engage in the Free Planet ethos. Mankind is currently too-foreground a living organism upon this Earth. It's time for Mankind to learn some Humility and realise that this Free Planet is ours (all the living lifeforms of our delicate homeworld) to benefit from, to nurture and to protect.

But protect from what? PROFIT. PATENT. The best way to say this is NO MORE LIES... we gotta start sharing the technological wealth and realise our real place in the Natural Order.

Mankind already has valid technological solutions for Energy, Waste, Water and Well-being. We don't need to 'leave our mess' all over this wonderful world. We're clever enough to just have a limited i.e. virtually 'no presence', impact upon this Earth if only we put our mind to it (abandon PROFIT and PATENT and SECRECY of all types) and try to DO RIGHT BY the Free Planet ethos of, "Leaving a place better than you found it."

Mankind can effectively limit its impact upon this Earth by not trying to roll the concrete carpet of Empire all over Nature. That way, the planet gets BREATHING SPACE i.e. it is given a chance to replenish and rejuvenate after decades of literal slaughter in the name of profit (or political/empire gain). If we want to? If we allow ourselves? If our Earth deserves it. And it does. Look, it's not even difficult. It's all so basic and simple.

We have the 'technology', let's do this thaaang.


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