dreams - goat-human hybrid - talking child

from about 3 a.m. until about 5-6 a.m., four intense and visually/narratively memorable dreams.

In the fourth (on a walk) I happened upon the goat-human hybrid child munching away on grass at the front of a residential property by the roadside.

The front door of the cottage was open - that imagery again.

I spoke to the woman about her lovely young animal grazing happily. It started to nuzzle me and I realised something about it. It was a hybrid. It had the look of a goat, the four legs and the fur. But it had aspects of a human face, especially the hybrid nostrils. Then it talked to me. As if I were the first stranger it had ever bonded with to reveal such about itself...

It was a strangely emotional meeting/introduction, and I knew it. This was a hybrid child and I told the woman it had to go on television so all the world should know that these things exist. I know I have to keep my eye out for anything strange today that might allow that 'goat-human' to get his story onto TV.

The Previous Three Dreams: well, details withheld, the third dream was a retelling of the first dream to a character who was central to the first dream. I remember telling the same person that I'd just dreamed about them, in the earlier dream. Also, I was offered a metal coin (in the first dream) which I had to sign MIKE with a corrosive pen. In the third dream, I showed the person my corroded fingertips.

Both 1b and 37 Elizabeth Road, Haydock, where I've lived as a child, featured. As did a dead relative and her dog.


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