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BBC news - INGSOC is here - George Orwell's world of simpler words

IngSoc is the political ideology of the totalitarian government of
Oceania in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.

according to a report about Grammar/Spelling on the BBC News Breakfast Time this morning; spelling is about to get an overhaul. They were actually allowing kids to discuss why they found learning to spell 'difficult' and were looking at ways to 'simplify words' and have a unified spelling set that spanned the Atlantic. Suggestions for English Spelling Revisions to certain problem words were given by the English Spelling Society. In the shiny-new BBC-dictated IngSoc speak, among others,

THUMB becomes THUM

I mean, efficiency in all things, eh Henry Ford? Even human intelligence? Let's make it real easy for the Thickos who aren't really expected to contribute to the Human Race in any way other than a manual-slave effort to the joint UK-USA-FR strike force or War World. So-called educators don't even realise that an IngSoc language is dependent upon a unified basic English accent so that the phonetic spelling system works. Here in England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland we have a vast range and variety of local accents. We are hyper divided/conquered by such an institutionalised IngSoc spelling method; it doesn't work. Never will.

I should have written this blogpost in text-speak, nonetheless, not only have we had to endure the 1984-referencing crossed forearms of X-factor and the 1984-referencing rat-in-a-maze cynicism of Big Brother but now this additionally sinister 1984-concept Simple-Spell looks like it's finally on its way.

You can bet your bottom yuan that the War World Elite (trained to work in banks and financial, military or political battle fields) won't be adopting this written argot or new pseudo-language in their daily correspondences across the digital open plan.


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