Campaign to rename - Earth to Free Planet - I am, are you?

What place? This blog? This posting venue? Rename Blogger?
No, silly, rename this place where we live, this rock spinning in space around a nearby star; this Earth. But what's in a name, Mike? Well, a lot. It's all about positive image reinforcement. And if we think of this world as dirt or muck, that's what it will be. If we think of it as something else, and rename it thus, it might just sit there in our minds like a REALITY.

I love this rendered image, it shows an exaggerated hyper-realer perspective of the importance of water to our very existence. It's just the right distance from its parent star (if that's how cosmology works) to not be a heat-blasted rock nor too far away to be a gaseous giant. It's a place we call home, or should. But we call it something else and this really affects our view of it.We are physiologically, geographically and meteorologically water not dirt, not Earth. So why continue to use this demeaning name for the place where we (try so hard to) live and be free? We can't call it Water World, because Kevin Kostner shat on that idea with his awful film of 1995.

We need to Protect this "free planet" as we are the Custodians. And that's what we should call it, Free Planet. Be a part of the Campaign to Rename. Be Free Planet. I am Free Planet. You?


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