This is how your for-PROFIT patent-PROTECT world really works -- Operation Gladio 1 and 2

false flag terror monster

every time I see a 'terror act' like Je Suis Charlie or Nine-Eleven® or London Bombings 2005™ committed to further the C2W2A or Cynical Corporate War World Agenda against You The People, I'm compelled to remind all the readers of the Free Planet blog about OPERATION GLADIO.

Learn how so-called terror is REALLY DONE to keep you afraid and paying taxes, loan-collateral.

and here's a very informative video from James Corbett of Corbett Report detailing how OPERATION GLADIO 2 is intent on destabilising the Eurasian region like we're still literally locked in a 1984-type global take-over scenario.

"We must look to Osama Bin Laden," for the 9/11 atrocity.

Anyone remember this confident announcement five minutes after the first of seven buildings fell miraculously on that fateful day nearly 14 years ago?

We have to look!

Says who? And what of all the other 19 hijackers named for that event who turned out to be NOT THERE in place, on the 'hijacked commercial jets'? Elsewhere in the War World game. On other missions. Or dormant.

Anyway, recently, it appears that this 'name a random actor' has proliferated on MSM -- and the named mostly end up publicly executed before any interrogation of the realness of the claim against them can be made.


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