Free Planet resolution - Pancakes Tomorrow - real life choices

image from Dreamworks' Bee Movie (2007)
"Pancakes Tomorrow," that's what I said last night, and I meant it.

Pancakes, here in England, is not something one normally has for breakfast. But last night I made the effort to 'make it happen'. I had the recipe, I had the ingredients, I had the Canadian maple syrup. I had the intention to make pancakes.

Well, I didn't. The wife did. She did all the work on this one. Pancakes Tomorrow was her idea. But it was a revelation (and, by jove, they were tasty) in the sense that it was one of those moments in life where you go...  a Road to Damascus moment if you want religious imagery... a light bulb igniting if you want scientific imagery... or just a REALLY GOOD IDEA if you want common sense imagery...

Yes, Pancakes Tomorrow would be a great way to live one's life.

But how do we translate that into our global expectations of a Free Planet and all the consequences of the Death of Corporate Cities and Factories and Dogma? Seriously, Mike, can something like the bland socio-economic philosophies and clich├ęs found in something like Dreamworks Bee Movie (above) or a desire for an exotic breakfast item be a guiding light to bettering a world? Nope, that's not what I'm saying. What this post is about sowing seeds, or making you think about REAL LIFE CHOICES. Say you weren't forced into some mindless economic chore as an excuse for existence. What if you had the chance (tomorrow) to live your life as you've never lived it before? What would be your Pancakes Tomorrow moment? What would you be willing and able to contribute to everybody's Free Planet? How would you enhance, shape and/or refine YFP or Your Free Planet so that it's BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT? Who would you chose to spend your life with? Why? Where? When?

Pancakes Tomorrow, was the best thing that ever happened - and this is no empty boast or marketing spiel for a world of REAL LIFE CHOICES. What will your life be like, tomorrow?


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