Godma, Satanma, Pixiema, Unicornma, Santama, Big-Bangma... Free Planet always wins!

it's important that you believe, slave

GODMA: (n) the fanatical assertion of the existence of God as its sole justification such that anyone challenging such nonsense is likely to be accused of Blasphemy, a made up 'sin' against a made up 'deity'.

Godma, Satanma, Pixiema, Unicornma, Santama, Big-Bangma... they're all the same arbitrary fake-lawset or misguided belief model to ensure you're acquiescence to Profit-making Patent-protecting War World-ism. Facts are these, "We are it," and nothing else matters but our Custodian protection of our Free Planet. No one's going to save us, or our world, but us the seven billion individuals.

You, me, all of us: together, not at war.

Existence is as make-believe as You The People allow - if you're convinced that such a Godma-less "Free Planet" is worth it, comment YES and pass this message on to all your friends.


Mary said…

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