Food Industry - helping the poor eat - donation-based solution to hunger

those that can eat, and by doing so commit the crime of FC2 or Feeding Commercial Companies.

Why aren't people who pay to eat helping those who can't pay (or those living in countries who are experiencing famines etc) to eat?

Why are all the profits from the Food Industry not being redistributed to those parts of the world where buying food is not viable for various global reasons?

Some will say this will amount to an 'extra tax on food production' but isn't everything (in the grand scheme) an extra tax on existence? So, we move to a Free Planet system where food just is. As simple as that. Shared, and shared alike. Profit-mongers are no longer the Royalty of this Planet. We the people are. We should be Custodians of All Global Resources so that our children's children have a planet worth calling Home.

Of course, as discussed (ad infinitum) in these Free Planet blogposts, the way to really eradicate Hunger is to eradicate those geographical restrictions The Old Kings & Queens set up in their tribal name like Country and Godma and Military and Economy. Once you butcher the for-PROFIT i.e. PATENT-protect S2G or Secret Service Game from the War World of your democratic origin, then, THEN you're somewhere along the road to eradicating Hunger and Thirst and Exposure to the hardships of living on a spinning rock in a dangerous Solar System out in the depths of unchartered space.

This (in the eyes of Free Planet) is one of the great crimes of our industrial/agricultural times; that International Corporate Entities PROFIT (from indoctrinated factory slave labour) while territory-locked millions of unique individuals starve every day from water/food/shelter need.

For, one day, in a future turnaround of fate or fortune, those who are today helped to survive by such holistic Free Planet custodian~ism could help us survive our cataclysm of RISK!


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