Sacha Goldberg - Superheroes given 16th-century makeover

design, or radical costume re-imagining of a retro nature, 4-centuries retro -- here we see how the artists, costume designers, artists and the photographer Sacha Goldberg of a new exhibition in Paris re-imagined the 16th-century variants of everyday superheroes like Batman, Wolverine and Spiderman.

What if Superman was born in the sixteenth century? What if the Incredible Hulk was a Duke? And how might Van Eyck have portrayed Snow White? Photographer Sacha Goldberg went back to his childhood to get inspiration and mixed icons of American culture with Flemish school painting styles. Over 100 people participated in the project, including 5 costume designers, 7 makeup artists and 5 hairdressers. The collection was exhibited at the School Olivier Castaing Gallery in Paris and in Paris Photo. [source TELEGRAPH]


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