Ino Marseglia - art that isn't yet.

these artworks don't exist.

Yet here they are in all their multi-coloured textured glory. When I first saw these images from Italian artist Ino Marseglia, I was taken back to my childhood. The smell and feel and texture of Plasticine. I wanted to discover the medium, and Ino told me..

These paintings, as much as I like them, don't exist. They are photographic presentation or close-up snapshots of larger abstract acrylic paintings. But the abstract-painting source of these lovely images is not what interests this reviewer, it's the acrylic i.e. the sculpturally-folded living rainbow-like details that really bring Ino's work alive.

Let the medium say all there is to say, even if it's an imaginary medium of an imaginary creation.

I wondered whether Ino couldn't create 3D-printed versions of these which have a depth-render so that the sculptural element to the myriad-colour imagery could be retained. I'd like to see these things 3D-printed to a size of 3 metres by 3 metres. That would be an innovative way to 'paint'. I love these imaginary artworks, even if they don't exist yet.


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