Free Planet vs War World - dual trilogies - books #3 both finished

having been on holiday for a week from driving buses around Oxford, the Free Planet vs War World dual-trilogy part-3 novels I was struggling to gain any narrative traction with since 2014 dawned...

"Kumiko" (war world #3)
"Reaper" (free planet #3)

...are finished.

I say 'finished'. I've been rehashing Reaper from the mess that it was. I moved every single paragraph up and/or down the length of the book, reassigning whole pages of spiel or soliloquy across the alternate chapters etc. ditching a load of crap notes and inventing others by the power of jogging and I've finally got it to first draft level.

Put it this way, each chapter of Reaper has a lot of something in it now - there are no empty chapters. It's all sorted, rounded, readable. And I've decided to leave out too much exposition from the ends of both books. You know in thrillers and detective novels where the narrator tells you all how it went and who did what? And it's really annoying because you could never work out who did what in such a 'written backwards for obfuscation purposes' work. Well, two sets of three books of intense surrealistic inter-connected madness on both sides of the commercial universe and I decided NO, I'M NOT SUMMARISING IT FOR YOU. You the reader either 'gets it' or you the reader 'don't gets it'. 

Verrrrrrrrrrrrry happy now despite a massive machine crash this morning with both docs open and actively being worked upon to the dulcet tones of Aphex Twin's SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS VOLUME II. Fortunately, I'd taken the liberty of renaming the current versions of both the Reaper doc and the Kumiko doc to (~second draft) last night and my software 'recovered' both docs upon eventual reboot. Think this machine is on its last legs, as it's fallen over randomly before, a couple of times. Came that close to a total disaster, lol.


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