Free Planet - our children's children - normality isn't easily achieved

Free Planet, in its radical Creativity, Passion and Kinship ethos, goes on about doing things for the sake of 'our children's children' but what does this really mean?


it takes a long time to change a mind. This current seven billion isn't going to benefit from Free Planet. I'm not. You're not. It's too out-there an idea. A world without Profit. A world without Patent. A world without Ownership, Rents, Taxes, Prisons, Money, Hierarchy, Laws.

"Are you serious?"

Free Planet is very serious about its caring for 'our children's children' and those people who are alive now will only be able to prepare their grandchildren for such a place that this Corporately-raped dog-eat-dog immoral-game world will become.

We've ruined this place, but hopefully our children's children will learn from our mistake.


Sarah Beth said…
The word is Normalcy.
Mike Philbin said…
While I realise that 'my American readers' might use Normalcy a lot more than we do here in England, Normality is our more common bag. ;)

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