Ridley Scott 2017 trailers - Blade Runner 2049 - Alien Covenant

Harrison Ford: (pointing his iconic pistol) I had your job once. I was good at it.

Ryan Gosling: Things were simpler then...

Blade Runner 2049, executive produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Denis Villeneuve, music by Johann Johannsson, looks like THE BUSINESS.

DECEMBER 28TH UPDATE: back from a media-isolated Xmas in Europe and I've just discovered that this (other highly-anticipated Ridley Scott project) trailer just came out... erm, not sure what to make of it yet. I think I may love-hate it.

Puff-ball mushrooms infecting the universe with Dark-Goo nanites?  No (new) planet is safe... :)

RE: THERE WAS A BOY: notice that the above Alien:Covenant trailer AND Blade Runner (1982) both begin with an opening (>>illuminati<<) and reflective shot of an ANDROID'S EYE. This time, older... and (this time) wiser?


Unknown said…
Fantastic! Loved the original!!! Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford in this sequel...that's powerful casting. It will be hard for me to wait an entire year for this.

Mike Philbin said…
re: BR2 - totally agree
re: A:C - erm, not so sure I want to be as disappointed by it as I was by Prometheus

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