Megalithic, Paleolithic, Neolithic - how does this tie into an - Electric Universe and proto-Saturn?

Ancient Egyptian Crowns derived from proto-Saturnian observation???

I don't know... I love the idea that we (the race of Earth humans) actually started our history orbiting within the glowing plasma sheath of a brown dwarf star i.e. proto-Saturn, before its electricapture by our Sun. But... does this mean that the whole 'ice age' freeze, the last one being the Younger Dryas, supposedly 11,000 years ago, and the tendency (from the Vostok ice-core data) for the planet to return to the deepest of deep ice ages....

It just doesn't mesh with this all-pervasive all-nourishing glow from galaxy-traversing proto-Saturn and its planets Earth, Mars and Venus...

I mean, I realise the Electric Universe People are convinced, but I don't see how the data meshes,  I just don't. The greatest part of man's evolution must have taken place at a time before proto-Saturn started to be illuminated by our sun and gave that classic star-crescent (child-sacrificing #Pizzagate Satan-worshippers fingerlickers adore) that became all sorts of plasmatic totems and carved imagery (above).

This means that the Megalithic, the Paleolithic and the Neolithic periods (when ancient Britain started to be peopled by dark-skinned dark-haired Mediterranean boat clans passing from east to west via Italy and  Basque and/or Gibraltar, speaking Ancient Welsh) happened far out in space, before proto-Saturn became sun-captured, before there was a Satan-crescent in the sky, before stable temperate weather happened i.e. in an Ice Age, in fact many ice ages, like the one/ones that got rid of the dinosaurs. Ice caps can't grow on a uniformly-warmed star or brown-dwarf like proto-Saturn is recorded to have been by many of the ancient Scholars and Cults and Sky Watchers of Empiric Time.

  • Unless dinosaurs are from 20,000 BC, i.e. concurrent with Megalithic man and human Giants, in a 60% gravity Earth.
  • Unless Carbon-14 dating is completely wrong, in every aspect, due to electromagnetic infestation of the sources by plasma-catastrophic high-energy layering.
  • Unless power to the galaxy-traversing brown-dwarf proto-Saturn fluctuates over time, tending to shrink the plasma sheath in most times or eras of organic existence i.e. increasing the gravity too.

I can't (still can't) resolve the dichotomy of wanting proto-Saturn to be 'how we got here' and realising that 'the numbers just don't add up', no matter how OBVIOUSLY ELECTRICAL our nearby start (the Sun) is, in fact how non-nuclear all stars, quasars and galaxies may be.


Unknown said…
Deep space is much cooler than local sun 93M mile such things might be different...need a weather sim with variable very cold galactic outcomes and variable saturn orientations and rates of rotation.
Mike Philbin said…
thanks for your comments, my main issue here is what is this 120,000 year Ice Age pattern to which the four most recent HEAT SPIKES tend to drop eventually.

This planet has tended to Ice Age whilst supposedly a component of the browndwarf proto-Saturn system... I'm confused. I need a timeline for the incursion of Saturn into our Solar system.
Unknown said…
The Indian's have remembrance of 5 times of of which is Saturn loss of earth and movement to the new location ..aka now.. No way to correlate it to anything else..
Mike Philbin said…
thanks Cameron,
it's all fascinating stuff and I hope it finds some resolution in coming weeks months years.

Unknown said…
last 'out of the box' physics input on variability of carbon dating..

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