Electric Universe - artificial coal formation - ages of dinosaurs shrink

as you'all know, I've become a bit of a(n EU or) Electric Universe nut.  

Now, EU (along with YPS - Yeahright Planetary Stencilling) suggests that the Earth, and the Sun, and Galaxies are formed by pairs of electrical Birkeland Currents roaming through space dumping out high-red-shift plasmas that condense to low-red-shifted matter over time.

While modern geological science prefers long-slow plate tectonics and long-slow sedimentary rock formation to explain how long we've inhabited our position in the 'goldilocks zone' around the sun, EU and YPS suggest a catastrophic (invasionist) geology that could have took place within a planetary transition period when our world shifted from 'star' to 'star' as recently as 24,000 years or less.

Now, the following video is from a load of Noah's Ark or Creationist nuts who believe all our water came from below, and that's okay. Everyone can have their theory about how they massage the evidence in to a case. The EU's and the YPS's are nothing different; they're all making a case, in the evidential universe we call PROOF, their excuse is 'all the water' camae from Earth's once-parent i.e. proto-Saturn.

So, with that caveat in mind, watch how these Biblical idiots add fuel to my lovely EU or YPS fire and that (somehow) makes me mischievously happy. Oh, and dinosaurs and humans living together... yeah, that thing again.

Okay, while I'm battering this DINOSAURS AND HUMANS living together issue, try this additional piece from The Creationist Mob that's still rattling on about 'Earth is 6,000 years old' and (the Electric Universe) agrees that they might be right. Forget the scripted formulation of the Noah Flood in the forthcoming video and remember that plasma-discharging stars will produce massive amounts of (Na-Cl i.e. salty) WATER.

Where the Creationists talk about God's seven day wand-swirling creativity act, the EU-scientists are talking about the separation of Earth from its orbit of proto-Saturn to its current orbit around our Sun. All of which might have taken place within the 6,000 years window. Electric mountains and sedimentary layerings i.e. rock, are all creatable (electrically) in moments, so why not...

Soi, am I a Creationist now? No. Am I a Intelligent Designist? No. Am I a believer that 'aliens' or 'some form of higher (annunaki?) intelligence' manufactured all the life on this world? No. I'm examining the possibilities of the universe based on the available evidence. The evolutionists do it. The creationists do it. The Annunaki-ists do it.

I wonder if/when the Electric Universe-ists will find enough data to throw at the TRUTH? Let's remember, "We know exactly nothing," unquote.


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