9/11 - Rebekah Roth - her testimony is still valid sixteen years later

I don't understand why you'all don't hang on EVERY WORD of this ex-air hostess's research into the out-of-character reactions, phone calls, ancilliary agents in the fake war on you and me and everybody not in the WAR WORLD gameplan...

Why are you still in doubt that 9/11 (the incidents of September 11th 2001 when three buildings fell into their own footprints because two planes hit them) and probably 7/7 (7th July 2005 when London got multi-bombed by people who couldn't possibly have caught the trains they said they caught) and probably still 11/3 (which is the 11th March 2004 Madrid train bombing) were set up by OUR OWN PEOPLE so that certain laws and restrictions and profit-gains could be ensured for the REAL WAR GAMERS?

Ptech (situational software) is a great gross-narrative creator... look it up. It's great stuff.


She kinda lost me when she went no-planer and then defriended me when I wouldn't go along........
Mike Philbin said…
She knows NOTHING about how it went down, only those who did it really know. As far as her FLIGHT ATTENDANT information/suspicions go, I love what she brings to the 9/11 table.

Really only a(n anti secrecy (anti-profit via patent)) Public Vote of NO MORE LIES across the globe is gonna stop any/all FFT or False Flag Terrorism.

You know it.

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