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Corporate FOR PROFIT blame world - he did it - ruled by the game

he did it, not me...
we've all seen it since we were in diapers (or nappies for the Brits) we've all seen the pointed finger of blame directed away from our naughtiness, our lies, our mischief.

Well, the G3 or Global Gambling Game that runs this Human World like a Vegas Casino, is still acting in the same childlike, immature, blameless way. In fact, it's worse, committees plot and scheme to come up with ways to implicate Teddy.

This Game (and that's all it's ever been) is an arbitrary ruleset of tacitly enforced conditions that allow a once-empathetic Human Race to (militarise its priority list and) offset all manner of Personal Responsibility to The Machine Gun of the Corporate FOR PROFIT Industry. Weren't me, miss, it were him.

"But who is Big Mother in this scenario?" you may be asking, and that's good - that you're asking, thinking, wondering...

Admittedly, this sounds like 'just another Free Planet but I'm going to keep at it until You the People (the fuel of democracy who never really know what they're voting for, and don't even seem to care or ask or wonder) become You the Thinkers, You the Investigators, you the Heroes of (what will eventually become a) Free Planet. Disclosure is on its way. And it has nothing to do with E.T. or 'visitors from another world or dimension'. It has nothing to do with God (of any doctrinal flavour). It has nothing to do with Profit (or the set of laws that de-moral mankind). It has nothing to do with MINE NOT YOURS.

Give it a try. Every day. Imagine a world without The Game. Once you start thinking, "Free Planet, Free Planet, Free Planet," thought thrice, arrives. Once that happens. on a daily basis. Once we unite against Slavery and Dogmas in all their insane forms, and start to 'be'. Well, teddy can have a day off.

Free Planet or War World, you need to decide now where you wanna live.


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