Mike Philbin artist - the slaughtered paintings r.i.p. - oil on canvas hardboard etc 1995


oil on canvas 3ft by 4ft 
many of you know me as a writer of surrealistic novels and a Free Planet blogger but there are far fewer of you who know of my former life, as a figurative artist. To remedy this, here’s a brief selection of the twenty or more 'wonderfully therapeutic' life-size oil paintings I created through the 1980's. 

oil on hardboard 6ft x 4ft

oil on hardboard 3ft x 4ft

oil on hardboard 4ft x 4ft

of course, I took an axe to many of these artworks in 1995, before moving from Cambridge to Oxford.

oil on paper 22inch x 32inch

oil on hardboard 3ft x 6ft

oil on hardboard 6ft x 4ft

For me, these raw psycho-realist i.e. emotion-derived paintings, were obviously the basis for the thirteen Hertzan Chimera novels.

the culmination of all that effort, the FP vs WW novels.


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