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Free Planet - touched by the hand of - show your Ancient God

of course there is no God.

Why can't you'all see this? 

Oh, because you're'all afraid.

Afraid there'll be no REDEMPTION without that glowing wonderful end moment where 'your god' takes you in his arms and forgives you (mankind) your sins, and everything is all kinds of fake-ass hunky-dory again and again until infinity wears down like an old record or tatters like a favourite party dress worn too many times.

Fake-ass Religious-Redemption means YOU WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING with your one life - you will be forever waiting that perfect moment you've been promised by writers and comedians throughout the fire-side story ages. The drug-addled shamans who promised you Paradise. Forget those lunatics; they're high, they're self-deluded, they're all selling Snake Oil even to themselves.

Why can't you'all see this?

Oh, yes, I remember, "Because you're all living in fear," your human survivalist skills, your innate human bravery and your unifying human empathy have been eroded in the name of God. You were once a virile race capable of taking on any challenge, now you're pissing in your religious nappies so that (your) God won't take out his enormous wrath upon you. Poor little subjugated serf, underling of some invented concept of total and utter enslavement to abomination.

Instead of taking this world by the bollocks, deleting the Daily Grind which means nothing to your existence, eradicating the Religious Parasite from your lexicography, dissolving the Profit Game from your life-cabulary, you sit there in your holographic castles of shit filling your pants in the name of the Lord, your God, your Slave Master. There is plenty of human redemption to go around, if only you would come out from the shadow of your ATO or Adopted Theological Overlord.

Today, I feel like I have been released from 'all the crap' of this Modern Financial World and its insufferable Religious Qualification for War and Murder and Poison. It can't only be me. I can't be the only one who sees the sham for what it is. There must be others out there who are able to see behind the curtain of lies Society has closed around our childlike minds. "Free Planet, Free Planet, Free Planet," say it thrice with me, you trained coward, you less-than-human, you future Custodian.

Say it! And mean it.


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