Free Planet - Christmas Message - reality is what we make it

FREE PLANET CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: were we to ALL DECIDE that 'this is a Free Planet' wouldn't that be OUR REALITY?

GODMA: (n) asserting the existence of god as its sole justification. Anyone challenging such dogma by declaring "There's no emperor beneath those clothes!" is likely to be accused of blasphemy, a made up sin against a make believe god.

It's real easy to want something so badly that it just happens. Right? That's how our world works.

I mean,

1) if we can convince ourselves of 'god'
2) if we can convince ourselves of 'santa'
3) if we can convince ourselves of 'for-profit corporate war world'

Surely, we can convince ourselves that we need to 'protect this limited resource' from egomaniacal over-exploitation and mass-slavery to the working week.

We need something called THE LIVING WEEK - where we all experience REALITY, for a change.



sandra said…
The mind is a great philosopher. And life is not a philosophy, life is a reality. And philosophy is an escape from reality; philosophy means thinking. Life is, there is no question of thought. You can simply jump into it. You can simply experience it. Visit my site for more information.Thank you.