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Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett's Coelbren Alphabet translations of Ancient Etruscan/Pelasgian inscriptions into Welsh then English

the original Coelbren cipher...
I'm totally fished in, and I hate it.

I've now read/watched enough Bronze Age Britain research from Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett's concerning their ideas about the Albyne invasion (1500 BC) the Trojan invasion (500 BC). I've heard tell of Caesar confronted in 50 BC by dark-skinned curly-haired Welshmen. I've read of the re-discovered timeline of the Welsh kings including Arthur I (350 AD) & Arthur II (550 AD) and the comet that was said to have scorched Britain about this time allowing the Anglo-Saxons to move in unhindered. I've even endured the fantastical tales of the voyage of Arthur II and his men to what became America. I've lapped it all up and I'm full to the brim with need.

I now need to see FIRST HAND EXAMPLES of English translations of Welsh i.e Khumric i.e. Coelbren Alphabet-derived Etruscan and Pelasgian inscriptions. I need to see a Welsh man dressed up as King Arthur I or II reading this stuff out in Welsh with English subtitles scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Only this will sate me. I demand this theoretical payment, now, having put my whole and total faith in this retelling of the Story of Ancient Britain. I want to find out how/why this ties in to the Makers of the Ancient Burial Mounds and Stone Circles and the creators of the Mold Gold Cape, all from pre-history as it's called. I want it all FINALLY reworked and tied together in a nice neat list. There are still too many holes in all this lovely shit. Still...

The True Story of Stone-Age to Bronze-Age Britain has to reclaim its ancient lineage if it's there for the claiming. And don't bore me with all this Lost Tribes of Israel nonsense, I don't care about the political aspect of that narrative so forget it. I'm not interested in the religious dogma and tales of Noah's Ark and Eden's Garden and A Plucked Rib, all that crazy crap. I want the actual truth of the Movements of Living Tribal People, not their silly fire-side stories or creation myths or unwitting lies told by them or about them in the name of German Monarchs and Conquering (history rewriting) Empires.

IN SUMMARY: Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett need to publish or have published their ULTIMATE HISTORY OF THE COELBREN PEOPLE, that way they can go into the Khumric language i.e. Welsh and Bronze Age Britain invasion myths, the Welsh Arthurian Kings reinstatement and the ancient Coelbren inscriptions scattered around Europe/MiddleEast, and America. It would SURELY be a New York Times #1 bestseller for decades. I realise in suggesting this that immediately both Wilson and Blackett would shout, "They were the Khumric People," and they'd be (technically) right but calling them the Coelbren People would allow a total telling of both the tale, the findings and the reason how and why i.e. the pivotal cipher (hidden in the Welsh language for all that time) that made it all possible.


dognamedblue said…
bit sad to see alan wilson on a recent richplanet show he really did look like the walking dead
Pelaegian? No - Pelasgian - ie ancient Thracian.
Mike Philbin said…
cool - thanks for correcting my spell-error. LOL.
Hi Mike :) I like your blog especially it's historical aspect. I find very interesting view of history that was hidden from the society for too long. I know - google translate is awful, but but have not time (for now) to translate it properly - just take a look -

The history we learn in school is fake, but the real history is yet to be unveiled. I would like to invite you on our forum -

Bright minds like you Mike is rare find and all subject you thread on your blog will be very welcome there. :) Welcome
Mike Philbin said…

thanks for all that - seriously, history is a lethal minefield, simply because people and egos and empires and belief are involved in the sordid mix.

"Never spoil a good hi-story with the truth," etc...


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