Ludicrous Dreaming - Reverse-Transference dreaming - how to dream like a boss

exactly like this one...
first off, I'm going to invent a phrase LUDICROUS DREAMING; it's like Lucid Dreaming but there's an amazing amount of control = wish fulfilment.

The (old term) Lucid Dreaming is where you take control and can affect the narrative or outcome of a dream, like being able to fly for example by thinking about not hitting the ground with your face.

The (new term) Ludicrous Dreaming is where you suddenly decide (in the dream) that "I am." and that this is how my dream will go. In this morning's particularly vivid and super-lifelike dream, I woke up. I was having a dream, a normal dream with a dream-woven narrative. And I was suddenly 'awake', outside the dreaming state while the dream went on, underneath.

I said, "I will change this now, immediately, into something I want," and the dream complied. It was super realistic and very lifelike, if only I had this power in my real life I was thinking. This is the real shocker, I was both scheming and formulating and THINKING within the context of the narrative events i.e. Ludicrous Dreaming. And it was ultra-realistic; I still have the last few minutes' detailed content still right there in my mind.

The denouement was an analysis by my child-self who entered the dream like a Shakespearean narrator to summarise how I can make the real world work like this, "It's Reverse-Transference dreaming," was this lad's summary.

I only succeeded in the dream because it wasn't a) what I wanted, it was b) what the interested-party wanted, that mattered. That was where the success (or otherwise) of the operation rested. On Reverse-Transference, or noticing that moment when to act. The end of the dream, I put a big fat book in a blue wire cycle basket before cycling off. I didn't look at the title but it was large and hardback and I think it might have been a copy of either the War World or the Free Planet trilogy. Not both series, just one. The other wasn't mentioned.

In case this was a CCC or Covert Communcations Caper, code-word = Jessica Alba.