HC Unit - is light one dimensional - medium of light is the illusion

if you type into any search engine, "How is light (or electromagnetic radiation) made?" you get links to educational sites or science-wikis that say something along the lines of ...

Visible light is created by electrons within atoms in an excited state returning to the ground state (a lower energy configuration)... When the electron gains energy it moves to a higher energy level, then drops back to the ground state releasing its excess energy as light... [source HARTFORD]

...all very fine and concise when one thinks of knots of electron-ness orbiting an atomic nucleus... but the electron is a nothing-sized locus or point in space in this shell-based model of the atom. What science calls an 'electron shell' is nothing more than 'the place one should find electrons'. Statistically, an 'electron' is merely a ppm or potential positional marker for the Real Activity™ of the structure of that thing we call an atom, inner and outer contents i.e. shells and nucleus.

So, for the purposes of this exercise the inter-atomic electron is a point on an infinitely thin sphere, does this mean it has 'no dimensions'? And does the resulting photon of this ground-stating dimensionless electron have any dimensions other than those of the universe falling in to settle the debt of the original excitation of state. The wavelength of any settled debt depends on the excited material the debt is settled from; hydrogne's light being different from sodium's light and iron's light etc. Science contends that 'light' is a wave, but they only measure the wavelength, not the waveheight. Wave height, or amplitude, is reserved for the amount of light, so maybe the 'so-called light wave' has no discernible amplitude i.e. is (technically) one dimensional.

If the photon ISN'T dimensionless, then it would be subject to the same degradation of any electromagnetic signal over time. So-called red-shifting of stellar light i.e. the key evidence for The Big Bang Theory or Expanding Universe, could then simply be explained by TIRED LIGHT as the falling-in of the universe moves from the visible to the microwave 'light' region over the thousands of years of transit from distant star to earth-based CCD or eye.


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