Destiny Schafer - art prodigy - one to watch

Destiny Schafer has been painting since 2011, she's from Canada, she's a high school dropout, she uses craft acrylic and no-name brushes to produce her multi-style paintings; she's 21 years old. The most impressive feature of Schafer's work is her underpainting where she lays down the base tones of her art onto which she lays the rich mid-tones and the reflective details.

This stuff is superb even if it was using the best hog-hair brushes and the most expensive oils and I'm not even sure Destiny knows how really good her work is; meanwhile...

Photo-realistic eyes, surreal four-eyed pets, rainstorms against car windows - there are artists out there who are basing their entire art portfolio on these separate topics, Destiny Schafer seems able to polish them all off with ease. She also does tattoo-art, seascapes, coke bottles, Jack Daniels, elk and arthropods to rival any professional artist in the illustrational field - Art Agents and Visual Commissioning Editors, please get this girl some cover work.

I'll revisit this artist in a few years time once she's found her path, wherever that takes her...


I own a few of her pieces. And you hit the nail one the head... she DEFINITELY doesn’t know how good she is. She’s brilliant!!
Cindy Schafer said…
Destiny is my niece. I've been following her work since she first started & am gob smacked by her abilities. I own several pieces of her artwork. It wouldn't matter that she was my niece; I would buy her art regardless. Her work is astounding. I have tried a number of times to make her understand how good she is. I think at this point in time, she is finally aware she has a special gift, however she is very humble as she continues down her life path. This girl is an amazing artist. Watching her time lapses of some of her paintings is indeed a revelation!

Tammy said…
I taught Destiny in Grade 2...she created amazing sketches then, using any free time she had. I’m so proud of where her creativity has taken her!

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